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Culture is One’s Country (Desha)



Your whims and fancies may trigger a thought that culture and nation are two different domains but I suggest that you get rid of this notion asap in national interest. It is nothing but unfitness of immature mind to imagine Bharat without Bharat maa. I have full sympathy and I will pray that our society will work affirmatively to do successful root-canal for this dented chasm.

It is real pastime to insult/denigrate cultural ways of reforms when you really don’t have bent of mind to understand culture.

Also, it is foolishness to oppose systematic changes via laws if your intellect fall short of understanding importance of same in national interest. Get rid of both notions in nation interest. Work unitedly.

Country follows the culture? No. Culture is one’s country and country one’s culture.

Protecting dharma, culture, nation is one in the same things. Spend your personal time selflessly for all of them! There is no great sacrifice than investing valuable personal time for the Nation and culture. Do not waste time in insulting each other.


Why Not Technological Triumph by Ancient Indian Science?



“If Indians were so great in science, why didn’t they invent great weapons, cars, planes and all modern gadgets?”

Being a student of science, it is not necessary that I invent application of physical principles. True scholar, groomed under Dharmic Guru, in dharmic environment, would never trade into destructive paths.

Why no Dhamic person would prefer to be named as inventor of so and so technology?


Modern Science framework only considers first two द्रश्य,द्रष्टा in their realization. That is objectivity. The object or the observed + the observer. That’s it. There is no room for दृष्टि. How you perceive matters. And that is ignored by modern science!

ऋषि दृष्टि is long term. Actually infinite. Cyclic. That which hampers individual to perform his/her dharma, deserves to remain in mind of the idea possessor.

Technology is not our enemy, our surrender to them is! And no ऋषि would prefer slavery of living beings. And so, even if some technological solutions were prevailing in ancient Bharat, I am sure, usage was never commercialized.

Take simple example: Clock revolution. Beginning in the fourteenth century, the clock made us into time-keepers, and then time-savers, and now time-servers. In the process, we have learned irreverence toward the sun and the seasons, for in a world made up of seconds and minutes, the authority of nature is superseded. Eternity ceased to serve as the measure and focus of human events.

There is no issue with clock. There is no issue using it for life simplifications and artificial order when we are not able to handle natural chaotic order. Why force biological clocks in forcible slavery of machines? Insensitivity is not a worthy virtue to learn from machines.

But yes, if there is a system developed (पंचांग), to help humans (as they only need to restore order. Other animals are blessed to remain in order 🙂 ) , without making them slaves, it is more than welcomed!

This was about bygone days. Situation in present is such that, we at least should be capable enough to produce weapons to protect self. Sadly, we are not.

अतुल्य संस्कृत, अमर संस्कृति २ : Fibbonacci or मात्रामेरु?

Couple of months back when I posted against western scientists piracy of Bharatiya knowledge, one friend of friend suggested that, why do I paint all as pirates?

No. I don’t. I very well welcome scientists who give references.

I have high respect for Donald Knuth.

The name of Leonardo of Pisa, also called Fibonacci (I 170-1250), is attached to the sequence 0, I, I, 2. 3, 5, 8, 13, . . . , in which the nth term is given by Un = Un-1 + Un-2. But the sequence was well known in India before Leonardo’s time. Indian authorities on the metrical sciences used this sequence in works on metric.

Professor (आचार्य) Pingala is the first known authority on the metrical sciences in Bharat whose writings indicate a knowledge of the so-called Fibonacci numbers. He is considered as younger brother of आचार्य Panini. There is alternative opinion that he is maternal uncle of आचार्य Panini.
From now on, teach your children Matra-meru numbers.

Read more:
This is called cultural digestion. Rajiv Malhotra puts this cultural hijacking in words very nicely. Beware of cultural hijacking!

Rajiv Malhotra frequently draws on the Tiger and the Deer metaphor to explain the process of digestion. Malhotra writes (“The Tiger and the Deer: Is Dharma being digested into the West?”.): “Just as the tiger, a predator, would, the West, a dominant and aggressive culture dismembers the weaker one – the deer – into parts from which it picks and chooses pieces that it wants to appropriate; the appropriated elements get mapped onto the language and social structures of the dominant civilization’s own history and paradigms, leaving little if any trace of the links to the source tradition. The civilization that was thus “mined” and consumed gets depleted of its cultural and social capital, because the appropriated elements are then shown to be disconnected from and even in conflict with the source civilization. Finally, the vanquished prey – the deer – enters the proverbial museum as yet another dead creature (i.e. a dead culture), ceasing to pose a threat to the dominant one.”

