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Immunity Part 3: Your nose generates antibiotics

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I repeat this always. There is not war going on between us and mother nature. Mother cannot wage war against the children. And so it is stupid to claim that we can control the nature.

Take any subsystem of the body, its essential job is to assimilate self-compatible (be it solid food, air or mental thoughts!) and discard non-self or non-compatible elements.

That is Immunity function. Be it respiration or Digestion or you name it. All are basically sustaining our identity. All are participating in our immunity. (Immunity is a Latin word derived from word मुनि, means anyone who is moved by inward impulses. Someone who is self-inspired. Someone who is performing duties intuitively. )

There is no enemy in the nature. Every element, every organism, howsoever tiny they are, they all are acting as per their role. It is just we, the free will owners, act against the role (dharma).

Check this research to know how our nose protects us. We have solutions within.

Regular life, right food at right time in right season, enough exercise as per season and age, stress-free life, enough sound sleep – all helps. No medicines are needed. Even in present toxic environment (food, water, air)

To begin with – ask your self:

Do we even know how to breathe? Observe, how many complete breathe we take daily? Can we sense the vital Prana going in and out?

We hardly breathe properly. Most of us don’t even complete single full breathe during waking hours. Result? Immunity compromised. Even simple correction in breathing will start showing results.


Human commensals producing a novel antibiotic impair pathogen colonization

The vast majority of systemic bacterial infections are caused by facultative, often antibiotic-resistant, pathogens colonizing human body surfaces. Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureuspredisposes to invasive infection, but the mechanisms that permit or interfere with pathogen colonization are largely unknown. Whereas soil microbes are known to compete by production of antibiotics, such processes have rarely been reported for human microbiota. We show that nasalStaphylococcus lugdunensis strains produce lugdunin, a novel thiazolidine-containing cyclic peptide antibiotic that prohibits colonization by S. aureus, and a rare example of a non-ribosomally synthesized bioactive compound from human-associated bacteria. Lugdunin is bactericidal against major pathogens, effective in animal models, and not prone to causing development of resistance inS. aureus. Notably, human nasal colonization by S. lugdunensis was associated with a significantly reduced S. aureus carriage rate, suggesting that lugdunin or lugdunin-producing commensal bacteria could be valuable for preventing staphylococcal infections. Moreover, human microbiota should be considered as a source for new antibiotics.


Season and Tridosha

Seasonal change
Seasonal change

Few days back, I shared that in वर्षा ऋतू, we observe वात प्रकोप.
One friend had doubt: How come in Sun southern solstice season when Pitta is increasing, we observe वात प्रकोप?

One analogy: You eat mangoes in 2015 summer because mango trees prepared for it since late 2014.

Similarly, we experience fruition period of वात प्रकोप in monsoon because entire ग्रीष्म ऋतू, it was slowly getting aggravated. Indeed, during Sun’s southern solstice movement, पित्त is rising slowly but it is not at its best during monsoon. Body is still under the effects of वात प्रकोप started in ग्रीष्म.


So during monsoon, it is time of detoxification (Shiva Bhakti) by fasting.

By the end of monsoon, वात will reduce and पित्त will gain its ground enough. That’s when festivals will indicate change in food. Final fasting season ends with Navratri and with Dushehra (Vijaya Dashmi), food changes.

When पित्त reaches its pinnacle, you can eat anything and everything and it will get digested smile emoticon. Come winter (it is season of Kapha but you experience पित्त प्रकोप) and eat copiously. Come monsoon and eat frugally.

Modern Indian and Health

Modern Indian
Modern Indian

This is our modern Indian. First, he lives careless life under the influence of addictions and indulgences. Second, he surrendered to modern medicines. At last, he will expect and deamdn Ayurveda to do magic and save him.

Ayurveda is not a pseudo science that can give you false promises and instant relief like modern medicines. Without patience and zeal to live life (जिजीविषा), it can not work as savior. It demands sacrifices of your addictions. It demands you to live life in synergy with mother nature. It demands you to burn all your negative habits.

If you can, it is magic. If you cannot, don’t blame it for not saving your life.

Don’t regret if your Ayurvedic tips do not work for modern Indians. They deserve the great sunk (Doomed to extinction) since they do not respect their cultural traditions, prefer to uproot from roots and live careless life.

Picture from a book titled: “आयुर्वेद विभिन्न पहलू” by शरदिनी दहाणुकर एवं उर्मिला थत्ते

Liquor Seller : Role Model?

Role Model?
Role Model?

