Most of us, grew up in urban landscape, cannot connect with real rural life easily. But since, we all are humans, goodness persists in whatever diluted form it can. Good that goodness persists? Unfortunately, sentimental goodness is not good for long term future.

For example: Vegan Tribe among Urban youth.

1) I appreciate their concern for animal slaughter
2) I appreciate their love for vegetarian food, trend that world must adopt asap, to stop processed food in veg and non-veg domain
3) I appreciate their concern about unethical dairy practices, trend that world must stop.

But, I humbly disagree with their sentimental attitude to completely discard ethical dairy from food intake on various grounds like

– Gau’s milk is only for calf
– Human’s milk is for human, animals for animals’ children

They do not understand patterns here because of their urban induction.

– Human mother can lactate up to 3 years from child delivery but she does not exclusively feed infant for full 3 years. Only first 6 months exclusive feeding is must. After 6 months, other foods must start for two reasons

1) To avoid indigestion due to over-feeding of milk
2) To accelerate growth

After 6 months, feeding continues for at least 18 to 24 months to maintain and train immature immune system. But it is mere supplement, not a main food.

Go and see what happened to formula-fed children. Many of them suffer from Autism and/or other immune system disorders. US govt has to run breastfeeding campaign to stop this over-feeding nonsense.

Let us come to the point of sentiments and rational practice.

Gau gives enough milk for her calf. In ethical gau shala,

For first 15 days (This time varies with breed and local practices), no one lactate milk for human use. All milk goes to calf like our mother lactate us for first 6 months.

Later, two udders are always dedicated for calf. In famine condition and certain seasons (Time around Shiv Ratri and month of Shravin) also, full milk is kept for calves. Only two udders are lactated for human use. This is to avoid indigestion of calves. To accelerate their growth. To save their lives!

What vegans miss by their sentiments?

Life enriching nectar from mother. You may replace milk by physical means by adding artificial supplements or alternatives in diet but you miserably miss Prana shakti showered by mother. No artificial supplements or other food can fulfill it.