RIP, in Indian social media, it is now common trend to use it when some famous personality dies. In fact, it is not mere trend but blind mimicry due to powerful influence of western universalism. It is nonsense adaptation. I say it is nonsense because “rest in peace” or its Latin original “requiescat in pace,” implies a belief in the concept that at death, the body is separated from the soul, and so the body is buried while the soul rests elsewhere until the final day of judgment when some “god” unites the body with the soul and then assigns some to “heaven” and others to “hell.”

I find the whole notion of heaven and hell, and its necessary correlate of a judgmental “god” who hands out eternal rewards and punishments, utterly insane and repulsive. It’s all very fine for people who profess the Abrahamic faiths to wish their co-religionists RIP but others would do well to respect people of different faiths and not wish them RIP.

For me, for billion Hindus, who slowly are adapting catholic culture (RIP is just one expression. Cutting cake on Birthday, eating junk pizza on all festivals etc are other such expressions showing Church influence on ordinary Hindu’s life style), Atma continues to descend on material plane until moksha is attained. So, RIP expression is nonsense.

It is shocking state where average Hindu read, write, consume non-dharmik traditions very easily. Of course, it doesn’t matter much as far as daily chores go. However, slowly vanishing dharmik imprints from Hindu mind, is dangerous.
Do not rest in peace, welcome back!