Can you hide this fact from your kid that his/her so called role model is also a Whiskey salesman?

Teens and age below 16, do not have developed discriminatory intellect (as their brain is still growing) which can decide right vs wrong. For them, whatever their role model does, is right. Parents are role model Parent’s role models are their role models. TV gives them new bunch of role models.

So do not get surprised if your teen age boy is caught drinking whiskey with friends after playing Dhoni style cricket.

Is Dhoni your child’s role model? Take care.

This is not just about Dhoni. Entire Bollywood and Cricket clan is useless and not worth to follow. So what to do?
Find out जनक ! You must find Janak for your child. No matter how intelligent and learned you are, you will fail to convince your son/daughter certain important things about life.That’s where your learned friends will play the role in crafting your child’s destiny. I call such friends as real जनक. Real नंद.

Even Seer व्यास had to send शुक to जनक, to convince him about marriage and keep him away from Vairagya delusion.

Putna, Krishna and Gau

Krishna fighting against Putna src: Google search
Krishna fighting against Putna
src: Google search

Each story has hidden meaning if we learn to decipher. There is popular story known in our cutlure about Avtar Krishna and Demon Putna. And how baby Krishna kills the demon Putna.

The word “Pūtanā”, broken as “Pūt” (virtue) and “nā” (no) means “devoid of virtue”. Another explanation derives “Pūtanā” from “Pūta” (purifying), thus meaning “she who purifies”.Putana (Sanskrit: Pūtanā, lit. “putrefaction”) is a Matrika, who is killed by the infant-god Krishna.

In reality, Putna is a childhood sickness. Often due to post-delivery stress, mother’s milk become vitiated and imbalance of Dosha (Kapha, Pitta, Vayu balance) happens. More often in the case of first time mothers. If child’s mother cannot feed (in case of Krishna, mother was not able to feed), foster-mother feed. If this foster-mother’s intentions are not good, has no love for the child, milk becomes poison. And Putna arrives to kill or hamper the growth of the child.

Due to drinking such milk, infant’s body’s Vayu is aggravated and so infant suffers from Lack of sleep, diarrhea & constant thrist and constant crying. That is Putna.

If not taken care, infant dies. This is one of the primary cause of infant mortality.

Baby-Krishna could survive such vitiated milk. And that is how he killed the Putna!


Solution: घृत ghee (COW GHEE)

” पिप्पली त्रिफला चूर्णं घृत क्षौद्र परिप्लुतम l
बालो रोदिति य: तस्मै: लेढुम दद्यात सुखावहम ll ” ( योग-रत्नाकर – द्वितीय खंड – बालरोग चिकित्सा )

Pippali and trifala churna with ghee and honey.

Needless to mention that Krishna was living with Nanda the Cow expert. So he must have got this treatment immediately. And since he took birth with perfect body, it was easy for him to fight against poisoned milk.

Things to take care:
1) Never give ghee and honey in same quantity i.e. 1 ml ghee + 1 ml honey = this is not preferable.
2) Purity of the sources. Ghee prepared from ethically procured milk and prepared by churning. Honey procured ethically without harming bees.

This is the reason, feeding mother should never take stress of any kind. She should be always cheerful and stress-free. Her food should be rich and wholesome prepared by someone who has highest love for both newly became mother and infant. And so post-delivery, new mother prefers to live with her mother. 🙂

वसुदेवसुतं देवं कंसचाणूरमर्दनम् देवकीपरमानन्दं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्|

Type 1 Diabetes, Microbes and Ganapati


Bacteria diabetes

The part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus is known as GUT. This is reservoir of microbes. Critical digestive processes happen here.

In Ayurveda, this place is considered as मूलाधार चक्र.गणपति resides here. Ayurveda considers body beyond physical body and energy layer is one of such layer, प्राणमय कोष. Energy @ मूलाधार चक्र is responsible for person’s intelligence, valor and many other traits. And Ganapati resides here. He controls all activities.

Tvam muladhara sthitosi nityam |
त्वं मूलाधार स्थितोऽसि नित्यं।
Lord Ganesha! You always dwell in muladhara chakra!

मूलाधार : शक्ति Center near Gut & anus : Abode of मरुत गण (Microbes) and their leader गणपति

He is the lord of muladhara chakra. In other words, he rules our microbial flora (मरुत गण) and make sure only body-friendly मरुत गण resides in the abode.

