If raise question to medical fraternity : ” Why regular body checkups needed?”
Obvious answer would be : Diagnose and treat early (DATE) – that is the purpose behind regular medical check ups. Right? Treat early! Take corrective actions early! Annually! 😀
What is ‘Early’ here?
“Early is an adjective of time – not of size, dissemination or clinical manifestations. Yet, enslaved by medical semantics, too many people equated early with small, localized, and asymptomatic (or minimally productive of symptoms)”. – the New England Journal of Medicine
Thus, there is a very big “if” associated here – “If you succeed in treating a patient you can claim you exercised DATE; if you fail, you can always say that the treatment was sought so late. “
🙂 🙂
If at all you want to detect early, do it daily. Some harmless methods will help you correct the life style and save unforeseen medical conditions.
What are those methods?
1) Observe first morning urine and stool.
2) Observe your tongue
3) Observe your breath
These are some harmless and self-check methods Ayurveda prescribes, If you learn and take corrective measures daily. You will hardly fall sick :).
But on the other hand, this annual health check ups…is not only unscientific but also expensive and sometimes source of sicknesses too.
Over to you (Y) To live life with fear of diseases or fearless daily self-correction. 🙂


Due to complex terms and conditions by insurance companies, and fear mongering by healthcare providers, annual body check up has become norm in our society.

This research shows that annual body check up does not help in preventing diseases. On the other hand, it actually force you into endless worry cycles and medicines.

Some are actually hurt by physicals, because healthy patients who undergo an exam sometimes end up with complications and pain from further screening or confirmatory tests.

It is psychological fear trap. I don’t subscribe to it. Any problem with body is well presented by body by symptoms. Intelligent physician detects it and then only prescribes check up.

Skip Your Annual Physical

Those who preach the gospel of the routine physical have to produce the data to show why these physician visits are beneficial. If they cannot, join me and make a new resolution: My medical routine won’t include an annual exam. That will free up countless hours of doctors’ time for patients who really do have a medical problem, helping to ensure there is no doctor shortage as more Americans get health insurance.

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