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Yantra and Quantum Motion


Quantum Motion captured @ CalTech
Do you remember यन्त्र?

Consider the pendulum of a grandfather clock. If you forget to wind it, you will eventually find the pendulum at rest, unmoving. However, this simple observation is only valid at the level of classical physics–the laws and principles that appear to explain the physics of relatively large objects at human scale. However, quantum mechanics, the underlying physical rules that govern the fundamental behavior of matter and light at the atomic scale, state that nothing can quite be completely at rest.

When scriptures of this land talk about quantum motions and asks to focus on it by chanting mantra and deity, we the modernist make fun of it and call it sheer stupidity! 😀

Do you remember यन्त्र?

Various Yantra
Various Yantra

In our schools, we teach age old classical physics and our so called educated young mind cannot see motion in motionless objects! 🙂 😀

Go one step ahead of capturing motion at quantum level. With powerful mind, you can control the motion!! And when you can control it, your body lives in eternally healthy state!

Seeing Quantum Motion


Quantum Motion
Quantum Motion

Researchers have known for years that in classical physics, physical objects indeed can be motionless. Drop a ball into a bowl, and it will roll back and forth a few times. Eventually, however, this motion will be overcome by other forces (such as gravity and friction), and the ball will come to a stop at the bottom of the bowl.

Vata Prakop : Cracked heels

PS: Young married couple: If you see any of Vata symptom in each other, treat it before you plan for progeny. This is to unnecessary avoid Vata as birth Prakruti.

Vayu Prakop - Normal in middle age
Vayu Prakop – Normal in middle age

Cracked heels (Benign Vipadika) is a symptom of Vata Prakop. Vipadika is a common disorder of skin which affects the people irrespective of age and sex. It is not limited to any particular class in the society. Its signs and symptoms according to charaka are pani pada sphutana and teevra vedana.

This used to be middle age symptom indicating gradual increase of Vata with aging. But now a days, I see college going youth suffering from this – Clear indication of untimely and early onset of aggravated Vata.

When it becomes prolonged or spread in entire body, we call it कुष्ठ / Leprosy.


1) Apply warm sesame oil or ghee cooked with turmeric and hareettaki.
2) Soak the feet in warm salt water daily for 5-10 mins
3) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric on cracks
4) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric + Triphala on cracks

The Alien Within: Fetus governs mother’s life : Never Ignore pregnant’s wish


Those coming from native traditions and are not yet brainwashed by global Abrahmic wave of consumerism inspired secularism, will confer with this.

Elders in family always tell that never ever disrespect pregnant mother and her wishes. Fulfill all of them unless you see them contraindicated (harmful and not good for specific month).

उपचारः प्रियहितैर्मर्त्रा भृत्यैश्च गर्भधृक्। – अष्टांगहृदय, शारीर स्थान

Third month onward, mother will start craving for different things, not limited to food items. It is job of a husband and family members to take care of them as long as they are safe for both mother and child. These cravings are from both mother and child.

Remember, being parent, you are mere instrumental in the wheel of creation. 🙂

Here is a wonderful research showing how fetus in the womb drives mother’s health, moods and emotions. Child in womb in fact take care of mother’s health!! Protects her!!

Dramatic research has shown that during pregnancy, cells of the fetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother’s body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health.

The presence of fetal cells in maternal tissue is known as fetal microchimerism. The term alludes to the chimeras of ancient Greek myth–composite creatures built from different animal parts, like the goat-lion-serpent depicted in an Etruscan bronze sculpture.

“Fetal cells can act as stem cells and develop into epithelial cells, specialized heart cells, liver cells and so forth. This shows that they are very dynamic and play a huge role in the maternal body. They can even migrate to the brain and differentiate into neurons,” Boddy says “We are all chimeras.”

Fetal cells may do more than simply migrate to maternal tissues. The authors suggest they can act as a sort of placenta outside the womb, redirecting essential assets from the maternal body to the developing fetus. Cells derived from the fetus–which can persist in maternal tissues for decades after a child is born–have been associated with both protection and increased susceptibility to a range of afflictions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Take care all would-be parents!! And never life under delusion that you actually have control over your life! We all, all lifeforms are connected and we are here to help each other!! 🙂


Fetal cells influence mom’s health during pregnancy — and long after

Dramatic research has shown that during pregnancy, cells of the fetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother’s body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health. Photo by: Jason Drees/Biodesign Institute
Dramatic research has shown that during pregnancy, cells of the fetus often migrate through the placenta, taking up residence in many areas of the mother’s body, where their influence may benefit or undermine maternal health. Photo by: Jason Drees/Biodesign Institute


Mother’s little helpers?

