Our current popular science is based on reductionism governed by meritocracy proven by limited lab trials. And so the term ‘Nutrient’ and ‘Nutrition’ rules the global mindset.

Vitamin C helps so consume it! Vitamin A helps so consume it! B12 is essential to get it injected!

But now, we are seeing early phase of paradigm shift. As we analyze more about our food, we find that medicinal value of food is not limited to popular nutrients but also due to phytochemicals (A chemical substance obtained from plants that is biologically active but not nutritive).

System vs Reductionist
System vs Reductionist

So not biologically active but not nutritive part of food is getting attention! 😀 Some of them are very crucial in avoiding Cancer. For example – haldi has curcumin and red chilli peper has capsaicin – both are phytochemicals but plays critical role in cancer prevention.

My point here is: Do not rely on reductionism of popular science as far as food selection matters. From proven chemicals of plants to phytochemicals , they will dissect and find new things from inner Universe of plant and animal world. To me, this is futile exercise to reduce organisms into parts. Isolated curcumin cannot work as good as wholesome haldi. Extract of caffeic acid from Honey is dumb and ineffective because it is not part of wholesome honey.

Idea of Ayurveda is being wholesome, being compatible for specific digestive nature. What is good for me as medicine/food, may not work with you. We should not generalize food and medicines. Instead, it should be personalized.