“Marijuana associated with three-fold risk of death from hypertension “[1]

“Marijuana may produce psychotic-like effects in high-risk individuals”[2]

Although there are benefits of marijuana (गाँजा, भंग),modern labs don’t yet know how to use it and hence it results in unexpected mental disorder side-effects. They focus on herb and its chemical content but never ever try to align it with chemical state of the patient!
We have methods established for centuries, how to use it as prasad or medicine. Milk play critical role in making it.

Technically Bhang is not illegal in India but Cannabis is! 🙂

भाँग cannot be consumed raw and alone (as many modern medicine researches suggest naively and then theie opposition counts disadvantages). It has to go with the supporting medium. Best medium is milk.

भाँग accelerates influx of Prana in brain when taken with milk. During seasonal changes, Prana taking ability of our body is at lowest -> results in mild to severe issues like flu to meningitis.

For adults, take it only when you perform fasting.

This is the reason, herb-centered treatment will never give desired results for all. It has to be patient’s prakriti-centered.