As I understand the word, a curriculum is a specially constructed information system whose purpose is to influence, teach, train, or cultivate the mind and character of youth.

Electronic gadgets like television, laptop, tablet, internet, of course, do exactly that, and do it relentlessly.

In so doing, it competes successfully with the school curriculum. By which I mean, it damn near kills it.

What our technological invasion in education field has contributed is the idea that teaching and entertainment are inseparable. Yes, education with entertainment. Fun and education together. This entirely original conception is to be found nowhere in educational discourse, from our ancient Gurukul system to Confucius to Plato to Cicero to Locke to John Dewey.

So far, we have seen need of good teacher for learning. Need of student’s interest too. But no one has ever said or implied that significant learning is effectively, durably, and truthfully achieved when education is entertainment.

The name we may properly give to an education without prerequisites, perplexity, and exposition is entertainment.

If you can imagine, future of students passed through mass assembly lines where education is entertainment. Slaves of the system, without free thinking, without guts to take risk. Flock of obedient workers, satisfied in daily entertainment dosages.

Does your kid take entertainment education? Imagine the future.

Should I mention again and again here that top 37 IT companies CEOs send their kids to technology-free schools? They must be insane 😀