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DHA and brain : Breast Milk, Ghee vs other sources : Role of Prana


Breast milk is brain food : Role of Prana

Breastfed impact
Breastfed impact

Many friends feel hammering by my repeat posts on same subjects. What I am trying is, showing importance of critical life factors by different angles.

Breast feed is one such critical point in national interest. It is fundamentally game changer for future of the Nation. It can lay strong foundation for the future.

One more post on it:

You are what you eat, the saying goes, and now a study conducted by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh suggests that the oft-repeated adage applies not just to physical health but to brain power as well.

Amount of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in a mother’s milk — fats found primarily in certain fish, nuts and seeds — is the strongest predictor of test performance.

Another rich source of DHA is Ghee prepared using traditional churning method from ethically procured desi Gau milk. This is the reason why pregnant mothers in rural India are given lots of ghee during last trimester ( because of high demand of DHA in womb while brain formation is going on)

Yes, there will be argument that vegetables, fruits and nuts too have DHA. Agreed. But we forget that tradeoff related to digestion process. It is always less burden for growing kids’ digestion system to digest Ghee than nuts. You cannot give nuts to kids and toddlers in large amount. I do not deny other foods but it is always good to have ghee (Of course not the one available in your supermarket! It is the worse of a kind and so much violence involved!)

We should observe subtle difference in different DHA food.

1) Mother’s milk 2) Ghee 3) Fish

4) Vegetable 5) Fruits 6) Nuts

Why mother’s milk is best? (And so ghee)

Because DHA in breast milk is digested DHA. It has already gone through mother’s digestion. It is nurtured by mother’s love and Prana shakti (Well, modern rationalists and doctors do not believe in Prana – but they do prescribe pranayama 😛 😀 – poor guys!)

So mother’s milk is full of prana shakti – so do DHA in it!

Anything full of prana shakti is accepted and digested by body easily. And it is less burden for toddlers. Toddlers nursed by mothers for long never suffer from indigestion! This is the reason!

Same is applied to ghee. In case ghee, along with Maa Gau, extra churning is performed by family members (So it is always good to eat ghee churned by known family member or kind hearted Gau palak). The one from market is dead processed by machine – not worth for our digestion.

4)5) – They are great if we intake them fresh. When they are fresh from farm, they are full of prana shakti. But in urban setup, We receive all stale items. Stored in warehouses under chemical treatment. Prana is dead. So they and all nutrition (including DHA) are difficult to digest by body.. 6) is full of prana and good. Only issue is, they are not so much full of prana (As dead) that they become difficult to digest.


Breast milk is brain food

Docosahexaenoic acid content is significantly higher in ghrita prepared by traditional Ayurvedic method


Ghee (clarified butter) also known as ghrita, has been utilized for thousands of years in Ayurveda. Ghee is mostly prepared by traditional method in Indian households or by direct cream method at industry level. Ayurvedic classics mention that ghrita made from cow milk is superior. However, there is no scientific comparison available on preparation methods and essential fatty acids content of ghrita.


To investigate fatty acid composition of ghrita prepared by traditional/Ayurvedic method and commercial method (direct cream method).

Materials and Methods:

Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) extracted from ghrita samples were analysed on Gas Chromatography (GC) Shimadzu B using capillary column BPX70 (0.32 mm*60 m, ID of 0.25 mm). The fatty acids in the samples were identified by comparing peaks with the external standard 68A (Nu-Chek-Prep, Inc.USA). Significant differences between the experimental groups were assessed by analysis of variance.


Distribution of fatty acids was compared in ghrita samples prepared by traditional method and direct cream method which is commercially used. Saturated fatty acids were predominant in both the groups. Mono unsaturated fatty acids and poly unsaturated fatty acids were in the range of 17-18% and 3-6% respectively. DHA content was significantly higher in ghee prepared by traditional method using curd starter fermentation.


The findings suggested that ghrita prepared by traditional ayurvedic methods contains higher amount of DHA; Omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is a major component of retinal and brain tissues and remains important in prevention of various diseases.

The Cholesterol Phobia

Stress / Body posture link to cholesterol level
Stress / Body posture link to cholesterol level

It is just recently, revealed that , scientists during 1960s took bribe from Sugar industry to glorify role of Cholesterol over Sugar as prime factor behind increasing number of Cardiovascular illnesses.

