One friend doubted: Can Gau mutra really cure sickness?

I told him: “It can. It has potential and proven in lab results but sorry, it won’t cure your illness.”

Why doctor’s treatment works for some and not for all?

मंत्रे तीर्थे व्‍दिजे देवे दैवज्ञे भेषजे गुरौ ।
यादृशी भावना यस्‍य सिद्धिर्भवति तादृशी ।।
One can draw out positive effects from following six domains based on individual’s intensity of श्रद्धा/devotion/allegiance/faith upon them.

1) Mantra
2) Pilgrimage
3) Priest
4) Deity
5) Astrologer
6) Vaidya (Doctor /Medicine)

Each one benefits from a mantra, a pilgrimage, a priest (Brahman), deity, astrologer, vaidya (an ayurvedic practitioner) and Guru as per his emotion (spiritual emotion) with respect to them.

All above mentioned domains demand श्रद्धा and gives results based on your faith on them.

Most of us now live self-denial life, full of arrogance. I am supreme and everyone else is dumb. I can cure self and not the doctor or medicine. Such is the foolish suicidal mentality. Most of us have become self-proclaimed rationalists. We expect doctor’s treatment to work because we pay them. Doctor has turned into businessman and has no sympathy for patient.

Do you think, any treatment can cure in such situation?

Hell no. Without faith, it is not possible to heal body fully and recover from sickness. Suppressive medicines may make sickness dormant but it still remains there.

Patients should develop faith on doctor. Patient must pray to God. Doctor should act as mother nature’s messenger and not the money-sucker.

One thing parents must instill in child is: Faith – a potent healing substance.

Sri Aurobindo describes Śraddhā as “the soul’s belief in the Divine’s existence, wisdom, power, love and grace.”