Vedic Studies and Oral Education by Prof H B Dave

Its been 14 years I passed out from Computer Engineering Department @ DDIT, Nadiad.

Feeling so left out as I could not utilize expertise of my HoD Prod H B Dave in the field of Vedic Studies. Had I came across this then, my journey would have been different!

My deepest gratitude for the towering figure in computer science for his love and research in Veda!!


Veda and Oral Tradition

1. Extreme importance is attached to the oral tradition as far as Vedas is concerned because of its contents and intended use. In order to benefit in any way from the text of Vedas (especially the first three), it is necessary that the mind of the reciter (and listener) should be in meditative state, what I shall call Alpha state for want of better word in English.

2. During such Alpha state EEG would exhibit high value of alpha
rhythm. Normal waking brain exhibits Beta rhythm.

3. This requires, at least in case of a beginner (Ma.navaka) that
his/her eyes should be closed. But then he/she can not read!

4. With eyes open, unless you are very advanced meditator, it is very difficult to achieve Alpha state.

5. The process of reading (which requires eyes open) and deciphering the written or printed text is a very complex operation which involves large parts of Cerebral Cortex. Compared to that the auditory inputs (either heard or self-spoken) require much less processing at Cerebral Cortex. If the Vedas are to be understood, the activity at Cerebral Cortex should be minimized.

6. Thus if you are studying the text of Vedas for purposes other then the one for which they were meant, you can go ahead and study from a written or printed book, but not if you are a beginner and /or want to derive the benefits as intended.



  1. I had been student of Prof HB Dave during 1973-75 and subsequently worked with him during 1975-77.
    I never got an opportunity to receive Vedic Studies Guidance from him.
    I hope some day I sit and learn through him the Divine subject.
    Me and one of my other friends Mr. Jagan are trying to contact him, but no luck so for.