I wrote this note 3 years back when a young friend was advised to start statins based on lab reports!

Cholesterol is perhaps the most misunderstood and wrongly maligned biological molecule in existence. Our brains (when they are well-formed) are largely cholesterol. Infants who don’t get enough cholesterol in their diets during the first years when their brains are developing risk a loss of cognitive function.

Our hormones are made of cholesterol, our cell membranes are protected from free-radical attack by cholesterol, and our body heals itself using cholesterol. If we don’t make quite enough, and we don’t eat very much, we risk running short. Fear of cholesterol is truly unwise.

Why blame this innocent and friendly substance when the fault is in our living? There are many reasons why serum cholesterol levels are higher in some people than in others. Some reasons are related to genetics, and some are related to things like increased cholesterol production in response to increased stress.

Break popular medical dogmas and respect essential body nutrients. This myth was created to sell more varieties of oils. Canola, Olive, Sunflower and what not! All dangerous for body in refined form and still we buy it in name of health!

As I indicated, major reason for increased level of cholesterol in relatively healthy and young person is not just food intake but stress. There is good evidence to show that stress can increase a person’s heart rate, lower the immune system’s ability to fight colds and increase certain inflammatory markers but can stress also raise a person’s cholesterol? It appears so for some people, according to a new study that examines how reactions to stress over a period of time can raise a person’s lipid levels. [1][2]

Even bad body posture contributes to increased level of cholesterol. [3]


Curb your stress, control bad cholesterol. Relax! Enjoy life! Be moderate in your emotional responses! Don’t remain in excited (positive / negative) state for long! Take breaks between work hrs!

In 1947, avg vegetable oil consumption per middle to upper middle class family was 3 ltr per year. What is ours? Curb it! Especially refined packaged and processed oil sources! Go for pure and desi cow ghee as replacement. Find man-operated oil mills and have unrefined oil. Go for coconut oil. If confused by too many oil options, go for oil crop common to your area.

ZERO TOLERANCE for FAST FOOD! Limited outside food!

Body posture! How do you seat at work? How do watch TV? How long you remain in bad posture in 24 hrs? Go figure it out and correct it!

Cholesterol is not BAD, our habits are! Our food choices are! Our living is!



There’s No Such Thing As ‘Good Cholesterol’ Says Pivotal New Study

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat


Season Driven Life : Welcome Sharad : Season of epidemics


As I always say, modern healthcare is not way pro-patient. It is pro-business. (I am not talking about some genuine people but about system)

Every year in this season, pro-business administrators in health ministry and medical industry, exploits citizens by creating fear about Dengue and Swine Flu.

Epidemics during Sept-Oct in tropical region is not new thing. It has been going on for long. Only illnesses have changed based on the amount of rain and heat of Sharad Ritu and how much care is taken to keep pancha-mahabhut pure (internal body as well as environment).

There was spell of 40 years (between 1896 to 1936), when Western India was afflicted by plague every year October! Can you imagine? Same is the story of dengue and chikenguniya now! This is season of epidemics!

Mother Nature is so loving. She shares all her त्रिकालज्ञान by plenty of signs. Not only that, she also prepares us for upcoming seasonal catastrophe. So much wisdom if we just spend life with her and learn from her nurturing!

रोगाणाम शारदि माता (Season Sharad is mother of all disease) – Current season (from 14th Sept) is known as season of epidemics. It is season when Mother Nature prefers to balance the population.
End of monsoon, humid & hot – perfect setup for pathogens to expand their rule.

If you just follow the routine guided by Mother Nature for Sharad Ritu, you will be just fine! 🙂

Sharad Ritu : Importance of night
Sharad Ritu : Importance of night

रात्रि विहार is best for health. Avoid exercise in afternoon (or after 7 am). Not even in Gym. 🙂

Sharad Ritu. Surya Bhagwan is in form of Vivasvan & Tvashtha. Fierce form. Scorching heat. Rising Pitta Prakop and subduing Vata Prakop. Time to alter food regime.

All night festivals. Navratri. Sharad Purnima. Diwali.

Time to resume milk based food and mithai (except butter milk). Time to eat more sweet so that pitta remains in control. Bitter and pungent food along with sweet.

