If your child is not exposed to natural light between sunrise to sunset, it is crtically alarming! Check out. Survey. How much time do modern kids spend in day light?

When I criticise LED culture, many friends take it as politically incorrect statement 😀

When I suggest no artificial light after sunset at home, I am mocked for insane rule 😀 .

When I suggest ZERO screen hours for kids, I am told that it is out of trend. 🙁 and kid will feel inferior. :O

Being myopic is the trend? 🙁

No politically correct statement will save kid’s eyes if you force artificial lights led environment upon him/her.

Take care!!
More than a billion people in the world have myopia, whose incidence is rising and is linked to how much time people spend indoors as children.

The newly discovered retinal cell — which is highly sensitive to light — controls how the eye grows and develops. If the cell instructs the eye to grow too long, images fail to be focused on the retina, causing nearsighted vision and a lifetime of corrective glasses or contact lenses.

“The eye needs to stop growing at precisely the right time during childhood,” Schwartz said.

It has long been long known the retina contains a signal to focus the image in the eye, and this signal is important for properly regulating eye growth during childhood.

“But for years no one knew what cell carried the signal,” Schwartz said. “We potentially found the key missing link, which is the cell that actually does that task and the neural circuit that enables this important visual function.”