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Misplaced Priorities : Hacking Teen minds, Cervix Exploitation and HPV Vaccine



We are living in society with obvious ironies.

On one hand, we run NGOs to support Cervical cancer sufferers. We succumb to dangerous and useless HPV Vaccine [1]

On the other hand, we carelessly ignore teenagers and give them free-way! For them idiot Bollywood actors become role model and then the rest is history.

And then we also talk about sex education? 😀 lol

Sex education?
I will accept your version of SEX education if it can assure and convince all teens that SEX in teen age invites highly infectious diseases, irrespective of protective methods you use or not.
I will accept your version of SEX education if it can assure and convince all teens value of wait till 25 by rational physiological reasons.
Sorry but your version of SEX education is derailing societal fabric. It is converting innocence of teen age into perversion.
I cannot accept it. Fools in society can accept it at risk of sacrificing youth of 2020.

Research news

Having sex at an early age can double the risk of developing cervical cancer, a study of 20,000 women suggests.

The investigation into why poorer women have a higher risk of the disease found they tended to have sex about four years earlier than more affluent women.

Previously, it had been thought the disparity was the result of low screening uptake in poorer areas.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer findings are published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Although the difference in cervical cancer incidence between rich and poor – across the world – had been noted for many years, it was not clear why this is the case.

Especially as rates of infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) – the sexually transmitted infection linked with the vast majority of cervical cancers – seemed to be similar across all groups.



गोष्ठीशाला: Rain Water Management

Screenshot from 2018-07-14 10-21-32

I used to write about daily trips to mother nature and  conversation with my son @ Facebook. I will continue doing so here. You can find old notes on Facebook with this tag #KathanDiary . Whenever time permits, I will move them here. I believe, conversations with kids play larger role of education than any school or teacher. Recording my journey for the access of like-minded parents.

So, Today there was rain-break so we took a chance to explore changes in our regular canal road. One of the things we observed was : Water flow. We tracked it. Water from neighboring farm lands was flowing in specific direction.

From farms to small rivulets to medium size canals to the pond! The journey did not stop here. Pond was almost full. Water was flowing somewhere from this pond. We further tracked it and found network of storm water drainage/canal! As we followed, we found two ponds are connected. As soon as small pond is overflowed, water flows to bigger pond and so on. We tracked 10 kms of canal network. We will further explore it, where exactly it ends!

We noted few points:

  • Rain water drainage connecting two ponds is cemented! Utterly foolish idea! This way, we reduce scope of water to get observed by soil! Post-monsoon, this will create mosquito havoc!
  • At several places, gutter were linked to this sacred monsoon water flow! Pathetic!
  • Instead of developing beautiful green patches around canals, they were encroached and were covered! Dark hell passing from neighborhood!

We also discussed how important this network of ponds is. How it can distribute rain water to area where rain-fall was limited. We hope, smart city dreamers realize value of rain water network.

Our next project is to identify all dead or alive ponds in city. Are they connected? How dirty or cleaned they are? Are their banks are cemented or natural?

Woven into Visuals : Self and knowledge





प्रतिबोधविदितं मतममृतत्वं हि विन्दते।
आत्मना विन्दते वीर्यं विद्यया विन्दतेऽमृतम्‌ ॥


pratibodhaviditaṁ matamamṛtatvaṁ hi vindate |
ātmanā vindate vīryaṁ vidyayā vindate’mṛtam ||


प्रतिबोधविदितं मतं हि अमृतत्वं विन्दते। आत्मना वीर्यं विन्दते। विद्यया अमृतं विन्दते ॥

Anvaya Transliteration

pratibodhaviditaṁ mataṁ hi amṛtatvaṁ vindate | ātmanā vīryaṁ vindate | vidyayā amṛtaṁ vindate ||


When It is known by perception that reflects It, then one has the thought of It, for one finds immortality; by the self one finds the force to attain and by the knowledge one finds immortality.

Hindi Translation

जब यह ऐसे प्रत्यक्ष बोध के द्वारा जाना जाता है जो ‘इसे’ प्रतिबिम्बित करता है, तभी व्यक्ति ‘इसका’ विचार बना पाता है, क्योंकि उससे व्यक्ति को अमृतत्व की उपलब्धि होती है; उपलब्धि के लिए व्यक्ति को आत्मा से वीर्य (शक्ति) प्राप्त होता है तथा विद्या से अमृतत्व की प्राप्ति होती है।


प्रतिबोधविदितम्pratibodhaviditamknown by perception that reflects | मतम्matamhas the thought (of It) | हिhisince / for | अमृतत्वम्amṛtatvamimmortality | विन्दतेvindateone finds | आत्मनाātmanāby the self | वीर्यम्vīryamthe force (to attain) | विन्दतेvindateone finds | विद्ययाvidyayāby the knowledge | अमृतम्amṛtamimmortality | विन्दतेvindateone finds |


Modern Science Fads and Profit Making



Neuroscience is top HOT medical branch for past 3 decades (once wave of genomics started receding) and in these past 3 decades, world has seen most dramatic increment in mental disorders, including perverted sex crimes.

