“We must seek for knowledge that will sustain and continue life. Life of all living beings. The ego-centric knowledge after the 17th century increasingly destroyed other forms of life. To the westerner to know means to conquer, to control. But for the indigenous people to know means to be blessed. Knowledge was always sacred which helps in sustaining and continuing life. One could access it with dedicated action and use it with wisdom. Knowledge in Natural learning process is like a sprouting seed. The way people build their settlements, adults deal with life has biological element. This is seen in the way various games children play in villages. All meant to make them true learners. There are games for sensitizing all the senses, balancing of the body, planning, coming to know of the life and environment around them .This biological element is visible even in their sense of beauty.”

via Sunny Narang

What should be regular activity, modern schools do as occasional field trip and that too lazily. Many school trips become urban picnic instead real commune with mother nature.

Many children I see around, don’t even know how and from where mangoes come. For them Big Bazaar gives everything :(. Growing in consumerist society is very risky at this stage when the burden of past consumption is already very high.

Why parent pay so high to such schools? Why parents sleep while schools damage their kid’s learning span by disconnecting them from nature?

I wish parents unite and force schools to alter their way of teaching.