Although fetal microchimerism is a common occurrence across placental mammals (including humans), the effects of such cells on maternal health remain a topic of fierce debate in the biological community.

In research appearing in the advanced online edition of the journal Bioessays, Boddy and her colleagues review the available literature on fetal microchimerism and human health, applying an evolutionary framework to predict when fetal cells are inclined to act cooperatively to enhance maternal health and when their behavior is likely to be competitive, occasionally leading to adverse effects on the mother.

Fetal cells may do more than simply migrate to maternal tissues. The authors suggest they can act as a sort of placenta outside the womb, redirecting essential assets from the maternal body to the developing fetus. Cells derived from the fetus — which can persist in maternal tissues for decades after a child is born — have been associated with both protection and increased susceptibility to a range of afflictions, including cancer and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Cow Milk : Season driven changes


Every other day, I have to explain young friends that we don’t love our mother based on how much she fed us the breast milk. Similarly, mother soil or mother gau, must not be judged based on the yield. It is utterly sick world view. Abnormal and clearly against the dharma.

Milk quantity and quality changes with breed, season, terrain and care you provide to mother.So , for once and all, get rid of this pervert mentality to see Gau as milk machine.

When you are blessed by authentic raw cow milk, don’t try to compare it with milk from professional dairies. In Dairy, milk is homogenized, so you will get same quality every day. When you procure milk from Gau shala, quality changes every day, in all seasons!

Since आत्म विद्या, प्राण विद्या are not part of education, and many of us are not even exposed to introduction, it becomes difficult to understand how microbes work (Not that I know everything. I am still learning. )

Ethical Gau Shala takes care of calf
Ethical Gau Shala takes care of calf

Effectiveness of butter milk depends upon many factors. Source of milk, time of churning, season! Even two cows from same Gau shala will different quality based on their lactation cycle! So if you avail milk from Gau shala, it is very much possible that there will be variation in milk quality! It is natural to doubt variation if for last 20-30 years, you have drank dairy based milk! On the contrary – if there is same quality milk from Gau shala, you should doubt! 🙂  Essential solution is trust between you and Gau shala and frequent visits to Gau shala so that we can connect with Gau mata!

It is not religious fanaticism when I claim that desi zebu cattle’s milk is best probiotic food source, it is easily verifiable by modern scientific standards.

In this post (Real Milk vs Factory milk vs Vegan Alternatives), I shared how and why milk source matters.

Please note. Now, modern dairy science realize season driven changes in milk. Our festivals and deeply rooted life understand this as common sense and restrict milk usage in several patches of the year (I have shared here time to time).

We reduce milk usage by the end of summer and again make it regular by onset of शरद ऋतू.

Milk was never a primary reason we revere and worship cows.

Modern dairy science also misled (at least by advertisements) common mass by saying that pasteurization kills all microbes. Not true. Read paper to know more. They also set wrong standards by comparing milk quality by FAT %. Real nectar is not FAT % but type of fat and other minerals! (Which are lost in high heat dairy process!)

This paper also talks about how modern processes of transporting and processing milk changes microbes and fermented food (I shared it here at least twice why butter milk (छास) from market is different from home-made and why fermentation must happen at home).

While this paper talks sensibly, their end goals are still not right. 🙂

Read it. realize it.