1) Technological feat cannot assure reduction or control of disorders.
2) Root of the mental disorder is largely beyond physical body. Finding answer in physical body is tomfoolery.
3) Solution lies in mental food i.e. संस्कार or life-oriented education.
If you follow proposal in point 3), we as a society need no BAN fatwa(s).
BAN this, BAN that – this is symptom of sick society. Lack of life-oriented education results in a sick society.

Like genomics of last century, neuroscience is fad of present century. Every other day there is study of correlation between brain state and human behavior. It is not accurate picture.

Rewiring constantly happen in brain. Nothing is static. One part of brain caters various different mental states. They share jobs. They swap jobs. They take additional responsibilities in emergency.

Futile efforts to find roots of mind in brain.

Modern lifestyle, Uric Acid and Solution



Uric Acid is now common issue among my age group(30s. Yeah. Sad reality). And every other doctor is blaming to protein intake. It is not only about excessive protein. It is about low digestive fire due to fire consumed for other causes like over-indulgence in sex, over-exercise and stress at work.

One solution that is working for friends is:

– No water for 1.5 hrs before and after meal
– Limited water during meal

During monsoon, avoid over-eating and outside food. Only eat fresh and warm cooked food. Anything past 2 hrs is waste during monsoon. Don’t repeat cooking like microwaving.

Antioxidants : Billion Dollar Business vs Body’s Inherent Mechanism



Antioxidants are molecule which inhibits the oxidation of other substance, thus reducing the damage that is caused due to oxygen. The effect of free radical is neutralized by them and prevent the oxidation reaction by oxidizing themselves. There are two types of antioxidants; natural and artificial antioxidant.

There is huge growing market of antioxidants and since it works on Gillette model (recurring purchase by consumers), intense marketing is being done in media. So much that even face-wash and shampoo(s) are also sold with antioxidants. 😀

Global Antioxidants (Natural and Synthetic) Market Poised to Surge From USD 2.25 Billion in 2014 to USD 3.25 Billion by 2020, Growing at 5.5% CAGR – Market Research Store [1]

Idea of slowing down aging is not just possible by food as modern medicine and pharma mafia proclaims. As per Ayurveda, it works based on three basic principles.

Food, Sleep and Brahmcharya.

त्रय उपस्तम्भा: आहार: स्वप्नो ब्रह्मचर्यमिति (चरक संहिता सूत्र. 11/35)

अर्थात् शरीर और स्वास्थ्य को स्थिर, सुदृढ़ और उत्तम बनाये रखने के लिए आहार, स्वप्न (निद्रा) और ब्रह्मचर्य – ये तीन उपस्तम्भ हैं। ‘उप’ यानी सहायक और ‘स्तम्भ’ यानी खम्भा। इन तीनों उप स्तम्भों का यथा विधि सेवन करने से ही शरीर और स्वास्थ्य की रक्षा होती है।

Three Pillars of Life

Food, full of preservatives. Late night movies and entertainment. And never-stopped sexual indulgence ever since you hit puberty. This is becoming norm in our teen age. Do you expect them to excel life with such life design?

We not only talk about sleep, timely and just enough sleep. If we sleep untimely or sleep more, it is not going to help!

निद्रा उचित समय पर उचित मात्रा में लेनी चाहिए। असमय तथा अधिक मात्रा में शयन करने से अथवा निद्रा का बिल्कुल त्याग कर देने से आरोग्य व आयुष्य का ह्रास होता है। दिन में शयन स्वास्थ्य के लिए अत्यन्त हानिकर है परंतु जो व्यक्ति अधिक अध्ययन, अत्यधिक श्रम करते हैं, धातु-क्षय से क्षीण हो गये हैं, रात्रि जागरण अथवा मुसाफिरी से थके हुए हैं वे बालक, वृद्ध, कृश, दुर्बल व्यक्ति दिन में शयन कर सकते हैं

दिन में सोने से होने वाली हानियाँ-

दिन में सोने से जठराग्नि मंद हो जाती है। अन्न का ठीक से पाचन न होकर अपाचित रस (आम) बन जाता है जिससे शरीर में भारीपन, शरीर टूटना, जी मिचलाना, सिरदर्द, हृदय में भारीपन, त्वचारोग आदि लक्षण उत्पन्न होते हैं। तमोगुण बढ़ने से स्मरणशक्ति व बुद्धि का नाश होता है।

अतिनिद्रा दूर करने के उपायः

उपवास, प्राणायाम व व्यायाम करने तथा तामसी आहार (लहसुन, प्याज, मूली, उड़द, बासी व तले हुए पदार्थ आदि) का त्याग करने से अतिनिद्रा का नाश होता है। [2]

Now, let us explore value of sleep as per modern research.

