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Eutrophication – Silent water pollution & Agriculture triggered Collapse


Couple of days back, when I was traveling to farm with my son, he had peculiar observation about nearby village’s pond.

“Papa, why the water is all green! Why it looks so polluted.”

“It is all the result of greed, my dear son.”


Few days back, there was news in social media that some lake in Bangalore was all full of foam. That is visible pollution. There is invisible pollution of water resources going on without common man’s notice.

They call it Eutrophication. Or more precisely hypertrophication, is the ecosystem response to the addition of artificial or natural substances, mainly phosphates, through detergents, fertilizers, or sewage, to an aquatic system.

The mineral components of synthetic fertilizers, however, are easily leached out of the soil. In irrigated systems, the leaching problem may be particularly acute; a large amount of the fertilizer applied to fields actually ends up in streams, lakes, and rivers, where it causes eutrophication (excessive growth of oxygen-depleting plant and algal life).

For common men, it is green so good. 🙂 🙂 Unless it pollutes groundwater with oxygen depleting conditions.

No wise culture employ in such destruction. We do. 🙂

Eutrophication kills fish and other aquatic animals by depriving oxygen and it causes by direct or indirect routes many diseases to humans.

Skin Bacteria Heals Wounds: Are you suffering from Germ-Phobia?


This is for Lifebuoy and Dettol lovers. Entire generation is made to believe by fancy Ads that Bacterias are our enemies.

Research like this should held us back and force us to rethink our hygiene strategy.

A Boy in Ad is ridiculed because he does not use Lifebuoy, the germ killer. On the other hand, this boy was right. We don’t need any chemical soap.

Bacteria on the Skin: New Insights on Our Invisible Companions

Study examines how skin-dwelling bacteria influence wound healing; findings could help address chronic wounds, a common ailment in the elderly

“These wounds can literally persist for years, and we simply have no good treatments to help a chronic wound heal,” said Hardman, who added that doctors currently have no reliable way to tell whether a wound will heal or persist. “There’s a definite need for better ways to both predict how a wound is going to heal and develop new treatments to promote healing.”

The trillions of bacteria that live on and in our bodies have attracted a great deal of scientific interest in recent years. Findings from studies of microbes in the gut have made it clear that although some bacteria cause disease, many other bacteria are highly beneficial for our health.

In their recent study, Hardman and his colleagues compared the skin bacteria from people with chronic wounds that did or did not heal. The results showed markedly different bacterial communities, suggesting there may be a bacterial “signature” of a wound that refuses to heal.

“Our data clearly support the idea that one could swab a wound, profile the bacteria that are there and then be able to tell whether the wound is likely to heal quickly or persist, which could impact treatment decisions,” said Hardman.

The team also conducted a series of studies in mice to shed light on the reasons why some wounds heal while others do not. They found that mice lacking a single gene had a different array of skin microbiota—including more harmful bacteria—and healed much more slowly than mice with a normal copy of the gene.

The gene, which has been linked to Chrohn’s disease, is known to help cells recognize and respond to bacteria. Hardman said the findings suggest that genetic factors influence the makeup of bacteria on a person’s skin, which in turn influences how they heal.

Your Staple Food is based on your Prana Need and Usage

प्राणापानौ व्रीहियवाव् अनढ्वान् प्राण उच्यते |
Rice and barley are Apana and Prana.
व्रीहि = Rice = Represents Apana (अपान). Presents in all rituals. Including Fire rituals. Almost majority Indian’s staple food. The first thing that any infant eat during अन्नप्राशन संस्कार is rice. Rice is the original and most effective ORS solution for dehydrated body (due to heat or vomiting or diarrhea)
Apana (अपान) = Form of Prana that helps in purging toxins from body.
Physical toxins and mental toxins.
If rice is your staple food, it is because you need it to eliminate toxins. If it is not, you really don’t need it. 🙂
Food is always local.
If the need is Apana, rice.
If the need is Prana, barely.
How do we kill medicinal properties of rice?
1) Chemical farming
2) Genetic modifications
3) Polishing
So, what do we miss due to above 3 actions?
The medicinal rice!
Accumulation of toxins. More in those who has rice as staple food. That results into rapid aging. Early Grey hairs.
Next time, prefer organically grown non-polished satvik rice for rituals. May the rice rise feeling of purge to clean body and mind before you start any शुभ काम! _()_ 🙂
 PS: When I talk about local food, it is always about the food possible to grow locally.

