पाकशाला or Kitchen is the place where your future-self (Food) receives संस्कार. पाकशालामें अन्न सुसंस्कृत होता है | Cooking is a ritual, just like any other संस्कार ritual.

It demands full attention of the priest, the cook. It demands love and empathy from the priest, the cook. It demands relaxed mind. This ritual demands patience and hard work. Cook has to take care needs of all, children, adults, rogi etc. Irrespective of gender, those family members who possess all these qualities, performs this art of making food सुसंस्कृत.

The best position is sitting position. Cooking in standing position increases Vayu. Long term joint pain issues. Knee replacements. Correlate the timing when we as a society adopted new form of kitchen and increasing cases of joint pain.

If you are a cook, experiment. Convert your kitchen in semi-sitting arrangement. See the effect. If it benefits, nothing wrong in demolishing current setup and rebuilding new setup 🙂.