Best wishes and prayers for everyone’s good health. More on Sharad as time progresses.


Research: Sound waves control brain cells


In newborn and infants, I observed with my pediatrician friend that, noise pollution affects immunity and keeps child immuno-compromised, led to frequent episodes of viral infections.

Chanting is a timeless method for changing self. In fact, based on innate Prakriti, different mantra used to be given to disciples by Guru(s). We have such developed state of science.

Gayatri Japa
Gayatri Japa

1) Mantra, Japa, chanting is not some primitive superstition. Sound whether generated from body or outside does create impact. Type of music you listen, for how long you listen..all matters. 🙂 

The japa of Divine Name or Mantras has been an integral part of all modes of worship or prayer in every religion – be it Hindu, Sikh, Islam, Buddhist, Christian, Tao, Bahai, etc. As the specific pattern of controlled wind-flow through the holes of a flute produces specific sonorous tune, likewise, the vibrations induced by the repeated rhythmic chanting of a specific mantra generate specific pulsation of praña and stimulate the extrasensory energy nuclei in the body accordingly. The japa- sadhana of mantras is therefore practiced to educe supernatural talents and potentials.

From Scientific Basis of Gayatri  Mantra Japa

The entire Vedic Literature and the sages and savants of the shastric scriptures have given paramount importance to the Gayatri Mantra and have discussed in detail the methods of the japa and sadhana of this great mantra. There is no scripture, which does not sing paeans of the preeminent benefits and supramental effects of this mantra that encompass the personal, global and the cosmic realms of existence. It is said that even if one performs the japa and dhyan (meditation) of this mantra with fervent faith without going through all the prescribed ascetic disciplines of higher-level sadhanas, he attains all the blessings and boons of this mantra.

Not only the immanent inspirations and the marvellous configuration of specific syllables and sonic patterns, the psychological and spiritual core of this Vedic Mantra is also so sound that it appears to be founded on profound scientific basis. Let us look at some of these aspects to understand the impact of its japa. The amazing structure, functions and complexity of the human body has been the center of deep attention for thousands of scientists, biologists, anatomists and physiologists since long.

Still a lot remains unknown, especially the body is fine network of nerves, molecular functions, endocrine system and the brain. In comparison, what has been experienced and known about the human body and brain by rigorous yoga-sadhanas seems to be more thorough and significant. In the deep state of trance through devout yoga sadhanas, the Rishis, the yogis of the Vedic times, had found this body a miniature reflection of the entire cosmos, as mentioned in the quote – “Yat Brahmande Tat Pinde”.

The extrasensory components like the sat cakras, upatyikas and the marvellous nerve network hidden in it are found to be like nuclei and canals of cosmic energy. Having the model of the limitless cosmos in its small structure makes the human body the supreme creation in the physical manifestation of Nature. Japa-sadhana is a scientific method devised by the Rishis to activate the extrasensory energy centers within to facilitate the sublime flow of vital spiritual currents in this majestic living system. The japa of Divine Name or Mantras has been an integral part of all modes of worship or prayer in every religion be it Hindu, Sikh, Islam, Buddhist, Christian, Tao, Bahai, etc. As the specific pattern of controlled wind-flow through the holes of a flute produces specific sonorous tune, likewise, the vibrations induced by the repeated rhythmic chanting of a specific mantra generate specific pulsation of prana and stimulate the extrasensory energy nuclei in the body accordingly.

The japa- sadhana of mantras is therefore practiced to educe supernatural talents and potentials. The preeminence of the japa of Gayatri Mantra lies in its unique intellectual, emotional and spiritual effects in addition to other soul-elevating effects of mantra-japa. This mantra contains the essence of divine knowledge and wisdom. Even its literal translation implies a prayer for the refinement and illumination of our mind and intellect and for well-being of the world. This is why the Vedic Rishis revered Gayatri as  Vedmata, Devamata and Vishwamata (the origin of the Vedas, the Mother of godly-beings and the Mother of the whole world respectively). Not only the Hindu religion, but also the follower of other religions and paths of spiritual seeking revere this sacred mantra.

2) Living in chaotic city does impact our ability to execute thoughts in actions.

Here is the research confirming it.