Cartoons on TV is not Story Telling!

Parents of 21st century are groomed to believe that cartoons are great way to educate. So they introduce passive, one-way cartoons to children at very early age. And parents help kids to become addicted of the TV. Once the cartoon on TV becomes norms, cartoon goes and every other junk replaces it as kids grow. So teen-age kid will not only watch cartoon but also all junk.
Complete waste of potential minds.
We Indians have rich legacy of oral education culture. Real education and learning happen face to face, in human to human narration.
Humans simply aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. Results repeatedly show that our attitudes, fears, hopes, and values are strongly influenced by story. In fact, fiction seems to be more effective at changing beliefs than writing that is specifically designed to persuade through argument and evidence.
The psychologists Melanie Green and Tim Brock argue that entering fictional worlds “radically alters the way information is processed.” Green and Brock’s studies shows that the more absorbed readers are in a story, the more the story changes them. Highly absorbed readers also detected significantly fewer “false notes” in stories—inaccuracies, missteps—than less transported readers. Importantly, it is not just that highly absorbed readers detected the false notes and didn’t care about them (as when we watch a pleasurably idiotic action film). They were unable to detect the false notes in the first place.
So not only storytelling but which story you pick up is also critical. Take care.

The Development (विकास) : Real vs Fake


The Development (विकास) : Real vs Fake


A human fetus in womb, develops organs from seed stem cells as per requirements of the growing body. Brain comes last. Heart is a front runner. The sequence is well designed and fixed. There is no patch work. There is no last minute change. All development stages are performed based on local needs of the organism at that stage.

If we learn to mimic this development, our development model should be sustainable. We cannot erect 100 new cities blindly. Cities emerge as per local needs. Who generate these local needs? Villages who would like to trade their produce. Manufacturers who would like to export or import.

In ancient times, cities used to emerge like this. Not blindly.

What is happening to our cities? Existing cities becoming fat day by day by destroying critical and fertile agriculture land in periphery. New cities are planned where politicians have grabbed cheap lands. Never by the organic instincts of the society, nature of the terrain and demand of the time.

धारावी mimicry or govt built vertical slums is not विकास!
Cities without Sacred groves is not विकास
Cities without manageable traffic is not विकास
Cities where flyovers are seen as solution is not विकास

It is cancer. Densely populated human habitat. Competing with other organisms for living and sustaining life. That is cancer. It is no way Development.

Self-Check : Which Group feels like home?

Short life and priorities : PLEASE READ with OPEN Mind , without BIAS 🙂
I am sure, you must agree with me that life is really short. 100 years is nothing! And out of 100 years, 25 years goes into realizing what life is! Sometimes, it goes on till 40. By the time we reach 50, body stops supporting for many en-devours. In short, it is short. Life is short 🙂
In this short life, time for self is too short!!
What is more important in life’s limited leisure hours?
Group 1
1) Who wins the IPL gossip?
2) Who wins the election gossip?
3) Which film is better?
4) Pastime entertainment – Ekta Kapoor fame?
5) Dirty office politics gossip
6) Dirty family politics gossip
7) Celebrity gossip
8) Kejriwal jokes
9) NaMo jokes
Group 2
1) How do we grow organic food
2) What all are genuine food sources?
3) How do we grow more trees in city?
4) How do we plan rain water harvesting?
5) How do we reduce our plastic waste?
6) How do we reduce our carbon footprints?
7) How do we involve children in community work?
Your choice of utilizing free hours decide whether you are civilized or barbaric. (Don’t take it personally. My intention is to trigger changes in my dear and near ones 🙂 so that we all together can have meaningful life)
Ancient Rome collapsed because majority of her citizens were part of first group. It is actually sign of collapse in any age.
Think about it. Take care.
Read this article to realize what I am trying to convey

Mono-cultured forestry : Greedy Society’s Environmental Activism

Not sure if you came across, but I did came across govt schemes and private plans to do agro-forestry. Nothing but growing series of trees in mono-culture way, forest by definition only. On paper forest.
Mixed forests are more productive than monocultures. This is true on all five continents, and particularly in regions with high precipitation.
Reforesting strategy by GDP-driven society and govt will always be based on economic value of the trees. So, they will plant only economically valuable trees. Not only that, they will also apply mono-culture approach used in modern agriculture.
What is naturalized, cannot substitute natural. Simple. Period.