The Core and Seasonal Microbiota of Raw Bovine Milk in Tanker Trucks and the Impact of Transfer to a Milk Processing Facility

“Raw milk harbors diverse bacteria that are crucial determinants of the quality and safety of fluid milk and (fermented) dairy products. These bacteria enter farm milk during transport, storage, and processing. Although pathogens are destroyed by pasteurization, not all bacteria and their associated enzymes are eliminated. Our comprehensive analyses of the bacterial composition of raw milk upon arrival and shortly after storage at major dairy processors showed that the communities of milk microbiota are highly diverse. Even with these differences, there was a core microbiota that exhibited distinct seasonal trends. Remarkably, the effects of the processing facility outweighed those of the raw milk microbiome and the microbial composition changed distinctly within some but not all silos within a short time after transfer. “

Seasonal variation in milk vitamin contents available for processing in Punjab, Pakistan

Seasonal variation in milk composition has attained core attention for consistent quality of dairy products at a global scale. Due to escalating scientific awareness, consumers are tracking toward nutritionally enhanced milk based functional products that have elevated their market demand. The current research was planned to evaluate localities and seasonal variation in fat, protein, lactose and vitamins (A, E, C) in milk (mix cow and buffalo milk) available for processing. The seasonal duration ranged from April 2008 to March 2009. The fat, protein and lactose contents of milk from all zones significantly varied throughout the season. Moreover, fat (5.4%) & protein (3.22%) contents were high in February, while maximum lactose content (6.26%) was observed in January. Additionally, minimum fat (4.3%), protein (2.3%) and lactose (4.93%) contents were observed in summer months. Highest vitamin C content (6.68 mg/100 g) of milk was recorded in February, whereas vitamin A (264.5 IU/100) and vitamin E (0.226 mg/100 g) were obtained in August and June, respectively. It was noted that vitamin A and E contents were high in August and subsequently declined till March. Conclusively, the current exploration proved helpful to analyze seasonal variation in milk composition with special reference to vitamins for consistent quality end products.

Milk Components: Understanding the Causes and Importance of Milk Fat and Protein Variation in Your Dairy Herd


Season vs Milk Fat
Season vs Milk Fat
Level of fat and protein varies across herds and seasonally. Ranges represent one standard deviation above and below the average. The solid line in the center of each range indicates the average for that month. For the three years studied, milk fat% averaged 3.76 ± 0.32 (blue), and milk protein% averaged 3.05 ± 0.19 (orange). (Bailey et al., 2005).

Season dramatically affects milk fat and protein (refer to Figure 1). The hot, humid months (July and August in the northeast) depress fat and protein content. There is a gradual increase of protein and fat in milk through the fall and peak levels occur in the colder months of winter. As temperatures increase through the spring, component levels are gradually decreased. These changes may be indicative of feed intake patterns, which are lower in summer due to changes in weather and temperature.

Effect of season of birth on milk, fat, and protein production of Israeli Holsteins.

The effects of birth month on production of milk, fat, and protein and percentages of fat and protein were analyzed based on production records of 101,653 first parity, 77,541 second parity, and 51,856 third parity Israeli Holstein cows. Each parity was analyzed separately. The analysis model also included the effects of herd-year, DIM, calving age, and calving month. First parity Type III sums of squares for birth month were nearly as large as those for calving month but decreased for later parities. Similar results were obtained using multiplicative models in which the dependent variables were the logarithms of the production traits. The effects of calving month and birth month were not similar, but birth month had similar effects for milk, fat, and protein production. Production was lowest by cows born in the early spring and highest by cows born in the fall. Analyses of the log-transformed traits showed that the F values for calving month were greater than, and the F values for birth month were nearly identical to, the F values for the untransformed trait analyses. The physiological basis for these trends was not clear.

Desi cow is is कामधेनु! do you know what is the meaning of कामधेनु?


श्रियः प्रदुग्धे विपदो रुणद्धि
यशांसि सूते मलिनं प्रमार्ष्टि ।
संस्कारशौचेन परं पुनीते
शुद्धा हि वुद्धिः किल कामधेनुः ॥

शुद्ध बुद्धि सचमुच कामधेनु है, क्यों कि वह संपत्ति को दोहती है, विपत्ति को रुकाती है, यश दिलाती है, मलिनता धो देती है, और संस्काररुप पावित्र्य द्वारा अन्य को पावन करती है ।

Like knowledge, mother helps us by preventing difficult situations and purifying our environment (both internal body and external)

Think beyond FAT % while doing Gau seva and receiving Prasad (milk)

Hooked on Headphones? Gandharva Chitt: Elevated vata : Lifelong impairments

Obsession for Chaotic music - Vata Symptoms
Obsession for Chaotic music – Vata Symptoms

Everyone loves music. It is our natural inborn liking. It is representation of our वात element. Moderate listening is good for health. But when someone is having obsession of listening music day and night, it is called गान्धर्व चित्त. Symptom of elevated वात. On top of it, if someone is having obsession of listening cacophony (A loud harsh music of current times), it is surely a symptom of derangement of वात.