In first, Salk scientists use sound waves to control brain cells


Salk scientists have developed a new way to selectively activate brain, heart, muscle and other cells using ultrasonic waves. The new technique, dubbed sonogenetics, has some similarities to the burgeoning use of light to activate cells in order to better understand the brain.

This new method–which uses the same type of waves used in medical sonograms–may have advantages over the light-based approach–known as optogenetics–particularly when it comes to adapting the technology to human therapeutics. It was described September 15, 2015 in the journal Nature Communications.

“Light-based techniques are great for some uses and I think we’re going to continue to see developments on that front,” says Sreekanth Chalasani, an assistant professor in Salk’s Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory and senior author of the study. “But this is a new, additional tool to manipulate neurons and other cells in the body.”

In optogenetics, researchers add light-sensitive channel proteins to neurons they wish to study. By shining a focused laser on the cells, they can selectively open these channels, either activating or silencing the target neurons. But using an optogenetics approach on cells deep in the brain is difficult: typically, researchers have to perform surgery to implant a fiber optic cable that can reach the cells. Plus, light is scattered by the brain and by other tissues in the body.

Sonogenetics is a non-invasive approach to activating neurons in Caenorhabditis elegans

A major challenge in neuroscience is to reliably activate individual neurons, particularly those in deeper brain regions. Current optogenetic approaches require invasive surgical procedures to deliver light of specific wavelengths to target cells to activate or silence them. Here, we demonstrate the use of low-pressure ultrasound as a non-invasive trigger to activate specific ultrasonically sensitized neurons in the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans. We first show that wild-type animals are insensitive to low-pressure ultrasound and require gas-filled microbubbles to transduce the ultrasound wave. We find that neuron-specific misexpression of TRP-4, the pore-forming subunit of a mechanotransduction channel, sensitizes neurons to ultrasound stimulus, resulting in behavioural outputs. Furthermore, we use this approach to manipulate the function of sensory neurons and interneurons and identify a role for PVD sensory neurons in modifying locomotory behaviours. We suggest that this method can be broadly applied to manipulate cellular functions in vivo.

Signs of Lazy Family


While movies and news spread mental perversion, ads in between make the viewer lazy (physical perverts).

Lazy family is as good as no family. No family = Slaves. If family cannot cook for self, they are good for nothing for being together. 😛

Check some of the early mind viruses of modern humans responsible for lazy families.

What happened to American families in 1950s, is happening to Indian families lately.

Transformation of American families into Lazy Family
Transformation of American families into Lazy Family
Transformation of American families into Lazy Family
Transformation of American families into Lazy Family

Who is transforming Indian families? The paid puppets of Bollywood!

Making of Lazy Family
Making of Lazy Family

Food: Instant and fast, Why?


The idea of instant food was not invented by popular American cartoon family, The Jetsons who used to eat mere pills as food, but it is an inevitable fantasy in a culture desperate to do everything faster.

One by one, upper class to higher middle class to villagers, to bottom of the pyramid, we are slowly being conditioned to change our food habits, forced to adapt “gobble, gulp and go.” culture. German philosopher, Ludwig Feuerbach said in 19th century that ‘We are what we eat.’ And so root cause of majority societal problems is, life style in general and eating habits in particular.

Today, most meals are little more than refuelling pit stops. Instead of sitting down with family or friends, we often eat solo, on the move or while doing something else—working, driving, reading the newspaper, surfing the Net. When families do eat together, it is often at fast-food joints like McDonald’s, where the average meal lasts eleven minutes.

The acceleration at the table is mirrored on the farm. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides, intensive feeding, antibiotic digestive enhancers, growth hormones, rigorous breeding, genetic modification—every scientific trick known to man has been deployed to cut costs, boost yields and make livestock and crops grow more quickly.

Our उत्सवs are varied and so frequent in nature. There is special food item associated with each major उत्सव. This food is indication of food habit change as per season.

What I have observed it, Indians now celebrate major festivals like Diwali,Navratri,Uttarayan with more fanfare but with major flaw and that is synthetic unification of ways and means of celebration.

Festival -> Fire crackers -> DJ party -> Fast food

Thats it! No variation, no change! What a miserable way of celebration!

How can someone eat same food in all seasons? 🙂 Isn’t it against the Natural tendency of body? And we(we= society) complain about diseases 🙂

If it is winter, body has special needs. In monsoon and summer as well.

