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Timing: Time Heals




Part 1

Being in company of wise friends is always a blessing. My cousin was suffering from stomach flu so we sought advice from my doctor friend. All clinical symptoms were indicating viral infection (cellular stress in digestive system). But to make sure he is right, he advised stool and urine tests.

As per reports, there were infection signs in urine. Not significant so my doctor friend ignored report and trusted his clinical observation i.e. not to worry. It is viral infection and your cousin will be fine soon.

I asked him: “Why did you ignore report? Had it been any other doctor, he would have started antibiotics treatment.”

He replied: ” Timing my friend. Your cousin took urine under 104 fever. It is high heat battle in the blood. Toxins are natural in urine. On the other hand, his stool report was normal where viral infection was localized. So I did not start antibiotics since area of concern shows no infection signs.”

My cousin is now fine. And I am stuck with the word ‘timing’.

Part 2

Timing is very important when we interact with living organism. So do all our habits. Right? Timely meals, timely sleep and timely water intake will solve many issues. Wrong timing -> Face the consequence.

Plants have surrendered to mother nature and so all processed in them are accurate and timely, governed by mother nature. (Except humans, everything work based on maa’s orders).

So while collective plant based herbs, timing is important. Untimely uprooting herbs fails to produce desired results or magical healing. Just as we humans passes through life-stages, plants too pass through stages. For example – Pre-blooming, blooming and post-blooming. Appropriate time for the uprooting herbs is during second stage when they abound in their properties. If I want moringa leaves, I should wait for leaves to become mature i.e. full of juices. When plucking leaves of fruit trees, best time is to pluck when fruits are not there or are unripe. Similarly, there are timing for plucking flowers, seeds, roots. (will write on it in separate post).

For desired results, timing is important. We humans do not respect timing and then cry. In brahmcharya ashrams, teen age pregnancies are reality. In Grihasthi, Egg freezing is reality. In Vanprastha, we cannot detach self from grihasthi. All due to missed timing. Not in sync with mother nature.

May Maa bless us common sense to follow her timing(s) by keeping aside all our Tamasik convictions/ignorance and ego

Early morning chat with Madhava Pashupati ji reminded this post about timing.

Madhava ji said about our Matrix living:

“Lets come out of the MATRIX..and look at things… all these challenges are due to the faultlines created by the yore…unless the temples open during surya shakti time (like our islamic brothers do) and pranayam occurs before pujari enters the garbagrih…sandhya done properly…nothing can change… most temples open during ashwa shakti time (after 6.30 am) except during dhanur & karthik maas… well, this is not just about temples..even individual homes which are sanatan prone have to follow this. But as i see this is not happening. so… we will be spending lots of SARPA SHAKTI time…discussing the challenges !”

Upavasa : not just Physical AhAra fasting : Part 1


Common Hindu family following Panchang knows at least three Upavasa. एकादशी,प्रदोष & रविवारका व्रत| There are total 500+ Vrata(s) observed in different parts of Bharat.

The fundamental principle of all Vrata(s) is युक्तआहार| Variations from no food to only fruits to one time meal. Adjusting food based on season and moon cycles.

Instead of prescribed regimes, we see rampant corruption in practice on both extremes of the pendulum. There are few who eat nothing for long against their body constitution and there are those who invent new recipes for fasting and eat more than normal food quantity! 😀

Fasting is new fashion. Good. Appreciated. However, only abstaining from food is not real fasting.

What is Upavasa?

To understand real meaning of उपवास, we must first understand what is आहार ?

आह्नियते मनसा बुद्धयाइन्द्रिर्वा इति आहार: |

मन , बुद्धि अथवा इन्द्रियों द्वारा जो कुछ आहरण ( बाहर से भीतर ) संचय किया जाता है वही आहार है |

All our thoughts taking chaotic birth continuously in mind-womb, all perceptual inputs our senses encounter, all intellectual decisions we take and physical food, water and air we imbibe is आहार .

Only not eating or altering physical food habits, won’t serve the purpose for long.