Listening music while running? Elevated Vata
Listening music while running? Elevated Vata

On the other hand, if you sense your kid is having Vata heavy prakruti, experiment music training. He or she may become great musician.

Research – What modern science says?

Earbuds obsession?
Earbuds obsession?

Broadened Population-Level Frequency Tuning in Human Auditory Cortex of Portable Music Player Users

High-volume portable music players may impair ability to clearly discriminate sounds


Growing numbers of people enjoy listening to music on portable music players or cell phones, and many tend to turn up the volume, especially in noisy surroundings.

Nowadays, many people use portable players to enrich their daily life with enjoyable music. However, in noisy environments, the player volume is often set to extremely high levels in order to drown out the intense ambient noise and satisfy the appetite for music. Extensive and inappropriate usage of portable music players might cause subtle damages in the auditory system, which are not behaviorally detectable in an early stage of the hearing impairment progress.

Our conclusion is that extensive and inadequate usage of portable music players could cause subtle damages, which standard behavioral audiometric measures fail to detect in an early stage. However, these damages could lead to future irreversible hearing disorders, which would have a huge negative impact on the quality of life of those affected, and the society as a whole.

Hooked on Headphones? Personal Listening Devices Can Harm Hearing

Personal listening devices like iPods have become increasingly popular among young — and not-so-young — people in recent years. But music played through headphones too loud or too long might pose a significant risk to hearing, according to a 24-year study of adolescent girls.

The study, which appears online in theJournal of Adolescent Health, involved 8,710 girls of lower socioeconomic status, whose average age was about 16. They underwent hearing tests when they entered a residential facility in the U.S Northeast.

“I had the rare opportunity, as an audiologist, to see how this population changed over the years,” said Abbey Berg, Ph.D., lead study author and a professor in the Department of Biology & Health Sciences at Pace University in New York.

In this period, high-frequency hearing loss — a common casualty of excessive noise exposure — nearly doubled, from 10.1 percent in 1985 to 19.2 percent in 2008, she found.

Today’s teenagers could become prematurely hearing-impaired, study warns

Tinnitus, often a symptom of hearing loss, can result from constant use of earphones and frequenting very noisy places

Recent neuroscience research suggests that tinnitus may reflect synaptic loss in the cochlea that does not express in the audiogram but leads to neural changes in auditory pathways that reduce sound level tolerance (SLT). Adolescents (N = 170) completed a questionnaire addressing their prior experience with tinnitus, potentially risky listening habits, and sensitivity to ordinary sounds, followed by psychoacoustic measurements in a sound booth. Among all adolescents 54.7% reported by questionnaire that they had previously experienced tinnitus, while 28.8% heard tinnitus in the booth. Psychoacoustic properties of tinnitus measured in the sound booth corresponded with those of chronic adult tinnitus sufferers. Neither hearing thresholds (≤15 dB HL to 16 kHz) nor otoacoustic emissions discriminated between adolescents reporting or not reporting tinnitus in the sound booth, but loudness discomfort levels (a psychoacoustic measure of SLT) did so, averaging 11.3 dB lower in adolescents experiencing tinnitus in the acoustic chamber. Although risky listening habits were near universal, the teenagers experiencing tinnitus and reduced SLT tended to be more protective of their hearing. Tinnitus and reduced SLT could be early indications of a vulnerability to hidden synaptic injury that is prevalent among adolescents and expressed following exposure to high level environmental sounds.

Going to the gym shouldn’t be a workout for your eardrums


Listening to an iPod while working out feels like second nature to many people, but University of Alberta researcher Bill Hodgetts says we need to consider the volume levels in our earphones while working up a sweat.

Hodgetts, assistant professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, says his research has found that exercising in a gym often prompts people to turn up the volume to potentially unsafe levels for the ear.