Research & References

A bidirectional relationship between sleep and oxidative stress in Drosophila

Most animals sleep; humans sleep nearly a third of their lives. Yet the fundamental functions of sleep remain unknown. Here, we used short-sleeping Drosophila mutants to uncover a role for sleep in resistance to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant responses. Although these short-sleeping mutants have defects in diverse pathways, they all exhibit sensitivity to oxidative stress. Moreover, increasing sleep in wild-type flies increased resistance to oxidative stress. This suggests that one function of sleep is to defend against oxidative stress. Finally, reducing oxidative stress in neurons of wild-type flies reduces their sleep, suggesting that oxidative stress also regulates sleep. Taken together, our results support an intriguing hypothesis for a bidirectional relationship between sleep and oxidative stress: oxidative stress triggers sleep, which then acts as an antioxidant for both the body and the brain. These results have implications for human patients suffering from chronic sleep restriction and diseases associated with oxidative stress.



Modern life and Restless Mind



There is a exponential upsurge in our mental activities. Our modern jobs force us to work on more data, more calculation, more analysis, more screen based tasks.

This creates great divide between brain and rest of the body as far as throughput is concerned. Brain at max capacity ans rest of the body at rest.

What it does to your body?
1) Accelerate ageing. You become old faster.
2) Weakens organs efficiency. Organs like heart, lung, kidney don’t work at best. Increasing risk of sudden organ failure like cardiac arrest.

Exercise as supplements. Must must. Mandatory.
6 hrs high intensive mental job = 1 hr of rigorous exercise at ground, in open, not at gym. Walk in the woods. Surya Namaskar under the sky, in front of the sun.

Culture of Violent Web-Series and Making of Zombies

I wrote this post 5 years back but I think it was ahead of time. Many friends called be fanatic for it.


There is new trend. What you can’t produce as multiplex movies due to censor board, produce them as web-series. There is no censor but you get maximum views. Even teens and kids will watch it as there is hardly any parental control in tech-illiterate society with no moral duties.

Trend of showing psychopath (a person with an antisocial personality disorder) led gross violence is increasing in retarded Bollywood (Gangs of wasseypur type).

Now the point is: As per study, there is a link between less functioning brain/mind of young adult whose brain development is still going on (age under 25) and interest in such psycho violence. (Link in first comment on post)

There are two possible conclusions.

1) Either violence disturbs brain development -> confused youth
2) Or due to pathetic food intake (Fast food) and lack of parenting, youth take interest in such retarded psycho movies and that further lead to slow down of brain development.

In either case, it is loss-loss situation. It only increases confused and psychos in society. And are we surprised about crimes against women? We shouldn’t be.


1) Make sure your teen boy and girl eat right food. At least you should control it.
2) If possible, explain them side effects of remaining in influence of retarded or psycho perceptions.


Exposure to TV Violence Related to Irregular Attention and Brain Structure

“We found that the more violent TV viewing a participant reported, the worse they performed on tasks of attention and cognitive control,” Dr. Hummer said. “On the other hand, the overall amount of TV watched was not related to performance on any executive function tests.”

Dr. Hummer noted that these executive functioning abilities can be important for controlling impulsive behaviors, including aggression. “The worry is that more impulsivity does not mix well with the behaviors modeled in violent programming.”

Tests that measured working memory, another subtype of executive functioning, were not found to be related to overall or violent TV viewing.

Comparing TV habits to brain images also produced results that Dr. Hummer and colleagues believe are significant.

“When we looked at the brain scans of young men with higher violent television exposure, there was less volume of white matter connecting the frontal and parietal lobes, which can be a sign of less maturity in brain development,” he said.

White matter is tissue in the brain that insulates nerve fibers connecting different brain regions, making functioning more efficient. In typical development, the amount or volume of white matter increases as the brain makes more connections until about age 30, improving communication between regions of the brain. Connections between the frontal and parietal lobes are thought to be especially important for executive functioning.

“The take-home message from this study is the finding of a relationship between how much violent television we watch and important aspects of brain functioning like controlled attention and inhibition,” Dr. Hummer said.