मरुत गण (Microbes) : गण पति (Ganesha) : गण (Citizens) & पति (Protector) live together @ Muladhara

Awakening गण पति शक्ति is critical for maintaining health (which is critical for self-realization). Only he can protect and act as gatekeeper of Muladhara (Gut) so that body is kept protected from pathogens & aasuri shakti.

Now, let us come to diabetes!

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells. While its causes are not yet entirely understood, scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. Its onset has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. There is nothing you can do to prevent T1D, and—at present—nothing you can do to get rid of it.


  • 1.25M Americans are living with T1D including about 200,000 youth (less than 20 years old) and over a million adults (20 years old and older)1,2,5
  • 40,000 people are diagnosed each year in the U.S.1, 2
  • 5 million people in the U.S. are expected to have T1D by 2050, including nearly 600,000 youth.2,3
  • Between 2001 and 2009 there was a 21% increase in the prevalence of T1D in people under age 20.3
  • $14B T1D-associated annual healthcare costs in the U.S.
  • Less than one-third of people with T1D in the U.S. are achieving target blood glucose control levels6
  • T1D is associated with an estimated loss of life-expectancy of up to 13 years7

As per latest research, microbes is the cure!!

Bacteria that Prevents Type 1 Diabetes

A pancreatic islet of Langerhans expressing the immunoregulator antimicrobial peptide CRAM (in red). The insulin-producting beta-cells are in green and the glucagon-producting alpha-cells are in blue. © Julien Diana
A pancreatic islet of Langerhans expressing the immunoregulator antimicrobial peptide CRAM (in red). The insulin-producting beta-cells are in green and the glucagon-producting alpha-cells are in blue. © Julien Diana


To combat pathogens, the immune system has developed various mechanisms to detect, defend against and even destroy micro-organisms that are harmful to the body. This includes antimicrobial peptides and natural proteins that destroy pathogenic bacteria by disrupting their cellular membrane. Not only are they produced by immune cells, they are also produced by cells whose functions are not immune-related.

A research team coordinated by Julien Diana, an Inserm Research Fellow at Inserm Unit 1151 “Institut Necker-Enfant Malades” [Necker Institute for Sick Children] (Inserm/CNRS/Université Paris Descartes), is focussing on a category of antimicrobial peptides, i.e.cathelicidins. Apart from their protective function, these peptides have also exhibited immunoregulatory abilities against several autoimmune diseases. As such, scientists hypothesise that cathelicidins may be involved in the control of type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease where certain cells in the immune system attack beta cells in the pancreas which secrete insulin.

Firstly, they observed that beta pancreatic cells in non-diseased mice produce cathelicidins and that, interestingly, this production is impaired in diabetic mice.

To test this hypothesis, they are injecting diabetic mice with cathelicidins where production is defective.

“Injecting cathelicidins inhibits the development of pancreatic inflammation and, as such, suppresses the development of autoimmune disease in these mice” states Julien Diana.

Microbes or Bacteria as popularly known, are our best friends. They save us from Type 1 diabetes! 🙂
But we will keep blind eyes towards these facts and apply antibiotics! create situations where antibiotics become unavoidable! 🙁
From Asthma to cancer to diabetes to irregular bowels to allergies to intellect to memory – we are at microbes’ mercy!
And who is there leader? गणपति! Worship him!! It is great psychological treatment (I know, this is very lowly reason for worship 🙂 )! After all, majority treatments are placebo! 🙂 

Need of the hour: Expand your Karma Kshetra(कर्म क्षेत्र) beyond social media!


I may be connected to 600+ here and may be 1000+ in other online/offline networks but that is not the real Karma kshetra. I don’t expect any change from these networks.

कर्म क्षेत्र
कर्म क्षेत्र

My real karma kshetra is really really limited. Limited to two. Yes, two of my best friends is where I experiment my thoughts, whom I demonstrate changes in living. Even these two friends do not know that they are the chosen ones by me. They don’t even realize that their friendship with me slowly transforming us, they and me. These two friends have their own small network of two best friends. All in silent transformation with high respect for each other.

No matter how good writer you are, how good orator you are, your impact will be limited. Even Avtar’s impact was limited. Arjun and Udhdhva. Hanuman and Lakshman.

If you really want to change the society, start with self. Demonstrate it to your best friends. Just two of them who are most close to your nature and inclination. Inspire them to follow the same. That is how human chain will be built. That is how critical mass will emerge. That is how we can have larger enough tribe of साधु. That is how we can urge Avtar to emerge from us.