The researcher found that the study participants, who were in a gym-like setting, listened at potentially dangerous levels while working out, likely due to the presence of background noise. But he says it isn’t the listening level alone that’s risky, it’s how long a person listens at that level. What Hodgetts found is that almost half of his study participants listened for a length of time during exercise that put them at risk for hearing loss.

Draupadi : Highly misunderstood devi

Draupadi >

Pick up any contemporary work on Mahabharata and you will find trivial depiction of Draupadi. More than anything else, her sex life is discussed. Her vastra-haran is trivialized by creating visuals.

This happens when society revere and appreciates मूढ अधार्मिक intellectuals.

Titles like “Chief of Army staff” or “Chief of Naval Staff” or “Chief Surgeon” are earned by hard work and exhibition of finest skills. At least, during the time of Mahabharata, they were never bought!
So when you see this विशेषण against someone’s name, you can realize the value person carries for society and nation.
Draupadi was given following titles.
तपोघोरव्रता – intense ब्रह्मचर्य!
सत्यवादिनी – The one who always speaks truth
Is it not blatant insult to the might character when we trivialize (or support her trivialization by not raising voice against evil Bollywood/Media doing her character assassination) her life?
Just focus on these two words and see where your stand: तपोघोरव्रता , सत्यवादिनी
Society will self-respect would never commit suicide by trivilizing इतिहास & ऐतिहसिक् चरित्र|

First of all, translations from Sanskrit or any other folklore tales to Hindi and then into English is highly vulnerable to misinterpretation and misrepresentation.

Second, any characterization of Draupadi based on literal translation of popular polyandry metaphor is not only misleading but tomfoolery and can only help in intellectual pleasure(Debate/Discussion/Lucid writing/pastime) which nullifies purpose of writing epic i.e. to show mirror to society and bring them towards dharmic way of living.

Draupadi is from that characters brigade, whose Krishna is member, and who has satisfied creative-hunger of many new-age literary writers. Majority of them writes spiritually distasteful, factually incorrect, single lensed, half-baked imagination for reader’s imaginary pleasure (where sexual imagination attracts maximum readers).

Let me share only one example which is enough to describe true Draupadi.

In Udyoga parva, when Krishna’s peace treaty failed and Krishna left the House of Representatives, Drona warned Kauravas that are you really trying to win Pandava who are protected by Draupadi’s austerities?

द्रौपदी यस्य चाशास्ते विजयं सत्यवादिनी ।
तपोघोरव्रता देवी कथं जेष्यसि पाण्डवम् ।।||

तपोघोरव्रता – intense ब्रह्मचर्य!
सत्यवादिनी – The one who always speaks truth

“How can you vanquish the son of Pandu, when Draupadi who is truthful in speech and devoted to rigid vows and austerities, prays for his success?”

Not only meanings of words like धर्मज्ञा, सत्यवादिनी and देवी, which are used for Draupadi on different occasions by different persons, are difficult to imagine in 21st century but also it is impossible to imagine towering character like Draupadi in our times when fanciful, delusional and bubbling writers are engaged in imaginary sexual acts.

Draupadi is solution for present day female-freedom conundrum/confusion, provided we shift and raise our intellectual eyebrows from sexual/polyandry imagination of her and try to re-portray her character afresh with new outlook.

Are you ready to live like धर्मज्ञा, सत्यवादिनी and देवी? lol ..ignore, forget it.

PS: Draupadi’s birth was by emergence. So does Sita’s birth. One from sacred fire, another from sacred Bhu (Soil).

They on metaphysical plane, represent basic elements. Elements when disrobed by Asuri power centers, Vishnu protects her.

All elements are at risk including Draupadi and Sita by Asuri power. We need to kindle Vishnu among our hearts to protect them.

Remember: Itihas (Ramayana and Mahabharata) kept moral values alive on this land since time immemorial. They play critical role in maintaining dharma-fabric in society. It is your job to pass on the torch to the next generation. Don’t miss your duty.

Avatar ,his trivialized version and mass impact

draupadi-vastra-haran Img src:

During his last tenure as Shri Krishna, he fought tirelessly against all adharmic elements of Society.

When everyone kept mum during draupadi vastraharan, some under the influence of adharma and some under the influence of pseudo-dharma, he took the side of dharma and protected Draupadi.