Key for Media Memes : Inception Formula of Background music


Ever thought,why it is easy to lure teens?In teen age, they live in fantasy age.Sadly,Bollywood pirates control their mind-space. And music plays hidden but powerful role in this luring.

Not sure, whether you notice this or not. Although background music always played critical role in nurturing psyche of movie-audience by selling them the content ever since the inception of it, upbeat music keeps audience bounded to the content, even after the show is over. Any dangerous memes you wish to inject in mass? Invest more in background score.


Films are generally fantasies. And fantasies by definition defy logic and reality. They conspire with the imagination. Music works upon the unconscious mind. Consequently, music works well with film because it is an ally of illusion. Music plays upon our emotions. It is generally a non-intellectual communication. The listener does not need to know what the music means, only how it makes him feel. Listeners, then, find the musical experience in film one that is less knowing and more feeling. The onscreen action, of course, provides clues and cues as to how the accompanying music does or is supposed to make us feel.

To comprehend fully what music does for movies, one should see a picture before and after its scored, first in rough cut and then in final cut. Not only are dramatic effects heightened by the addition of music and, frequently, sound effects, but in many instances the faces, voices, and even the personalities of the players are experientially altered. Music adds something we might call heightened realism or supra-reality. [1]

Remember, it is Zimmer’s background score, that has played influential role in making Inception hit. It is the music that allowed to perfect the dream within dream sequence. Otherwise, it is all plain one scene cut to another.

In film music it was found that an audience could be influenced into buying the character or mood state of an actor—rather than simply of a scene and its overall mood—if a theme, ballad, or motif was connected to the actor and repeated over and over, with tonal variations, no matter what the context.[1]

Now, come back to present. Media is more pervasive in the era of mobile technology wiht unlimited data pack. Not only that, with the help of technology, industry is producing , best background score.

Finally, on the subject, according to film composer Lawrence Rosenthal,

“Film, unlike theater, is essentially a visual-aural rather than verbal-intellectual medium. Even though film and the stage play obviously share certain properties, such as dramatic action, dialogue, and character, the basic nature of the film is quite different. “One of the chief differences is that in a film, sound becomes a highly expressive sensory element, whether it be music, sound effect, or speech. Total silence is an unnatural vacuum in a film. The ear seems to insist on filling it—whether with a few harp notes, the rustle of clothing, or a human voice. Of course, a great express train could race by on the screen, accompanied by perfect silence or with its natural sound replaced by that of a plaintive woodwind, and that might be enormously effective, but the point is that SOME SOUND—or silence in relation to preceding and subsequent sounds—seems essential. In principle, dialogue plays a lesser role in the aural complex of a film than it does on the stage, where, of course, it enjoys complete supremacy. Hence, the correspondingly greater importance of music and sound in motion pictures.” (quoted in Thomas, 1991) [1]

Anti-cultural story-base with super influential background score : Easy to brainwash mass! Easy to sell all pervert ideas in name of drama!

Let me give you two recent examples to judge what I shared. How the mass-hysteria is created with Social media advertisement, following popular series, loaded with content full of societal value damage, are viral and popular demand things. Focus on music.

  1. breathe on amazon prime

sacred games on netflix

I gave you examples to introspect. Is this how we lose to our अधार्मिक opponents? Save your self, family and friends. De-addict society from movie/tv/web-series obsession. Educate. Don’t let our dear ones’ succumb to the prey!


Benign Ulcer, Vagus Nerve and Parkinson’s : Surgical strike vs Altered Food habits



Vagotomy. the surgical excision or severing of the vagus nerve in order to reduce the secretion of acid in the stomach and hence control duodenal ulcers can cause Parkinson’s, a neuro-degeneration sickness.

GUT is the second brain. Disturb GUT and invite unimagined sicknesses.

Solution for ulcer is not Vagotomy but food habits. And since we don’t care much about prevention,cascading impact leads to unnatural, early death. 🙁



The chronic neurodegenerative Parkinson’s disease affects an increasing number of people. However, scientists still do not know why some people develop Parkinson’s disease. Now researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have taken an important step towards a better understanding of the disease.

New research indicates that Parkinson’s disease may begin in the gastrointestinal tract and spread through the vagus nerve to the brain.

“We have conducted a registry study of almost 15,000 patients who have had the vagus nerve in their stomach severed. Between approximately 1970-1995 this procedure was a very common method of ulcer treatment. If it really is correct that Parkinson’s starts in the gut and spreads through the vagus nerve, then these vagotomy patients should naturally be protected against developing Parkinson’s disease,” explains postdoc at Aarhus University Elisabeth Svensson on the hypothesis behind the study.

Vagotomy and subsequent risk of Parkinson’s disease

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