Do not forget that, this is the same land where once taking meal was considered as divine ritual. Days are not far when we will have to return back to roots, out of sheer uninvited intolerable misery in lives of billions.
Eating is ritual. Go slow, enjoy, and say big THANKS to all who participated in presenting food dish to you, from farmer, to Nature to cook. If you can’t offer prayer due to your delusional modern and global attitude, at least say THANKS to cook!

Myth: Indians had shorter life span (Despite Ayurveda)


When I share various glorious aspects of Ayurveda and how it can help us strengthen life and slow down aging, I often get rational taunt.

“If Ayurveda is so superb, why were Indians dying early before independence? Life expectancy in India is estimated to have gone up from 31 years in 1947 to 64 years in 2005.”

Many Indians influenced by British accounts of life span in India, claim that why mortality was high and life span was low in land of Ayurveda?

Freedom and life span
Freedom and life span

This is answer for them. स्वतंत्रता quotient decides longevity. How free you are? How free our society is? Whales in Sea world lives for 10-15 years. Whales in free sea lives for 100+ years.

Why life span of Indians is considerably short?

पश्येम शरद: शतं, जीवेम शरद: शतं, श्रृणुयाम शरद:
शतं, प्र ब्रावाम शरद: शतमदीना: स्याम शरद: शतं भूयश्च शरद: शतात्।
-यजुर्वेद (36।24)

हम सौ वर्ष तक देखें, सौ वर्ष तक जीवित रहें, सौ वर्ष तक सुनें, सौ वर्ष तक अच्छी प्रकार बोलें, सौ वर्ष तक पूर्णतया अ-दीन होकर रहें और सौ वर्ष से अधिक भी।

There is important concluding remark related to 100 years life span.

It is critical to live self-supporting (ख़ुदमुख़्तार, स्वतंत्र, स्वावलंबी) life. Long life is possible when you strive to live self-reliant life. For last 1200 years and more, large population of Bharat lived as slave. Slaves live short life.

Elephants born into stressful situations have fewer offspring and age faster, researchers at the University of Sheffield have found.

So, this shorter life span is blanket blame on Ayurveda. But for such irrational taunts, here is the answer.


“Scientists discovered that Asian elephants born during times when their mothers experience highest stress levels produce significantly fewer offspring in their lifetime despite having higher rates of reproduction at an early age.”

Can you now correlate? Do you imagine the slavery stress? For last 1000 years, Indians were under foreign rule with constant religious, cultural and economic torture. Under stress, mothers produce babies with short life span. It is Nature’s design to truncate life early for less struggle with the stressful environment.

Even whales and elephants die young in Zoo. Less we talk about humans.

Data which is often presented about life expectancy , is of British India. Large section India was still under different small rulers. Do survey and you will find different results.

So don’t blame Ayurveda. Apply common sense. We are right now slowly building environmental stress for our kids. What do we want to gift our kids?



Chained don't live longer
Chained don’t live longer

Elephants born when mothers are stressed age faster and produce fewer offspring

Scientists discovered that Asian elephants born during times when their mothers experience highest stress levels produce significantly fewer offspring in their lifetime despite having higher rates of reproduction at an early age.

The research team, from the University’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, also found that those animals born under stress declined much more rapidly in older age, decades later.

Lead author Dr Hannah Mumby, said: “Poor early life conditions have been linked to many disease outcomes in humans, but is unknown whether stress in early life also speeds up ageing rates in long-lived species.”

“We found that the decline in reproduction with age is much steeper in the elephants born at the poorer time of year. Even though they reproduce slightly more when they’re young, this still doesn’t compensate for the steep decline and they end up with fewer offspring.”

Zoo Elephants Die Very Young

Elephants in European zoos live dramatically shorter lives than pachyderms in the wild, finds a new study.

The research is based on health information for 4,500 Asian and African elephants living in some 270 European zoos between 1960 and 2005 and their counterparts living in the wild either in Kenya or as working animals in Myanmar.

The wild creatures live decades longer, on average.

Child Development : Role of Nature



Forest, not urban habitat, is the eternal spring of knowledge. If your city is not blessed by forest near by, if you do not visit forests more often, your children will forever remain aloof from real schooling.