Continuous stirring in mind needs halt. Mind needs focus on Ishta Shakti. Worship by Japa. Worship by glorification of Godly’s life. Ideals. Restrain. Silence. मौन. Like tortoise.

Not having food but full fledged engagement in social media? What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

Not having regular food but eating double the Upavasa food? What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

Spending no time for inner journey, living life on toes, What type of Upavas it is? 🙂

When you decide to do Upavasa. Before Nazi-control over food change, try to control mind. Reducing wavering nature of mind. Focus. Become introvert for a day. Observe silence. Engage self in worship and concentration of Ishta Devata. Food control is easy then.

If not jungle in real life, simulate it in mind. It is possible. You really don’t need to go to Himalaya every day. Sit. Rest. Chant. Meditate. And as much possible, restrain food.





नवरात्र मंथन : Food and dharma

Maa Annapurna
Maa Annapurna

Friends and So-called friends call me food fanatic 🙂. Yes, some of them use word “Food terrorist” too. 😉 😀 Of course, all behind the back 😛.

Why food fanatic? 🙂 (Or say Food Radical)

Here is my churning for altered self lately.

The word “धर्म” is most abused and convoluted word of the Sanskrit language.

First mistake we did was to translate धर्म as religion. धर्म is not religion.

There are many aspects of धर्म but the most critical one is to give support to life forms. To protect the life forms. Not only non-human life forms but human body itself which is complex billion+ life forms Nation (राष्ट्र) i.e body cells.

To live life as per धर्म means to protect the physical body and nurture it as long body supports your existence as “I”.

And by that definition, we all, more or less, are living अधार्मिक life i.e.not following duty towards billion+ body cells. The most neglected aspect of modern life is food. Food that nurtures and protects these billion+ live cells.

Food grown with chemicals, milk received by torture, processed meals and numerous such अधार्मिक practices.

Once we forget this fundamental धर्म, all chaotic events sprouts from it.

India, however, was not always like this. Indians in the past have laid extraordinary emphasis on growing food in abundance and sharing it in abundance. In fact, Indians, up to the present times, seem to have always looked upon an abundance of food as the primary condition of civilisation, and sharing of food was for us the primary discipline of civilised living. And indeed it is the discipline of civilised living that we call dharma.

The Taittiriyopanisad is a text of brahmavidya; its objective is to prepare the seeker for and lead him towards a darsana, immediate and direct vision, of Brahman, the creator who at the beginning manifests himself as the universe and retracts the whole of creation back into himself at the end, only to begin the process again, at the beginning of another cycle of creation and dissolution.

Here is what this text describes FOOD.

अन्नं बहु कुर्वीत। तद्व्रतम्।

Multiply anna many-fold. Ensure an abundance of food all around. That is the inviolable discipline of life for the one who knows.

अन्नं न निन्द्यात्। तद्व्रतम्।

Do not look down upon anna. That is the inviolable discipline of life for the one who knows.

अन्नं न परिचक्षीत। तद्व्रतम्।

Do not neglect anna. That is the inviolable discipline of life for the one who knows.

न कञ्चन वसतौ प्रत्याचक्षीत। तद्व्रतम्।
तस्माद्यया कया च विधया बह्वन्नं प्राप्नुयात्।
अराध्यस्मा अन्नमित्याचक्षते।

Do not turn away anyone who comes seeking your hospitality. This is the inviolable discipline of the one who knows. Therefore, obtain a great abundance of anna, exert all your efforts to ensure such abundance; and welcome all seekers with the announcement that the food is ready, partake of it.

Such is the discipline of abundance and sharing that the Taittiriyopanisad teaches. Such is the importance of growing and sharing food. Food for billions’ billion+ (all living organisms existence depend upon food).

So, food fanatic, I am (Y) 🙂 .

Reason why we must respect our food.
Reason why we must give highest respect to farmers and consider their problems as ours.
Reason why we must become sensible about our food, everyone’s food.