When King of Aasaam (कामरूप desh) ceaselessly captured woman-folk from citizens and exploited them, beloved Krishan attacked him and released 16000 Mahilas and gave them state protection.

Unfortunately, both these episodes are understood in wrong and/or diluted spirit by majority of us.

Trivialization of Itihas Img src:
Trivialization of Itihas
Img src:

Now, when you allow to en-cash these episodes by modern evil forces as per modern life, you not only create cognitive dissonance which is fatal for society in the long run, you also trivialize essential lessons i.e. protection of women folk.

Trivial and petty selfish depiction by tearing apart morals associated with events, we not only do injustice to Avatar and his work but also spit venom of insults against one of the mightiest character i.e. Draupadi

Majority of mass will rely on symbols and archtypes to follow ideals in life. These symbols used for eternal and alive God(s), Deva(s), Devi(s) are shared with them since childhood by visual and auditory perceptions. Stories, Bhajans, songs, drama etc.

Now when these Asuric mass mediums derail them and shamelessly replace with modern depictions, mass is under tremendous subconscious cognitive dissonance. The storm is so powerful that they slowly disconnect from the roots. A major loss for society. Loss because, self-realization path for majority is derailed.

Once self-realization is hampered, expect chaos everywhere.

Provide immunity to your family from such Asuric forces.

This my stand for all popular mediums spreading mockery about Hindu deities.

If you can protect and respect Mahila, you are entitled for celebrating Krishna-Janm. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t be a fake if you are timid sheep of the herd.

Choice is yours. Living life like an insect who will turn everything into gossip and trivia or the one with self-respect and strength. What state of society we want?

Agni in Ayurveda – 1


[ As I described in this ( Prana – ultimate medicine ) note that , if we have control over प्राणमय कोश, and not attachment with gross body (अन्नमय कोष) , it is not difficult to manage disease-free life as प्राण is the ultimate भेषज (medicine). Since it is not possible without practice and sadhana, we must try to understand अन्नमय sharir. Well-being of अन्नमय कोष depends upon digestion process. GUT is the center for sthul/gross body. For that, understanding fire is important. As I learn and realize, I will share notes on fire in this series of notes. ]

Fire (external) reflects fire (internal)
Fire (external) reflects fire (internal)

In Ayurved, Agni is one of the important factors which is required to be examined before initiating the treatment of a patient. The role of agni in the animal body is very much emphasized in Ayurved. It is stated that all internal diseases are caused by the vitiation of this agni and this is the pivot round which the remaining factors responsible for the maintenance of health and causation of diseases as well as decay revolve.

In Ayurved, human body is considered as a replica of the universe; whatever is available in the universe they are all represented in the human body, may be in a modified form. The physical agni (fire) is directly linked up with the biological agni inside the human body.

It is, impossible to explain or comprehend the biological phenomena described in Ayurveda without having a good background of the material objects enunciated in these ancient philosophical works. In fact a rational explanation of various aspects of agni can better be provided if its relation with physical agni is elucidated.

Agni in Ayurveda is described as pitta of the system [1]. Since Agni is described in terms of pitta, it is important to know, what does pitta mean?

पित्त is derived from the root तप. ‘तप संतापे’ धातु से कृदन्त विहित प्रत्यय द्वारा ‘तपति इति पित्तं’. The one that generates heat. The one that burns. This term has three meanings associated with it.

  1. तप संदाहे – Burning of nutrition consumed
  2. तप ऐश्वर्ये – a substance which endows auspiciousness
  3. तप संतापे – Generation of heat

Since Pitta performs fire life actions, it is described as Agni in Ayurveda. Some of the functions associated with Pitta are: Splitting food, burning, combustion, oxidation, heat production, conversion. In short, Pitta digest the food and transform it into various active body tissues.

There is a saying in Ayurveda that a person is as old as his or her agni. Krushn, Bhishma and Arjun at battleground, are shining examples of powerful Agni.

Charaka Samhita describes:

“The span of life, health, immunity, energy, metabolism, complexion, strength, enthusiasm, luster, and the vital breath are all dependent on agni (bodily fire). One lives a long healthy life if it is functioning properly, becomes sick if it is deranged, or dies if this fire is extinguished. Proper nourishment of the body, dhatus, ojas, etc., depends upon the proper functioning of agni in digestion.