Malhotra adds: “There are several examples of civilizations becoming digested by some other civilization. Many symbols, rituals and ideas came to Christianity from the so-called pagans (pre-Christian Europeans), but these pagan faiths were demonized and destroyed in the process. Native Americans gave numerous riches to the European colonizers – including potatoes, tomatoes, material wealth, fertile lands – but these original discoverers and citizens of the Americas lost their own way of life, and have ended up in museums as exotic artifacts, or as drunken people living on isolated reservations. Egyptian civilization was digested into Greece, and before that some of the African civilizations had been digested into Egypt. In each case, the side getting digested was compromised, marginalized and eventually ceased to be a living, thriving civilization. Today, before our very eyes, Tibetan civilization is being digested into China by a very aggressive and deliberate strategic plan.”

Ayurveda and Heavy Metal Blame – Part 1 (Mercury)



In December 2004, Dr Robert B. Saper and his team analyzed US and India made Ayurvedic medicines for heavy metal content. His paper [1] concludes that :

“Lead, mercury, and arsenic have been detected in a substantial proportion of Indian-manufactured traditional Ayurvedic medicines. Metals may be present due to the practice of rasa shastra (combining herbs with metals, minerals, and gems).”

As soon as this hit the news stand, there was negative Ayurveda marketing started.

Now doubt, many modern pharma companies producing Ayurvedic drugs are not following standard procedures. And medicines produced by such manufacturers may come with toxic state of heavy metals but that does not mean heavy metal usage is to blamed.

In this series of articles, we will understand heavy metal usage in Ayurveda, both by modern science perspective and Ayurvedic perspective.

Let us explore most famous metal and most effective drug. Rasasindura made by Mercury.

What is Rasasindura?


  • This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.
  • Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  • It is to be avoided in children and pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Over-dosage may cause many poisonous side effects.
  • Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in a dry cool place.

Ras Sindoor is an Ayurvedic medicine, with herbal and mineral ingredients, in powder / tablet form.  It is used in Ayurvedic treatment to improve immunity, strength etc. This medicine should only be taken strictly under medical supervision.

Rasasindura (RS) sublimated mercurial preparation often used in diseases like Madhumeha (Diabetus mellitus), Rajayaksma (Tuberculosis), Pandu (Anaemia), Sthoulya (Obesity),Mandagni (Impaired digestive fire) etc.
So, is it Toxic?
Let us explore couple of papers.
Study 1
In Pharmacological study test drugs were subjected for the chronic toxicity study in 40 days duration, in Charles Foster albino rats, administering the dose of 22.5 mg/kg body weight. Also the 4 test drug samples Samaguna RS, Shadguna RS, Vasa Bhavita Samaguna RS  and Vasa Bhavita Shadguna RS  were assessed for their bronchodilating effect in the isolated guinea pig tracheal spirals.  The study concludes that both Samaguna and Sadaguna Balijarita RShave little or no toxic effects.  The tissue responses to drug and its modifying effect on the histamine induced contractile response in guinea pig were  studied.  Shadguna RS  and Samaguna RS  samples without Vasa Bhavana did not affect histamine induced contraction whereas Vasa Bhavita Samaguna RS and Vasa Bhavita Shadguna RS  showed mild and moderate anti-spasmodic effect.  Study concluded that, Shadaguna Balijarita RSdifficult to prepare pharmaceutically and as its qualities are nearly similar to Samaguna Balijarita RS  in terms of efficacy and safety. [2]
Study 2

Researchers have employed state-of-the-art analytical tools and elegant computational methods in a truly multidisciplinary project to prove that Rasasindura, the mercury-containing Ayurvedic drug, is not toxic. Mercury is one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern. (WHO Worksheet No 363, Sept 2013). Metallic mercury is highly mobile, soluble in water depending on its chemical form and oxidises relatively easily. Bacteria convert environmental mercury in to methyl mercury. Mercury interacts with human body and turns it into methyl mercury. Methyl mercury is more toxic. As per conventional wisdom, Rasasindura will be toxic. Ayurvedic physicians claim that they have been using this drug for ages without any harm. The study carried out in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology tries to solve the riddle.“…Our work not only helps to understand the non-toxicity of Rasasindura but also establishes the Ayurvedic synthesis method for a well controlled end-product,” Dr. Debdutta Lahiri and her colleagues wrote in the latest issue of Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

In this study, researchers used virgin samples of Rasasindura prepared as per Ayurvedic protocols. “Bhasmikaran” (making into powder), is simple in theory; it involves repeated, controlled and prolonged heating of metals with suitable ingredients to make metal powders and to remove residual metals and toxic organic molecules. The results obtained by the scientists apply only to the sample they used and not to any commercially available sample of Rasasindura. Regrettably, Ayurvedic formulations do not have any applicable standards.


