The root is in Hanuman and Ganesh. Who work together to protect the Prana sit. The GUT. If gut is not healthy, no medicine will work.
Many of my co-workers take B12 injections. I warn them that, this is not the solution. Your GUT is sick and modern medicine has no answer for it! Unless you resolve the GUT sickness, no medicine will work! You will keep taking medicines and damage healthy prana in other organs, including Kidney.
So, focus on GUT health. And I suggest one proven set of solutions.
1) Hanuman Worship and Ganesh worship as integral part of daily routine (I know, your educated rational mind will resist accepting this! 😉 )
2) Daily minimum two rounds surya namaskars
3) Seasonal Qigong
While your GUT is sick, avoid experimental food. Stick to local traditional home cooked food. Best if it is self cooked!
Avoid aimless travelling. Avoid RO water. Avoid excessive and untimely sex. Avoid suppressing nature’s calls. Drink enough water. Avoid acidic filthy pale food. Have rich fermented food (must be fermented at home where you live!).
Why do orally-administered drugs for diabetes work for some people but not others?
According to researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine, bacteria that make up the gut microbiome may be the culprit.