A xenobiotic is a foreign chemical substance found within an organism that is not normally naturally produced by or expected to be present within that organism. It can also cover substances which are present in much higher concentrations than are usual.

In Ayurveda, we have concept of आम/Ama. It is manifested due to several reasons (Read this note for detail:

Now, on top of Ama generated due to operational inefficiency of body or environment, we imbibe tons of toxins in form of modern drugs, pesticides and chemicals in air and water. All Xenobitocs.

Ama or Xenobitocs are toxin of both endogenous and exogenous origin. In this way Ama and Xenobiotics share similar qualities. Both Ama and Xenobiotics are tough for spontaneous elimination. They need a special pathway and intervention that facilitates the elimination.

If they are not eliminated timely, they obstruct Prana flow and hence bodily intelligence. Results in sickness of greatest intensity of pain i.e. Cancer.

The method of elimination of ama and Xenoblotlcs can be assessed only with the aid of Ayurveda concepts. Modern biochemistry explains the elimination of polar Xenobiotics (water soluble) through urine. But the method of elimination of nonpolar or lipophilic Xenobiotics can be possible only by Ayurveda. That IS as fat cannot be eliminated from urine, but can be brought to intestine and then eliminate by virechana and so on.

Two wonder boons of mother nature helps best here: Ginger and Garlic.

Many communities ( Jains, Swaminarayana for example) in Bharat traditionally don’t eat garlic and ginger as they think that they are of Tamasik nature. If you want to do survey, do it. They suffer from cancer, joint pain most. Amount of Ama and Xenobiotics have increased manifold but there is absolute absence of GArlic and Ginger in their. This results in cancer, arthritis and many Vata disorders.

Take care. Eat Ginger and Garlic moderately as per your Prakriti, age and season. Ask your grandmother, she will have all ideas about ginger and garlic usage.