मित्रं हुवे पूतदक्षं वरुणं च रिशादसम् ।
धियं घृताचीं साधन्ता ॥ ऋगवेद

पवित्रता करके बल बढ़ाने वाले मित्र और जंग चढ़ाके खानेवाले वरुण – यह दोनों पानी प्रवाह करनेके कर्मकी साधना करते है|

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

There’s something more though that doesn’t show up in the equation. Energy. The formation of water from it’s elements produces, in addition to water, a tremendous amount of energy, 572 kJ to be exact.

That is कर्म साधना फल.

Another translation

घृत के समान प्राणप्रद वृष्टि सम्पन्न कराने वाले मित्र और वरुण देवो का हम आवाहन करते है। मित्र हमे बलशाली बनायें तथा वरुणदेव हमारे हिंसक शत्रुओ का नाश करें ।७॥

मैं पदार्थों को पवित्र करने में दक्ष और सबसे हलकी होने से अन्य सूक्ष्म पदार्थों को मापने का साधन होने से मित्र अर्थात् हाइड्रोजन वायु को और रोग को खा जाने वाली और स्वास्थ्य प्रद होने से सबके वरण योग्य ‘वरुण’ अर्थात् आक्सीजन वायु को अपने पास बुलाता हूँ’ क्योंकि ये दोनों (घृताचीम् x धियम्) जल निर्माण करने की विद्या को (साधन्ता) सिद्ध करने वाले हैं।


परा या अपरा, वेद(s) are eternal roots.

We hold the notion that the Vedas contain the germs of all knowledge. Since we know it, we try to downgrade teachings by showing them in complete consonance with the principles of modern Science.

For example,

We equate ‘Prana’ to Breath.

We equate मित्र-वरुण of 7th Mantra of 2nd Sukta of Rig veda to H2,O2 and H2O.

Why is it downgrade?

It is downgrade because we limit the infinite source of knowledge to physical plane. Since it is eternal source of knowledge, we will surely find hints for our physical world. No issue with it. We must find such hints for our better maintenance of physical world. But we must not stop here. There are other pursuits of life that we miss when we restrict our understanding to physical plane.

More than theoretical/Scientific study of texts, there is the need to cultivate the inner laboratories of the rishis. The adhyatmik experience comes first and then the articulation in some text. So even if we want to find new scientific discoveries using Veda, we must dwell enough into inner laboratories!

Where are such inner labs today? How many persons are seriously pursuing decades of yoga with full commitment and dedication to achieve the states of consciousness required?

The rishis achieved their insights after such pursuits full time over long periods.

Why so called scientific temper is useless? Why so called harmless medicines turn dangerous within decade of invention? Why Science fail to provide long term solutions?


Modern Science framework only considers first two द्रश्य,द्रष्टा in their realization. That is objectivity. The object or the observed + the observer. That’s it. There is no room for दृष्टि. How you perceive matters. And that is ignored by modern science!

While they are busy in Genes and all, we must develop दृष्टि to see beyond genes, molecules and all.

जैसी दृष्टि वैसी सृष्टि|