Human society is neither random nor capricious. The regularities of thought and behavior called culture are the principal mechanisms by which we human beings adapt to the world around us. Practices and beliefs can be rational or irrational, but a society that fails to adapt to its environment is doomed to extinction. Only those societies that draw the necessities of life from their surroundings without destroying those surroundings, inherit the earth. The West has much to learn from the great antiquity of Indian civilization, and the sacred cow is an important part of that lesson.

The cultural practices of other people often seem strange, irrational, and even inexplicable to outsiders. In fact, the members of the culture in question may be unable to give a rationally satisfying explanation of why they behave as they do: they may say that “the gods wish it so,” or that “it is always done that way.” Yet a fundamental assumption of social science is that no matter how peculiar or even bizarre human cultures may appear, they can be understood at least in part.

To Americans and Europeans, the attitude of most people in India toward cows is perplexing. Hindus regard the animals as sacred and will not kill or eat them. In India a large population of cows wanders freely through both rural areas and city streets, undisturbed by the millions of hungry and malnourished people. Why?

The sheer dominance of non-meat items in the normal Indian diet is unique in the world and we can thank sacred mother Cow (Gau) for this. The Indian cow yields nutritious milk, butter, ghee, eats anything, is resistant to diseases, has a long life (15-20 years), short gestation period, bull calves can be used as ‘draft’ animals, cow-dung can be used for fuel – and, of course, cow skin makes the best leather. The Indian cow is incredibly easy to maintain. The cattle are not just worshiped and revered in India. They are not only extraordinarily useful but powerful healers too! Spend week with Gau-shala and you will total transformation in your personality!

Tragedy is, majority of us now don’t care about Cow, forget about worshipping her. Children in school are introduced to Cow Dung and Urine as dirty while they possess best medicinal values! Conditioning is so powerful that nectar is considered poison and poison (Fast food, Soft Drinks) is imbibed like a nectar.