Goddess Annapurna is also known as Jagdamba mother. She sustains all of us.

PS: माँ जगदम्बा : अन्नपूर्णा देवी हिन्दू धर्म में मान्य देवी-देवताओं में विशेष रूप से पूजनीय हैं। इन्हें माँ जगदम्बा का ही एक रूप माना गया है, जिनसे सम्पूर्ण विश्व का संचालन होता है। इन्हीं जगदम्बा के अन्नपूर्णा स्वरूप से संसार का भरण-पोषण होता है। अन्नपूर्णा का शाब्दिक अर्थ है- ‘धान्य’ (अन्न) की अधिष्ठात्री। सनातन धर्म की मान्यता है कि प्राणियों को भोजन माँ अन्नपूर्णा की कृपा से ही प्राप्त होता है।

India – Once Plentiful : British Records


Our textbooks taught us that pre-Green revolution when chemical fertilizers and pesticides usage became rampant, India was food dependent nation.

Fertilizer companies made huge difference and we became self-sufficient nation for food.


This is blatant lie. State funded brainwash. Read this article. Re-verify facts if you want but stop this nonsensical glorification of Green Revolution. With Green-revolution, we in fact started slow suicide of glorious agricultural past.


“Between 1762 and 1766 there were villages which produced up to 12 tons of paddy a hectare. This level of productivity can be obtained only in the best of the Green Revolution areas of the country, with the most advanced, expensive and often environmentally ruinous technologies. The annual availability of all food averaged five tons per household; the national average in India today is three-quarters ton. Whatever the ways of pre-British Indian society, they were definitely neither ineffective nor inefficient.”


I wonder what stops Govt of India to take strict steps against chemical farming?Are we now suffering from inferiority complex and inviting yet another spell of Green revolution ? Or like previous govt(s), this govt too believes in serving vested interests and killing agricultural roots?

Purpose of life and Art of nurturing the Universe


It is my fundamental belief that wherever we are stationed, stationed for the purpose. At our localized location (our home or workplace), we continuously are engaged in reception and transmission of forces,through which all are either nourished or perished.

If you are in company of negative forces for large pie of the day, you are being sucked. On the other hand, when you spend time in company of good, you are rejuvenated.

Each thing exists to nourish all others, and, in return, to be nourished itself. But since humans use their will and are full of negative traits, they sometimes play a role of destructor.

My gardener friend told me one incident : There was one farm house that he visited last year. Entire garden was died. The owner spent too much money behind it but no success. Previous gardener blames quality of water and soil. My friend took over it and transformed it into sacred grove (not garden!) within a year! He said, Mother nature sends blessings provided we know the right frequency to tune in. Sure, water and soil was not suitable for traditional garden. But that does not mean, it is not possible to transform into green. He put efforts and changed the landscape. Point here is: Learn to tune in with mother. She is waiting for showering blessings. Right frequency and boom! Magic!

So plants around us – they are keen to nurture us. What they want in return is: transmission of good energy, full of Prana shakti and love. Farmers killed this Prana in self and in the soil so …you know state of global farming and despite abundance of food..we sleep with starving stomachs.

Wetland , Intellectuals, Brahmi


तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं ।
रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः । । १.९

It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.


Brahmi - Essential for intellectuals/Researchers
Brahmi – Essential for intellectuals/Researchers


If you live where there are ample water bodies, it is natural that you have intellectual bent of mind. You are gifted with Brahman mind.

(Rivers, ponds, marshlands = Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala, Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari…got the hint? )

Since there will be excessive use of brain, there will be more cases of brain fatigue too.

Prakriti Maa is very kind. She gave Brahmi as medicine. It is a so-called ‘weed’ which is found growing wild in marshlands and reservoirs, and near the banks of rivers and lakes all over India.

