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Dare we ignore incarnation of abundance(कामधेनु) – The Holy Cow and blissfully invite poverty and diseases like dire conditions for Nation!

When you talk about Cow as Incarnation of ‘Abundance’ to unsympathetic critics of Hinduism, they often prompt frivolous doubts like:
What is the practical import of ancient Vedic religious codes at present day? They were designed and suited for ancient living in early phase of civilization. Any attempt to make these Vedic rituals relevant in present time is utopian and quixotic. And they are not tested by science (:))

This attitude is common and prevailing in modern Hindus. Not only for Cow but for all rituals. Their education alienates them from their roots without being dwelt into scientific enquiry and experiments.

I consider this as utter inefficiency usage of brain.

MIND YOU! Cow protection is not a question of culture preservation or national reconstruction based on traditions; it is simply not a movement towards generating pride in Indian traditions. COW PROTECTION IS IMPERATIVE NECESSITY IN CURRENT STRESSFUL TIME, to once again trace back salutary practices of our Golden past.
Vedic civilization is unique in chequered history of the world. Many civilizations came and disappeared like midnight meteors. Nation rose and fell with their local historical settings. Despite alien intrusion and national sub-ordination, we still stand high, all thanks to faith in local culture.

To bring back National Glory, have guts in belly to decipher and protect Kamdhenu, incarnation of ‘Abundance’. If you don’t have guts, don’t spit venom like ‘Buffalo is better than Cow’ or ‘Cow is just another animal’ and devalue her value in Indian society. By doing that, you invite dire consequences for future generation.