Sensory development can happen best when children spend maximum time with mother nature. There is entire life ahead to learn how to interact with our modern world. Why waste critical childhood?

On top of it, future demands more sensitive and nature-loving generation.Someone needs to take care of havoc created by us 😉.

I imagine an ideal school in our time, where there are no whiteboards, no laptops, no internet for at least half term of the year, spread equally in 12 months, in forest.

What is happening right now? 1-2 day picnic in artificially designed gardens 🙂. That is it about exposure to mother nature! 😀


Want to Break India? Destroy family institution!

Broken families : Collapsing society
Broken families : Collapsing society

Have you ever thought why media is paid so heavily to spread perversion in society? Be it TV serial or news, there is unlimited sell of affairs, perversion and sex.

Media Perversion Example: Daily bombardment of perversion by crime serials
Media Perversion Example: Daily bombardment of perversion by crime serials

There is this program on Life Ok which telecast sleazy scenes and stories for 24×7. Especially when the home-makers are idle at in middle class homes i.e. afternoon and late evening.

There are cases reported where teens took inspiration from this show and performed brutal murders of family members.

Do you know why all of this?

Breaking India.


Break family institution.

कुलक्षये प्रणश्यन्ति कुलधर्मा: सनातना:।
धर्मे नष्टे कुलं कृत्स्नमधर्मोऽभिभवत्युत ।।१.४०।।

कुल के नाश से सनातन कुलधर्म नष्ट हो जाते हैं, धर्म के नाश हो जाने पर सम्पूर्ण कुल में पाप भी बहुत फैल जाता है |

Development of civilization pays high tribute to virtue of family system कुल-धर्मं. Lack of कुल-धर्मं/Family system promotes अधर्म. Resulting danger to society and civilization is troublesome. Hope, people understand this by keeping their modernism and wantonly living.

Due to proliferation of delusional properties about self-centered living imported from west, Indian family system is passing through worst time ever. Increase in break-ups, divorces, old-age homes, orphanages, need based marriages, misuse of laws show surely that it is not a good situation. When families are destroyed, Nation suffers.

Take care. Save family from collapse.

Perversion of Dharma based self-realization Tools


If you want to do survey, do it. You will find that, majority of us are either incapable of or not interested in, deciphering self by understanding it in essence (तत्त्व ज्ञान). But that does not mean, this majority should remain aloof of spiritual progress.

Hence, we have ritualistic and symbolic configuration, which can help large majority in taking one baby step further in spiritual progress.

Perversion of DharmaTools
Perversion of DharmaTools

Those who understand that Cricket is now major anti-national establishment, agree with center image. Cricket lovers oppose it. Those who understand that Bollywood is anti-national establishment, agree with background image. Bollywood sympathizers disagree.

I wanted to avoid this post. But it is required. If we as society, won’t take steps at family level, no one will save us from becoming slaves again.

You use Itihasik characters names as movie characters. Okay. We had history about such films. Unlike past movies, recent attempt by Mr. Bhanshali is different. How?
You show Ram as drug peddler, womaniser; Hanuman with gun, and in background, there is on and often display of real portrait of Itihasik(ऐतिहासिक) character – this surely reveal malicious intents. Trained neuroscientists will tell you that, more than center stage, it is background that connects you with the concept and story more. So when in background, you see continous focus on real Ram and the center stage is of character ‘Ram’ who is drug mafia, it creates cognitive dissonance that slowly converts into disbelief.

Not everyone of us is born with constitution of research and reading. So, major mass will rely on symbols and archtypes to follow ideal life. These symbols are shared with them since childhood by visual and auditory perceptions. Stories, Bhajans, songs, drama etc.

Now when you derail them and shamelessly replace with modern depictions, mass is under tremendous subconscious cognitive dissonance. The storm is so powerful that they slowly disconnect from the roots. A major loss for society. Loss because, self-realization path for majority is derailed.


Sachin’s godhood, Tejpal’s sexual assault and release of Ram leela – they are not isolated events. They are connected events; represent us as society as a whole. Shows our tastes and inclinations. Shows our disinterest in protecting values and symbols. Shows zombie and parasite state of society. Unfortunate. Pity.

At least save yourself from these devils. Do not contribute in their profits at your perils.


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