Raw material used for rituals should be pure. Any fire ritual we perform, demands wood. This wood should be collected wood. One should not cut the healthy trees for rituals. Use the dead parts abandoned by वृक्षदेवता. That is the prasad to be offered to the अग्नि देवता. When wood is not available or scarcely available, use गौ-प्रसाद i.e. dung cakes. Rituals helps you to remain in a infinite universal cycle. Cutting trees means you are breaking the cycle 🙂.

Without गौ माता, hardly any ritual is possible. 🙂

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When an adult bullock is slaughtered, it affects the Sanskar of 10 persons per year. If a bullock is allowed to live 10 more years beyond the age of its premature death by slaughter, it can provide dung cakes for Agni Sanskar of 100 human beings. If wood is forced (as it is now) to be used for Agni Sanskar in the absence of dung cakes, its cost would be Rs 15 lakhs per tree, as per the valuation done by scientists.

So saving cow means – saving forests.

This is my yardstick to measure depth of any environmental activist : Is he/she worried about cattle protection? Is he/she against cow-slaughter? Did he/she work for protecting cows?

If answer is negative, they are fake fame hungry sentimental activists. If they remain same after educating them about value of Gau, ignore them.