Vedic Fearlessness
Vedic Fearlessness

Fearlessness of walking on right path (Life dedicated for धर्म संस्थापनाय).
Language of my writing might be without polish and elegance, but following carefully the path of the Vedas, is pleasing to him who has FAITH.

My greed is great for the gem of Vedic Knowledge, when shining with additional lustre in the light of the investigation of scriptures.

For the most part of research(scientific investigation) in this world has been made नास्तिक ( नास्तिक is not atheist) in nature, I tried to turn such investigations on आस्तिक path, on path of Vedas.

Reverencing the Scripture as I do, let none reproach me, should err (in my exposition). He that goes by the right path need not be ensured, even if he slips (occasionally).”

– Kumarila Bhatta