“A double blind clinical test was conducted on thirty mentally retarded children, who were free from epilepsy and other neurological conditions, to study the effect of the drug extracted from Indian pennywort (brahmi) on general mental ability. The results indicated a significant improvement in both general ability and behavioural patterns when the drug was administered for a short period of twelve weeks.” – Book Medicinal plants of India

Patients suffering from protein deficiencies and nervous disorders are administered drugs extracted from Brahmi. Modern clinical tests have studied the anabolic effect of these drugs, proving that they increase red blood corpuscles, vital capacity, and total protein, while the increase in the haemoglobin percentage is statistically significant. Brahmi cools the brain and calms the heart, thus helping to guard against heart attacks. Brahmi ghee is an important medicine for both the mind and heart.

It is coolant for intellectual minds. If you are overusing your brain, you must have it in your backyard. Very essential.

Read more about land and inclination of her children here:

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

Soil and Varna
Soil and Varna

Below text from Author निघंटु is talking about 4 types of soils. He classified soil as ब्राह्मण,क्षत्रिय,वैश्य & शुद्र. Not only soil, he classified trees and plants in very same 4 categories! Not only soil, plants, trees , he also classified animals in 4 categories! According to our pseudo media tyrants, he is castiest! So narrow-minded as he divided even land! Even he identifies colors! Black is for Shudra! Protest! Black and Dalits! What a castiest man निघंटु was!


This type of utter ignorance goes on in society when habit of cursory reading is common and popular.


तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं  ।

रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः  । । १.९


It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.


ताम्रभूमिवलयं विभूधरं यन्मृगेन्द्रमुखसंकुलं कुलं  ।

घोरघोषि खदिरादिदुर्गमं क्षात्रं एतदुदितं पिनाकिना  । । १.१०


It is Kshtriya land where metal color dominates in nature, mountains, lions and other animals roaring voice stay.


शातकुम्भनिभभूमिभास्वरं स्वर्णरेणुनिचितं विधानवत् ।

सिद्धकिंनरसुपर्वसेवितं वैश्यं आख्यदिदं इन्दुशेखरः  । । १.११


It is Vaishya land where yellow color dominates in nature, golden land, golden flowers etc.


श्यामस्थलाढ्यं बहुशस्यभूतिदं लसत्तृणैर्बब्बुलवृक्षवृद्धिदं  ।

धान्योद्भवैः कर्षकलोकहर्षदं जगाद शौद्रं जगतौ वृषध्वजः  । । १.१२


It is Shudra land where soil is of black color, suitable for small plants & grains.



द्रव्यं क्षेत्रादुदितं अनघं ब्राह्म तत्सिद्धिदायि क्षत्रादुत्थं वलिपलितजिद्विश्वरोगापहारि  ।

वैश्याज्जातं प्रभवतितरां धातुलोहादिसिद्धौ शौद्रादेतज्जनितं अखिलव्याधिविद्रावकं द्राक् । । १.१३


“Food substances grown on Brahman land are good for increasing intellectual vigor(Brain’s color whitish Gray due to Glial cells), grown on Kshtriya land(Jungle) are strength-enhancers (Tribes played vital role in Ancient Army strength), grown on gold land are good for mineral deficiency (Vegetables are generally grown on yellow land), grown on shudra land are good to fight against dieseases (Grains and Ayurvedic herbals – A valuable Ayurvedic  ingredient Ajwain is cultivated in black soil).”


Land color depends on their chemical nature. For example, as black soil has Volcanic origin, it is rich in calcium carbonate, lime , potash & magnesium.It is deffecient in phosphoric acid.


Food from Shudra land fights against dieseases.This food is good for immune system.Shudra land is rich in Magnesium. During the last few years, magnesium (Mg) has been subject of research due to its functionality in the organism. It is one of the most important micronutrients, and therefore its role in biological systems has been extensively investigated. Particularly, Mg has a strong relation with the immune system, in both nonspecific and specific immune response, also known as innate and acquired immune response.


Do you protest this scientific वर्ण व्यवस्था! Or are you ready to explore वर्ण व्यवस्था, systematic rational approach of living?


PS: Sanskrit translation is nearly accurate, not exact. That is my deficiency.