Scientists used five analytical tools and procedures with Rasasindura and nanoparticles of lab-based red á-HgS to prove that the structure of Rasasindura is indeed the very stable, á-HgS. Surface organic groups or organic groups were absent in both .The drug has thus the following attributes: because of the special affinity of Hg to Sulphur, Hg-S bonds are very strong. Other workers have shown that accumulation of á-HgS in the human body is very low. Absorption of á-HgS by the gastro-intestinal tract is only 0.2 per cent; the fraction reaching the kidney is much lower at only 0.02 per cent. HgS is 10,000 times less toxic than methyl mercury.

The researchers showed that complete oxidation occurred in Rasasindura and free mercury or organic mercury was absent in it. They used synchrotron-based X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) method to prove 100 per cent HgS formation in Rasasindura.

They found that that Rasasindura contains nanocrystals of about 20 nm size. Particle distribution is better controlled in Rasasindura than in á-HgS, made in laboratories. The paper proves that toxicity cannot be decided by elemental analysis alone. [3][4]



[1] Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic in US- and Indian-Manufactured Ayurvedic Medicines Sold via the Internet

[2] A Comparative Pharmaceutico-Chemical Study on Samaguna and Shadguna Balijarita Rasasindura With Special Reference to its Toxicity and Bronchodilating effect.

(MD Dissertation) I.P.G.T. & R.A., Gujarat Ayurved University; 2002

[3] Why Rasasindura is not toxic?

[4] Investigating structural aspects to understand the putative/claimed non-toxicity of the Hg-based Ayurvedic drug Rasasindura using XAFS

Re-Birth And Ayurveda



आप्तागम – विश्वसनीय बात जो परंपरा से चली आती हो । वेद, शास्त्र, स्मृतियाँ आदि प्रमाणित। सनातन |

Eternal laws work same, irrespective of time, place and situation.

This is how Charak Bhagwan proves re-birth and last birth’s fruition in this birth, based on आप्तागम proofs.

प्रत्यक्षमपि चोपलभ्यते- मातापित्रोर्विसदृशान्यपत्यानि, तुल्यसम्भवानां वर्णस्वराकृतिसत्त्वबुद्धिभाग्यविशेषाः, प्रवरावरकुलजन्म, दास्यैश्वर्यं, सुखासुखमायुः, आयुषो वैषम्यम्, इह कृतस्यावाप्तिः, अशिक्षितानां च रुदितस्तनपानहासत्रासादीनां प्रवृत्तिः, लक्षणोत्पत्तिः, कर्मसादृश्ये [१] फलविशेषः, मेधा क्वचित् क्वचित् कर्मण्यमेधा, जातिस्मरणम्- इहागमनमितश्च्युतानामिति [२] , समदर्शने प्रियाप्रियत्वम्||३०||

By perception also it is observed – progeny dissimilar to parents, difference in complexion, voice, physiognomy, mind, intellect and fate in spite of the similar genetic source, birth in a superior and inferior clan, slavery and sovereignty , happy and unhappy life, inequality in life span, achievement of the result of the deed here, inclination of untrained ones to weeping, breast-suckling, laughing, fear etc., appearance of marks in body parts, difference in result in spite of similarity in action, intellectual interest or otherwise of previous birth showing the coming back of the persons who had left the world, liking or otherwise in spite of similar face.

त एवानुमीयते- यत्- स्वकृतमपरिहार्यमविनाशि पौर्वदेहिकं दैवसञ्ज्ञकमानुबन्धिकं कर्म, तस्यैतत् फलम्; इतश्चान्यद्भविष्यतीति; फलद्बीजमनुमीयते, फलं च बीजात्||३१||

On the same basis it is inferred that the deed of the self is unavoidable, undestructible, related to previous body and continuing is known as ‘daiva’ (fate). This (rebirth) is result of that (deed). Hereafter another (birth) will also be true. Seed is inferred from fruit and vice versa.