“The five types of agni, corresponding to ether, air, fire, water, and earth, digest the respective components of the food.… In this way, balanced agni cooks the appropriately chosen and timely consumed food, and leads to promotion of health.…

“Agni is necessary for the normal process of digestion, and the subtle energy of agni transforms the lifeless molecules of food, water, and air into the consciousness of the cell.”

Start your day by worshiping eternal fire. Remember and re-iterate your worship through-out the day. Popular word for this worship is Sandhya.

Fire is the reason of existence
Fire is the reason of existence

More in second part.

[1] मरीचिरुवाच अग्निरेव शरीरे पित्तान्तर्गतः कुपिताकुपितः शुभाशुभानि करोति – चसं-१,१२.११


Sleeping Krishna
Sleeping Krishna
Lord Vishnu At Rest
Lord Vishnu At Rest
Bal Krishna at rest in lateral position
Bal Krishna at rest in lateral position

The brain’s glymphatic pathway clears harmful wastes, especially during sleep. This lateral position could prove to be the best position for the brain-waste clearance process.


In our local culture (which many of my educated friends with being modern arrogance consider primitive), the word is वामकुक्षी. Sleeping on the left side.


Thanks to our hyper-modern life, we hardly rest in this position after afternoon meal. So toxins level in body builds up. For some, they invite infection, for others, it becomes clog in the artery…and the sickness saga continues.

Respect local cultural habits. Follow them blindly! 🙂 Keep aside your being-educated arrogance.


Sleeping in later position: Image Credit :
Sleeping in later position: Image Credit :


Sleeping in the lateral, or side position, as compared to sleeping on one’s back or stomach, may more effectively remove brain waste and prove to be an important practice to help reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases, according to researchers at Stony Brook University.

“The analysis showed us consistently that glymphatic transport was most efficient in the lateral position when compared to the supine or prone positions,” said Dr. Benveniste. “Because of this finding, we propose that the body posture and sleep quality should be considered when standardizing future diagnostic imaging procedures to assess CSF-ISF transport in humans and therefore the assessment of the clearance of damaging brain proteins that may contribute to or cause brain diseases.”

Is Modern living leading to a ‘hidden epidemic’ of neurological disease?

Modern Life Img src >> <<
Modern Life
Img src >> <<

Yes! Admit it! Your present artificial life is varied degree of neurosis!

Wise and peaceful world cannot emerge from modern western life style. Never.

Wake up. Listen to our future generations, those already born and those yet to take birth. They all want us to stop gifting them breeding environment of mental and physical disorders.


Is modern living leading to a hidden epidemic of neurological disease?

The nature of any environmental factors are uncertain but there have been major environmental changes; including increased population, economic activity, substantial rises in road and air travel; increased home technology involving background electromagnetic fields (mobile phones, microwave ovens, computers), which are unique to these later years and these possible environmental factors cannot be ignored, especially as they probably interact.[ 6 10 27 28 33 ] This list of possible features might be described as “modern living” and the USA is the epitome of “modern living.”

Published in the USA journal Surgical Neurology International the study compared 21 Western countries between 1989 and 2010 and found that dementias are starting a decade earlier than they used to in adults.

Furthermore deaths caused by neurological disease have risen significantly in adults aged 55-74, and for adults 75+ the rate has virtually doubled in every Western country in just the last 20 years.

In the US, the problem is particularly acute; neurological deaths in male over 75s have nearly trebled and females rose more than five-fold.

For the first time since records began, more elderly US women died of brain disease than cancer.

Professor Colin Pritchard of Bournemouth University led the study said “The rate of increase in such a short time suggests a silent or even a `hidden’ epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just ageing. Modern living produces multi-interactional environmental pollution but the changes in human morbidity, including neurological disease is remarkable and points to environmental influences”.

Professor Prichard continued, “Furthermore are the practical implications for families trying to cope as front-line services are being swamped. For example, the remarkable increase in Motor Neurone Disease in the UK, as well as the earlier dementias. Exemplified in a new charity `Young Dementia UK, who report that many of their clients are in their late 40’s and early 50’s- something unthinkable twenty years ago”

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