Sanskrit Word Medha And Sacrificial Rituals


As per authentic and reliable Sanskrit Kosh निघंटु, word Sacrifice has many meanings. To be precise, 15.

यज्ञ:| वेन: | अध्वर: | मेघ: | विदथ: | नार्य: | सवनम् | होत्रा | इष्टि: | देवताता| मख: | विष्णु: | इन्दु: | प्रजापति: | धर्म इति यज्ञस्य |

In Sanskrit, all meaning-budleslike above, carry one thing in common i.e. Theme. They all represent similar theme in different situation.

Our focus is on word मेघ: | because it is important word to understand scriptures with right perspective (Scriptures are not only meant for intellectual analysis. By reading them your life should see changes otherwise it is not worth of time spent)

मेघ – मेघृ मेघा हिसनयो |

There are three meanings of word medha.


1) To increase मेधा intellect ( this is very vey important subject but not related to topic on hand). It is Intelligence personified. Wisdom. So if I am working on methods to increase my wisdom, it is sacrifice to increase wisdom and can be called मेघ. And what do you kill here? Ignorance.

2) To offer friendship or मित्रता to sacrifice self for friend’s development and kill his/her ignorance.

3) Literal meaning – to kill

By killing, मेघ means to protect your loved ones. When it is गो-मेध it means to protect and respect cows,अश्व-मेध – protect and respect horses,पितृमेध – respect anscetors,गृह-मेध – protect home.

So, general meaning of sacrifice that I understand is : Advancement of civilization by making fellow travelers on the Earth, realizing power of intellect and power of unity by increasing Association, Friendship, Unity, Firm relation, Knowledge, Love, Purity, Development of Intellect, Power, Respect & Charity, and destroying (हिंसा) disassociation, Enmity, Dis-union, Ignorance, Indifference, Hatred, Impurity, Weakness, Disrespect and destructive forces.

In short, if मेघ represent ‘Killing’, it also represents ‘Friendship ( This is too simple translation – Not exact- using it so that everyone can understand)’ and ‘Development’.

अश्व-मेध = अश्व-संवर्धन = Horse-breeding = Horse-friendship.

Horse-friendship has deep meaning. Some other time. ( Hint: What is Horse in अध्यात्मिक plane? Like गो = Organs of senses)

Collapsing Immune System: Juvenile Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

As I write here, group of doctors in my city are discussing Type 1 Diabetes in National level conference.

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously known as juvenile diabetes. It is rapidly increasing immune system disorder. You might not imagine but it is really painful life situation for a kid and entire family.

While we are promoting so called ambitious ‘Make in India’ slogan of Prime Minister, we should note that the autoimmune form of diabetes that begins in childhood and requires insulin injections (juvenile or Type 1 diabetes) has been doubling in incidence about every twenty years across the industrialized world. So we are not left behind. I expect more cases in upcoming 5 years.

The average age of diagnosis used to be about nine. Now it is around six, and some children are becoming diabetic when they are three. Some get is from their mother.

What is the root cause?

Doctors don’t know all the factors that lead to type 1 diabetes. But they do know that it is due to environment. Depressive environment, highly sterile environment (Too much use of floor cleaner, dettol soaps, repellent liquids etc) , overuse of antibiotics, pesticides in food, urea in milk (Yes! Milk you get from dairy has urea substance sometimes), lack of exposure to nature, 24×7 air conditioning, lack of probitoc food in diet (Jaggery, curd, butter milk, ghee, milk) – these are some environmental reasons that can cause extreme stress for immune system and triggers the immune system to mistakenly attack the pancreas and destroy the beta cells of the pancreas to the point where they can no longer produce sufficient insulin.

For modern medicine, insulin injections is the only solution.

For Ayurveda, changing environment is the solution. Take care.

