Our Gurukul education system was more or less homeschooling. Once the kid enters into Gurukul, his Acharya family becomes his new parents for next 12 years.

Now the same concept is picking up in America (So expect popularity in India by 2020 😉 )

I understand, not all parents can handle home-school. There are practical limitations. Agree.

But can’t we then run community-governed schools? We can together fund benevolent and capable among us and ask them to take care of community-kids for 12 years in Gurukul like nature-bound setup?

For example :

Average fee for state of the Art school with ultra-modern facilities in tier-2 city is 60000 per year. 5000 per month. This is because school has invested heavily in infrastructure. Air conditioned rooms, sports grounds for costly games, computers etc. Irony is that these school hardly takes care of teachers. Teachers get bare minimum wage. 10000 per month to 20000 per month maximum (These are very optimistic figures. In most cases, they are paid 5000 per month). This is gross insult to teacher community that they get paid less than daily wage laborer.
As per news, TOP 500 tech company CEOs send their children to schools with no infrastructure. No computer, no internet, no gadget, no ultra modern facility. This is because they know value of real education.

This is possible in our society too. Our old education was based on this concept only.

Some calculation:

If 108 parents paying Rs 5000 per month for education unite:
They can have fund of 540000 per month. Student to teacher ratio in Bharat is 35:1. 1 teacher for 35 students. Let us distribute 11 children per teacher. Much better ratio. So this group of parents need 10 teachers to take care of children’s learning needs. Each teacher can get 40000 per month! And still we can 100000 per month as operative expense.

What about infrastructure?

Who needs it ultra-modern infra? We don’t. At least not up to primary education. And school building? Who needs it? Parents together can rent nearby farm or wasteland from govt and with minimum initial expense, it can turn into school.

I know, this is not so easy. But I wanted to show that alternative is possible if we strive for it. Hard work from parents and kind-hearted selfless teachers needed. Many volunteers from parent group are needed. Nothing better than participating in own kid’s education. After all, he or she is our duty!

Just by removing cement walls and useless infrastructure whose maintenance is eating most of fee paid by parents, we can have better school system with teachers earning worth minimum respected wealth for their family survival.

Think about it.

Btw, look at the magic of home-school in figures shared here.



  1. This is exactly what I have been thinking about since the past few years and more and more since the past few weeks. My son is 7 years old, std 1 and goes to an icse school in mumbai. There is a lot of pressure on kids. Some kids younger than him are able to do the work assigned but my son has been unable to do so since the past few days. The teacher says he is distracted in class. I just feel they want to turn the kids into robots/machines.
    I have been searching for tutors for homeschooling him as I have a full time job. I cannot find anyone reliable. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.