On my posts on Smoking health impact, I received following comment:
“You wrote against the smoking then how do you justify hukkah culture? Which is very much native and ancient.”
Modern smoking is not what we used to have in native sanatana living.
Yes, धूम्रपान was part of the culture. In fact, certified Ayurvedic remedy. Yes, it was part of culture, but as remedy. Solution for certain type of Prakritis. Solution for slowing down aging. धूम्रपान was not for sensual gratification but was considered very effective treatment procedure.
When you do धूम्रपान as prescribed, your senses get fine tuned. Their efficiency increases. You get an Ecstasy feeling. If there is no control over senses, this may drive you crazy for indulgence in धूम्रपान or other sensual acts.

धूम्रपान – It is different thing that, we have spoiled the heart of this word by stuffing tobacco only. Taking smoke of medicinal plants is an age old habit.

Bhagwan Charak describes:

स्नात्वा भुक्त्वा समुल्लिख्य क्षुत्वा दन्तान्निघृष्य च| नावनाञ्जननिद्रान्ते चात्मवान् धूमपो भवेत्|

After bath, after meal, after vomit, after sneeze, after teeth cleaning, after Nasya (Nasal drop treatment), after anjan, after waking up from sleep – The one who has won all senses (जितेन्द्रिय) should only do धूम्रपान.

What should we smoke if we are जितेन्द्रिय?

रेणुकबिज,चन्दन,तमालपत्र,नागकेसर,नाखला,गूगल,अगर,वड etc. (I have full list if you want. Ask only if you are जितेन्द्रिय Without being जितेन्द्रिय, धूम्रपान is life-degenerating. But when followed as prescribed, it helps people with Vata Prakriti to live life without hassles and so that they can perform their duties.

In old age, it works as medicine. Just like how Paan helps to control Vata disorders.


Yes, ultimate aim of ayurevedic remedies is not to save you from death but to enable everyone to perform duties towards the self, family, society and nation! Earn 4 Purusharth i.e. धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष

When you are not जितेन्द्रिय and engaged in धूम्रपान, it is addiction. Addiction of any kind (physical or mental) is not suitable. It hampers goal of life. धूम्रपान without जितेन्द्रिय won’t kill everyone but it will surely make life like a living dead i.e. Zombie.

Zombie = पशु = Waste of human birth.

One can live with bipolar (Modern smoking impact on mind and brain). No issues with it. 😉 It will be burden on society to take care of mindless actions of पशु/Zombie.



  1. hi
    can you give me some research evidence of this
    as i believe doing dhooni of cow dung and herbs like jatamasi purifies the environment and elevates the mood but so called modern people give kutraka that every smoke is harmful