एवं प्रमाणैश्चतुर्भिरुपदिष्टे पुनर्भवे धर्मद्वारेष्ववधीयेत; तद्यथा- गुरुशुश्रूषायामध्ययने व्रतचर्यायां दारक्रियायामपत्योत्पादने भृत्यभरणेऽतिथिपूजायां दानेऽनभिध्यायां तपस्यनसूयायां देहवाङ्मानसे कर्मण्यक्लिष्टे देहेन्द्रियमनोर्थबुद्ध्यात्मपरीक्षायां मनःसमाधाविति; यानि चान्यान्यप्येवंविधानि कर्माणि सतामविगर्हितानि स्वर्ग्याणि वृत्तिपुष्टिकराणि विद्यात्तान्यारभेत कर्तुं; तथा कुर्वन्निह चैव यशो लभते प्रेत्य च स्वर्गम्| इति तृतीया परलोकैषणा व्याख्याता भवति||३३||

Thus, re-birth having been astablished by (all) the four means of correct knowledge, one should attend to the religious scriptures (and duties prescribed by them) such as service of the teacher, study, performance of rites, marriage, reproduction, supporting servants, worship of guests, charity, refraining from desire of taking (another’s property), penance, refraining from envy, benevolent acts of body, speech and mind, constant examination of body, sense organs, mind, objects, intellect and self and also concentration of mind. One should also take up such other works which are undespised by noble persons, beneficial for heaven and which promote livelihood. Acting so one attains fame here and heaven hereafter. Thus the third desire for the other world is explained.

Unfortunately, we are generation of microscope observations. We trust small window of clinical trial experiments but doubts आप्तागम or परंपरा giving same fruits to generation after generations.

Kaliyuga. Eternal darkness of ignorance.

The human milk microbiota



So far, we were told that Mother’s milk is sterile. Absolutely pure.
And with this image, we also strive for Dairy milk. Pasteurized! Sterile. No bacteria at all!

That is the level of modern scientific temper we are proud of. 🙂 And investing heavily so that our kids are groomed under it. 🙂 (This does not mean I do not respect science and her achievements. Just a direction and outlook to look at nature is wrong).

In Ayurvedic understanding, no organism is harmful. Everyone is doing their job (or following their Dharma). Bacteria in milk are necessary. They are their to help the consumer of the milk.


“Culture-dependent and -independent techniques have revealed the dominance of staphylococci, streptococci, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria in this biological fluid, and their role on the colonization of the infant gut. These bacteria could protect the infant against infections and contribute to the maturation of the immune system, among other functions.”

It is high time we get rid of this germ-phobia. ASAP. Sooner the better.

The way mother’s milk helps infant, Gau milk helps adults.

On immediate basis, dairy milk should be replaced with raw milk from Gau shala where ethical practices are followed (Calf’s milk is not snatched. No hormone injections are used. Machines are not used for milking etc)


The human milk microbiota: origin and potential roles in health and disease.

Human milk has been traditionally considered sterile; however, recent studies have shown that it represents a continuous supply of commensal, mutualistic and/or potentially probiotic bacteria to the infant gut. Culture-dependent and -independent techniques have revealed the dominance of staphylococci, streptococci, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria in this biological fluid, and their role on the colonization of the infant gut. These bacteria could protect the infant against infections and contribute to the maturation of the immune system, among other functions. Different studies suggest that some bacteria present in the maternal gut could reach the mammary gland during late pregnancy and lactation through a mechanism involving gut monocytes. Thus, modulation of maternal gut microbiota during pregnancy and lactation could have a direct effect on infant health. On the other hand, mammary dysbiosis may lead to mastitis, a condition that represents the first medical cause for undesired weaning. Selected strains isolated from breast milk can be good candidates for use as probiotics. In this review, their potential uses for the treatment of mastitis and to inhibit mother-to-infant transfer of HIV are discussed.

The Wall-Paint Propoganda



Do you know why Paint company had to invest tons of money behind Backward Class Bollywood actors’ ad to propagate myth their paint is toxic-free?
• Twenty five samples of popular enamel paints were procured from Delhi markets and
analyzed for lead content by US EPA methodology using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
in May – June 2008.
• The brands tested were Apcolite (Asian Paints Ltd.), Nerolac (Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.),
Luxol (Berger Paints India Ltd.), Superlac (Shalimar Paints Ltd.) and Dulux (ICI India Ltd.)
and the colours were yellow, orange, green, black and white (Annexure I).
• Seventy two percent of these samples contained lead much higher than the BIS specification of 1000 ppm and only 28% had lead lesser than 100 ppm

Read more here:
Modern houses are suffused with harmful chemicals. One of them is lead, present in paints. It is banned in several countries but not in India.