Mixed forests: ecologically and economically superior

“We know of the many advantages of mixed forests,” states Professor Hans Pretzsch, co-author of the study and author of a recently released, internationally acclaimed book on the ecology and management of mixed-species stands. “Mixed-species forests are ecologically more valuable as versatile habitats. They mitigate climate change, as they mean a higher carbon sink.”

Trees in mixed-species forests are often better supplied with light, water, and soil nutrients via their complementary crown and root systems. “This makes mixed stands more resilient during dry years. In addition, they are more stable against pests and visually more appealing,” adds Prof. Pretzsch from the Chair of Forest Growth and Yield Science in Weihenstephan.

But these arguments alone have not yet managed to convince forestry management to promote mixed-species stands. This meta-analysis and overview study now shows that a prudent selection of the combination of tree species leads not only to more ecological and resilient forests, but also to greater productivity, explains Pretzsch. The study documents that mixed stands perform better in terms of productivity than monocultures, particularly in areas with favorable water supplies, such as in Central Europe.

Worse practices of Agriculture Business



1) intensive tillage,
2) monoculture,
3) irrigation,
4) application of inorganic fertilizer,
5) chemical pest control, 
6) genetic manipulation of domesticated plants and animals, and
7) “factory farming” of animals

➠ These are some of the worse agriculture practices. Disastrous – for all living organisms, including the Earth.
➠ Society is paying hard earned money in healthcare bill due to such idiotic irrational industrial agriculture practices.
➠ Mother Earth’s suffering are all visible around.
➠ Current so called Nationalist govt supports all of these practices. And all blind supporters of this govt keep silence about it.

If this continues for even half decade, future generation will remember us as most foolish and selfish human generation ever.

Nectar-thief society



When a bee community visit 2 million flowers, you get 1 pound honey. Have you ever thought to repay the nature’s debt created by our exclusive consumer attitude?

If not million flowers, can’t we nurture at least 10000 flowers a year?

Is this not common sense? This is not rocket science. Why schools limit by card board and poster presentation projects (Using google grin emoticon ) related to nature? Make it mandatory for each student to have own small garden at home.

पृछामि विश्वस्य भुवनस्य नाभिम् |
Who is in center of universe?
अयं यज्ञो विश्वस्य भुवनस्य नाभि: |
Collective selfless work of many,act of sacrifice, in the service of commons, nourishment of universe within and external universe, of family, of society, of Nation, of planet, is called यज्ञ, and it is the center of universe which keeps the wheel of life running.

अथर्ववेद: काण्डं 9.10.14/15


डाबर / पतंजलि does not produce honey, bees do.
डाबर / पतंजलि does not produce ghee, Gau mata and foster mother (who participate in churning) do.

What सनातन धर्म if you are faking in life and consuming honey mindlessly? Without performing reciprocating duties!

What सनातन धर्म if you are faking in life and consuming ghee mindlessly? Without performing reciprocating duties!

You don’t deserve nectar if you are not performing your duties!!

Don’t be nectar thief #NectarThief

Butter-Milk and Summer Dieseases



सर्व रोग हरं तक्रम् |
All diseases of summer heat can be cured by taking छास/तक्र (butter milk) daily.

Source of तक्र : Ethically obtained milk of Desi Gau (No hormone injections, no artificial pregnancy, no exploitation of calf, no food starvation, enough fresh flowing water, enough pastures to graze, no processed food, no antibiotics, no ghettos but free grazing)

छास/तक्र obtained and administered ethically can cure cancer too.

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