1) Expose your kids to mud, soil, sand and plants . Develop terrace garden and let the kids manage it under your supervision.
2) Plan trips to Jungle during months of winter
3) Include pro-biotic natural food in diet (And not the factory made butter milk, curd and supplements)
4) Stop your obsession of being at sterile home. (As Dettol and Lifebouy Ads educate you falsely). Floor cleaning using warm water is enough. Rubbing hands with water for 30-45 seconds is enough. We don’t need chemicals to clean hands. Or use soil or gau dung ash.
5) Maintain cheerful ambiance at home. Do not quarrel in front of kids.
6) Have proper ventilation at home. Let there be fresh air and sunlight
7) Avoid antibiotics if not needed

How To Brand a Disease (And Earn Profits)


Many friends of my age see Media as Sacred Democratic medium. But they don’t really know roots of media.

Read this. This is how new sicknesses are invented after drugs are invented.

For example, what we call “पित्त प्रकोप” of “शरद ऋतू “, they now call it Flu, Malaria, Dengue, Jaundice, Acidity, Ulcer etc. Real solution is to control Pitta during Oct.


If you want to understand the way prescription drugs are marketed today, have a look at the 1928 book, “Propaganda,” by Edward Bernays, the father of public relations in America.

For Bernays, the public relations business was less about selling things than about creating the conditions for things to sell themselves. When Bernays was working as a salesman for Mozart pianos, for example, he did not simply place advertisements for pianos in newspapers. That would have been too obvious.

Instead, Bernays persuaded reporters to write about a new trend: Sophisticated people were putting aside a special room in the home for playing music. Once a person had a music room, Bernays believed, he would naturally think of buying a piano. As Bernays wrote, “It will come to him as his own idea.”

How to brand a disease — and sell a cure

If you want to understand the way prescription drugs are marketed today, have a look at the 1928 book, “Propaganda,” by Edward Bernays, the father of public relations in America.

For Bernays, the public relations business was less about selling things than about creating the conditions for things to sell themselves. When Bernays was working as a salesman for Mozart pianos, for example, he did not simply place advertisements for pianos in newspapers. That would have been too obvious.

Instead, Bernays persuaded reporters to write about a new trend: Sophisticated people were putting aside a special room in the home for playing music. Once a person had a music room, Bernays believed, he would naturally think of buying a piano. As Bernays wrote, “It will come to him as his own idea.”

Just as Bernays sold pianos by selling the music room, pharmaceutical marketers now sell drugs by selling the diseases that they treat. The buzzword is “disease branding.”

To brand a disease is to shape its public perception in order to make it more palatable to potential patients. Panic disorder, reflux disease, erectile dysfunction, restless legs syndrome, bipolar disorder, overactive bladder, ADHD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, even clinical depression: All these conditions were once regarded as rare until a marketing campaign transformed the brand.

Once a branded disease has achieved a degree of cultural legitimacy, there is no need to convince anyone that a drug to treat it is necessary. It will come to him as his own idea.

Disease branding works especially well for two kinds of conditions. The first is the shameful condition that can be destigmatized. For instance, when Pharmacia launched Detrol in the late 1990s, the condition the drug treated was known to doctors as “urge incontinence.” Patients called it “accidentally peeing in my pants” and were embarrassed to bring it up with their physicians.

Pharmacia fixed the problem by rebranding the condition as “overactive bladder.” Whereas “incontinence” suggested weakness and was associated mainly with elderly women, the phrase “overactive bladder” evoked a supercharged organ frantically working overtime.

To qualify for a diagnosis of “overactive bladder,” patients did not actually have to lose bladder control.” They simply needed to go to the bathroom a lot.

The vice president of Pharmacia, Neil Wolf, explained the branding strategy in a 2002 presentation called “Positioning Detrol: Creating a Disease.” By creating the disease of “overactive bladder,” Wolf claimed, Pharmacia created a market of 21 million potential patients.

Another good candidate for branding is a condition that can be plausibly portrayed as under-diagnosed. Branding such a condition assures potential patients that they are part of a large and credible community of sufferers. For example, in 1999, the FDA approved the antidepressant Paxil for the treatment of “social anxiety disorder,” a condition previously known as “shyness.”

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