गुणधर्म – गुण आधारित धर्म
वर्णधर्म – वर्ण आधारित धर्म
स्वधर्म – स्व(आत्मा) आधारित धर्म
कुलधर्म – कुल (कुटुम्ब/जाति) आधारित धर्म

धर्म एक, आयाम अनेक|

Being धार्मिक = Actions rooted in धर्म covering maximum aspects (आयाम ) of धर्म.

Learning science in Dharmic language (Sanskrit or her nearest sister) has many benefits.

For example, word गुणधर्म.

If your child is conditioned for science in English, he or she will discuss properties of matter, chemical, organism with you. But if it is Hindi or any Prakrit language, the word would be close to ‘गुणधर्म’.

Physical matter has गुण(s) and their धर्म is decided based on their गुण(s). Their गुण(s) gives different reactions based on the environment they are in.

Turmeric has Curcumin. Curcumin’s गुणधर्म is identified as potential cancer remedy. But what the most western scientists forget is that for curcumin to work as per its dharma, it needs to be part of Turmeric. Extract don’t work always. गुणधर्म changes with environment. So best is to provide home-ground for Curcumin i.e. Let it be part of Turmeric.

गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म …think about it.

धर्म is everywhere. धर्म is the center.