Vrudhvaidya Parmpara (Traditional health knowledge) is not an treatise or books but information passed down through traditions about Ayurveda formulations, diagnosis and treatments. Various healers as per their clinical experiences have modified classical formulations to treat disorders of various etiologies. Certain formulations have been so good that many healers in India prefer these altered formulations as compared to its original counterparts. Our grandparents were equipped with these traditional knowledge. Let us continue with this tradition.

With this tradition’s revival in Society, we can reduce healthcare cost significantly. It can act as strong weapon against negatively virile pharma industries.


  1. Really? A grandma pouring coconut oil in an infant’s ears is an effective remedy? My two month son caught an infection when his grandma poured parachute brand coconut oil in his ears , who is to blame ? The oil ? Or the infant , how dare he catch an infection !! Certainly not the ALL knowing grandma . According to ALL knowing grandmas the moms and doctors are fools and imbecile