Besides lead, these paints produces dangerous VoC (Now this is popular word as BC-SRK marketed myth.
1900s – Comments by English observers in India

“Purisha of Cow is applied on part of the skin which is inflamed or discolored.”
“Purisha of Cow is used to plaster the walls and floor of the home for its disinfectant qualities”
“Ashes of Cow dung are blanche pearl for Hindu Devotees, vital substance in cosmetic”

The Lancet, Dec 1915 (is the world’s leading general medical journal and specialty journals in Oncology, Neurology and Infectious Diseases.):

12 years research on urea in cow dung suggests that cow dung:
1. is innocuous to animal tissues
2. can work well to heal wounds and is non-toxic
3. works as antiseptic
4. works best as first-aid dressing
5. works best against chronic blood infection


Inoculation of small-pox seems to have been known to Indians from a very early age. Long before Edward Jenner was born, certain classes in Indian, esp. cow-herds, shepherds, has been in the habit of collecting and preserving the dry scabs of cow dung. A little of this they used to place on the forearm, and puncture the skin with needle. It is noteworthy to note that this classes have enjoyed immunity from small-pox.

Cow dung and urine were essential part of Indo-Iranian culture. Unfortunately, this practice now only prevails in remote villages of India. Everywhere else, it is forgotten and replaced by white-wash mania, owing to blind mimicry of western civilization.

Would you still love to live like a educated fools(Better word is literate fools. Educated fool is oxymoron)?

Midnight Munches to Irregular Meals : Memory Disorders to Cancer



5 years back, one young basketball player from local university died on the spot while doing his daily practice.

Many young players I meet, are not fit for long physical workout.

All of them have one thing common:

“Work hard, party harder. Addictions. Late night parties. Early morning eating after long talks. Tea after sports. Tea before sports. Late night movies with popcorns.”

Most of university students are zombies and mediocre.

One of many root causes is food habit. Timely regular meals is ignored. Eating anywhere, anytime is the fashion.

For married couple, after marriage, you will start observing indigestion issues in 1 or 2 years. Many of them even suffer from chronic issues like ulcers, IBS and cancer.

Reason? Observe following daily routine.



Sex after Meal. Exercise after sex. Bath after exercise. What a foolish way to spend life!! As per Ayurveda, at least 4 hrs between meal and sleep. At least 1 hr between exercise and bath. No exercise before and after sex!! When this is not followed, we stress double duty on Apana  Prana vayu. Since life-procreation is higher priority task, Apana for digestion is compromised and leads to indigestion. Indigestion is root cause of 99% sicknesses.

“Robust sleep/wake rhythms are important for health and cognitive function. Unfortunately, many people are living in an environment where their circadian system is challenged by inappropriate meal- or work-times.”

“An occasional late-night raid on turkey leftovers might be harmless but new research with mice suggests that making a habit of it could alter brain physiology.

Eating at times normally reserved for sleep causes a deficiency in the type of learning and memory controlled by the hippocampal area of the brain, according to findings in the journal eLife.”


Once the life rhythms are disturbed, cascading impact is unforeseen. Not only memory as this paper suggests, fatal consequence.


An occasional late-night raid on turkey leftovers might be harmless but new research with mice suggests that making a habit of it could alter brain physiology.

Eating at times normally reserved for sleep causes a deficiency in the type of learning and memory controlled by the hippocampal area of the brain, according to findings in the journal eLife.

Researchers from the Semel Institute in the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) became interested in the cognitive effects of eating at inappropriate hours because it is already known to have an impact on metabolic health, for example leading to a pre-diabetic state.

“We have provided the first evidence that taking regular meals at the wrong time of day has far-reaching effects for learning and memory,” says first author Dawn Loh from the UCLA Laboratory of Circadian and Sleep Medicine.

Misaligned feeding impairs memories

Robust sleep/wake rhythms are important for health and cognitive function. Unfortunately, many people are living in an environment where their circadian system is challenged by inappropriate meal- or work-times. Here we scheduled food access to the sleep time and examined the impact on learning and memory in mice. Under these conditions, we demonstrate that the molecular clock in the master pacemaker, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), is unaltered while the molecular clock in the hippocampus is synchronized by the timing of food availability. This chronic circadian misalignment causes reduced hippocampal long term potentiation and total CREB expression. Importantly this mis-timed feeding resulted in dramatic deficits in hippocampal-dependent learning and memory. Our findings suggest that the timing of meals have far-reaching effects on hippocampal physiology and learned behaviour.