Descent – अवरोहण is very motivating event. It is motivating because infinity chooses to take a form. Unfortunately, this divine and act of strength is being converted into act of effete by us. चमत्कारवाद of waiting for him to come and abolish all problems in flash. With such impotent waiting, without demonstrating his will in action, he will never Descent.

Be साधू. Help others to become साधू. Let here be critical mass of साधू tribes. Force him by your love for him and his way of living so that he must Descent for साधूनां परित्राणाय.

If साधू (=Human with सरलवृत्ति) are not in majority, why would he feel need for recovery or preservation from loss or danger of साधू ?
To invite him, first complete his task. Be साधू , demonstrate साधू वृत्ति to only two. Your own Arjun and Udhdhva. Your own Hanuman and Lakshman.

Cow: Civilization Support

Support System
Support System

‘Support’ is a critical domestic need for Creeper plant of climbing plant. Without support, plant’s growth is hampered. In wild, plants get natural support. But when you plant them, you have to arrange support.

Similarly, Gau mata is a support system, domestic need, established by Mother nature for her children. Without help of both mothers, healthy life is far fetched dream. Impossible.

This is for region where Gau mata naturally exist. For rest of the region, there are other setups.

Hanuman, Sadhana And Siddhi


हनुमन्नाटक संवत १६२३ में संस्कृत भाषा मे रचित कवि हृदयराम द्वारा रचित भगवान राम के जीवन पर आधारित धार्मिक ग्रन्थ हैं। श्री बाली के अनुसार हृदयराम पंजाबी थे, तथा उनके “हनुमन्नाटक” को गुरु गोविन्द सिंह सदा अपने साथ रखते थे। इससे सीखो में भी बड़ा सम्मान हैं। पूरा ग्रन्थ लगभग डेढ़ हजार छंदों में समाप्त हुआ हैं। “हनुमन्नाटक” में हनुमान का चरित नहीं, अपितु भगवान राम का जीवन वृत्त, जानकी-स्वयंवर से लेकर राज्याभिषेक तक प्रस्तुत है।

There is one scene in this play where Ravana ponder upon burning Lanka that how come Hanuman, A Rudra Avatar, can burn creation of Rudra Bhakt?

Ravana Uvach
Ravana Uvach

Then he replied to self: “My 10 faces worshiped 10 forms of Rudra but the 11th one could not be worshiped.”

Hanuman is 11th Rudra.

Siddhi-focused SAdhna? Avoid.

There is no full stop in Sadhna. Keep walking on the path.

Science (Ayurveda) vs Pseudo-Science(Modern Pharma)


What is science?
Study of the physical and natural world using theoretical models and data from experiments or observations.
What is pseudo-science?
An activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions
Let me share two examples here. You decide, what is science and what is pseudo-science.
Example 1
In the 1950s two new drugs became available to treat common problems in pregnancy. One was thalidomide and the other was diethylstilbestrol, otherwise known as DES.

These were drugs that were considered safe for pregnant women and had actual or purported benefits.Between 1957 and 1961, thousands of women were prescribed thalidomide. In 1960 it could be purchased over the counter in Germany without a prescription.

At least ten thousand to twenty thousand babies were born with serious birth defects, mostly involving limb development, with shortened or missing arms and legs, as well as anomalies of the pelvis, eyes, and ears. Many defects were lethal.
A drug proven safe based on so called scientific studies failed miserably.

DES is similar story. Google and read about it.

Science or Pseudo-science?


Example 2


From time immemorial, Turmeric is prescribed by Ayurveda as life enriching drug. There is no side effect reported so far. When used as per prescriptions, it surely gives results.
There are at least 1000+ such prescriptions by Ayurvedic texts.
Science or pseudo-science?

Only educated arrogant will live in self-denial mode.

Art of scientific study is not in transforming natural phenomenons into complex formulas and patents but to simplify them to the level that it becomes common sense and anyone can use knowledge to live happy life.

Ayurveda passes this test. Modern medicine fails miserably.

About DES

“clear cell adenocarcinoma (cancer of the cervix and vagina), birth defects, and other developmental abnormalities in children born to women who took the drug while pregnant; increased risk of breast cancer, higher risk of death from breast cancer; risk of cancer in children of mothers taking the drug including raised risk of breast cancer after age 40; increased risk of fertility and pregnancy complications, early menopause, testicular abnormalities; potential risks for third generation children (the grandchildren of women who took the drug) but they are unclear as studies are just beginning

Studies in the 1950s showed the drug was not effective at preventing miscarriages, premature labor, or other pregnancy complications.”

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