Impact of educational Brainwash : Forgotten Science of Immunity Boosters



Couple of days back, I shared movie trailor where it is shown that Aircraft was first trial run by Bharatiya. 8 years before it was invented by US by right brothers.

As a reaction, one friend responded that this is all imagination. Indian society was primitive before they are exposed to modern science by British Education system. You are bigoted and fanatic about everything great about culture.


Well, that is the response of brainwashing done by modern education. I don’t pass this as blanket judgement. I can show you many examples with documentary proofs which will reiterate my firm belief about highly advanced society of Bharat.
Here is one more from the field of medical science.

Our text books teach us that smallpox vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner in 1798.

Then how come Dr. J. Z. Holwell, M.D., F.R.S. recorded common practice of small pox Vaccination across Bharat in 1767?

See, this level of brainwashing happens by school text books. And once a firm belief is imprinted in your kid’s mind that ‘Everything Indians is primitive and in inventions happen only in Europe’, you cannot stop them surrendering to the system designed to keep them slaves. And slaves cannot innovate genuinely. 🙂


“Holwell claimed that when the inoculation regime was strictly followed, it is next to a miracle to hear that it ‘failed in one in a million’. He added that since “this practice of the East has been followed without variation, and with uniform success from the remotest known times, it is but justice to conclude, it must have been originally founded on the basis of rational principles and experiment.””

A doctor publishes paper on Smallpox in 1767 and Edward Jenner inventing it in 1798 – mere coincidence? 😀


Just for you to observe: Traditional Cow shepherd community’s children relatively more healthier then rest.

Do you know reason?

Their affinity with mother Gau. Mother’s teats is breeding ground for harmless but essential viruses (including smallpox). When kids are playing with calf and gau, they go exposed to them early in age which naturally help them build immunity.

In Ancient Gurukul system, when child is admitted to school, he has to serve in Gau shala. Needless to mention reason i.e. to build their immunity 🙂

I have also seen in some community where dermal kit is prepared from dung and urine of cow using black thread and cloth and is tied on shoulder of the newborn. This also works as vaccination like modern days dermal hormone therapies.

But now our so called scholar movie script writers tell us that worshiping cows is wrong number 😀

I don’t ask you to blindly accepting what I am sharing. Do your independent study and you will find the same facts I am finding. (y) 🙂


Indian Education Roots : MACAULAY’s Letter to his Father


Ever wondered why some of fellow Indian citizens behave like an aliens? Like retard PK in recent movie who childishly questions everything?


Here are the roots.

MACAULAY’S CHILDREN is the mind disorder of which we all are afflicted to the different degrees due to our exposure to Education system designed by MACAULAY to produce slaves. The severe syndrome is not just the love of the West or of English (which in itself may be praiseworthy) but rather a blind contempt for India’s own history and traditions. This hateful contempt is a corrosive acid that destroys some of the mind’s complex instrumentation. It leads to mindblindness, that shows up in behavior, even unrelated to things Indian.

“To Zachary Macaulay, 12 October 1836
My dear Father,

….In a few months, I hope indeed in a few weeks, we shall send up the penal code to government. We have got rid of the punishment of death except in cases of aggravated treason and wilful murder. We shall also get rid indirectly of everything that can properly be called slavery in India. There will remain civil claims on particular people for particular services, which claims may be enforced by civil action. But no person will be entitled, on the plea of being the master of another, to do anything to that other which it would be an offence to do to a freeman.

Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully. We find it difficult, indeed at some places impossible, to provide instruction for all who want it. At the single town of Hoogley fourteen hundred boys are learning English. The effect of this education on the Hindoos is prodigious. No Hindoo who has received an English education ever continues to be sincerely attached to his religion. Some continue to profess it as a matter of policy. But many profess themselves pure Deists, and some embrace Christianity. The case with Mahometans is very different. The best-educated Mahometan often continues to be a Mahometan still. The reason is plain. The Hindoo religion is so extravagantly absurd that it is impossible to teach a boy astronomy, geography, natural history, without completely destroying the hold which that religion has on his mind. But the Mahometan religion belongs to a better family. It has very much in common with Christianity; and even where it is most absurd, it is reasonable when compared with Hindooism. It is my firm belief that, if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence. And this will be effected without any efforts to proselytise, without the smallest interference with religious liberty, merely by the natural operation of knowledge and reglection. I heartily rejoice in this prospect….”

Unless we correct the way we educate our kids, there is no hope. This system is designed to generate aliens and stupid protagonists.


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