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Science In Sanskrit



गुणधर्म – गुण आधारित धर्म
वर्णधर्म – वर्ण आधारित धर्म
स्वधर्म – स्व(आत्मा) आधारित धर्म
कुलधर्म – कुल (कुटुम्ब/जाति) आधारित धर्म

धर्म एक, आयाम अनेक|

Being धार्मिक = Actions rooted in धर्म covering maximum aspects (आयाम ) of धर्म.

Learning science in Dharmic language (Sanskrit or her nearest sister) has many benefits.

For example, word गुणधर्म.

If your child is conditioned for science in English, he or she will discuss properties of matter, chemical, organism with you. But if it is Hindi or any Prakrit language, the word would be close to ‘गुणधर्म’.

Physical matter has गुण(s) and their धर्म is decided based on their गुण(s). Their गुण(s) gives different reactions based on the environment they are in.

Turmeric has Curcumin. Curcumin’s गुणधर्म is identified as potential cancer remedy. But what the most western scientists forget is that for curcumin to work as per its dharma, it needs to be part of Turmeric. Extract don’t work always. गुणधर्म changes with environment. So best is to provide home-ground for Curcumin i.e. Let it be part of Turmeric.

गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म गुण धर्म …think about it.

धर्म is everywhere. धर्म is the center.

Nation as Organism : Why Globalization is a Long Term Failure


Nation as Organism

I reiterate this example again and again for intuitive minds to envision Nation driving factors..

1) Imagine Rashtra as an organism. For example, Bharat is a human species (as her geographical shape resembles to human body). Each organism has her own way of working. Humans live life different than dogs or dolphins.

2) Imagine States as organs of organism. Each organ has specific way of working. A defined goal to serve the body.

3) Imagine individual cells as citizens. They too have defined goal to serve the body as per their skills and inclination.

So, American model cannot work for Bharat. Bharatiya model cannot work for China. Yes, we may learn from each other but absolute copy-paste won’t work. Dog cannot transform into human. Human cannot become dolphin.

So when we talk about Nation driving factors. We must empower individual and from this bottom up approach, Nation should be run. Between individual and Nation, each macro identity i.e. taluka, district, state – act as per local organic environment. Everyone with single goal – To serve the Nation.

Cow Blessings, Inflorescence and Agriculture



There is one thing that is not in farmer’s hand is inflorescence (The time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms) . It is not predictable event. Time, quantity and quality – nothing can be predicted.

To ensure blessed blossoms, it is important to performs processes that are in our hands. Farmer takes care of processes that are in his hand meticulously.

What do farmers do (or should do)?

Seed Treatment by cow dung
Seed Treatment by cow dung

“The seeds should be taken up in palms, greased with ghee and submerged in milk with greased fingers and mass separated into single seeds! This process is to be repeated on 10 successive days.

Then the seeds are to be rubbed with cow dung.

And such prepared seeds to be sprinkled with noble thoughts and love.”

Above method is described by a farmer friend.

In short, farming processes mentioned in various scriptures (Kautilya arthshahstra, Atharva Veda, Varahamihir to name few) demands certain things from a farmer

1) Individual care of each seed.
2) Extensive usage of Gau-substances
3) Patience

In our time of mass communication, we miss this attention to individuals; attention to individual seed? Impossible.
Patience? Impossible. Protecting gau? Difficult.

Should we expect real satvik food when we ignore all of this?

Shivratri and Health

Shivratri preparation for next year 🙂
[Written on Feb 21, 2015]
शिशिर = कफ़ dominant season
कफ़ स्थान = Upper Respiratory Track (Brain, Nose, ears, throat)
Since eternity, end of शिशिर is known for कफ़ प्रकोप.
प्रकोप = Flu (ये स्वाईन फ्लू क्या है भाई? :D. )
To burn the कफ़ , exercise is important. उपवास & जागरण (Remember महा महीनेकी शिवरात्रि? Just passed by for this year) helps in कफ़ balance. Sports play critical role. Trekking in jungle helps. Camping by river front helps. Homam in seclusion helps. Burn the excess cough. Go, play. Become child again.
Some of us do जागरण. How? Passive by watching movies :D. . Where is your involvement? 🙂 Spend time in darkness. Observe the sky. Talk with the falling stars. Chant. Sing. Dance. Watching movie ? :O
Side note:
10403582_388504347941146_5214352771793655531_n 11015753_388504361274478_7820906639526354765_n
Kids are full of Prana. Prana provides innate intelligence to alter activities based on change in environment. In my village, kids games also change with season. In winter, they used to play with wooden top. Games played at one place, without excessive movements. As soon as Spring approaches, there is a change in evening sports. All of them prepare a stick and a wheel and roam around in the fields. Mother nature puts instincts in kids to alter routine, food choice with season change. Parents should be intelligent enough to note these changes. (Urban kids miss these opportunities as they are kept isolated from nature). Urban parents/schools should design activities based on season change. HRD minister, anyone free to do this research and implement? 😀 Or we are busy in IITs and IIMs 😀

Realize Shiva (महाकर्ता ,महाभोक्ता ,महात्यागी ) This Shiva Ratri – 2


Shiva – महाकर्ता ,महाभोक्ता ,महात्यागी
From Yoga Vashishtha

Part 1 of the series :

bhRGgIza was a man of ordinary or traditional self-knowledge.

He approached lord Siva and asked:

“Lord, I am deluded by this world-appearance.

Pray, tell me the attitude equipped with which I shall be freed from this delusion.”

LORD SIVA replied: Give up all your doubts. Resort to moral courage. Be a mahAbhoktA (great enjoyer of delight), mahAkartA (great doer of actions) andmahAtyAgI (perfect renouncer).

He is a महाकर्ता (great doer of actions)

who is freed of doubts and performs appropriate actions in natural situations
whether they be regarded as dharma (right) or adharma (wrong),
without being swayed by likes and dislikes, by success and failure,
without egosense or jealousy,
remaining with his mind in a state of silence and purity.
He is unattached to anything but remains as a witness of everything, without selfish desires or motives,
without excitement or exultation but with a mind at peace, without sorrow or grief,
indifferent to action and inaction,
whose very nature is peace and equilibrium or equanimity
which is sustained in all situations (in the birth, existence or annihilation of all things).

He is a महाभोक्ता (great enjoyer)

who does not hate anything nor long for anything but enjoys all natural experiences,
who does not cling to nor renounce anything even while engaged in actions,
who does not experience though experiencing, who witnesses the world-play unaffected by it.
His heart is not affected by pleasure and pain that arise in the course of life and the changes that cause confusion,
and he regards with delight old age and death, sovereignty and poverty
and even great calamities and fortunes.
His very nature is non-violent and virtuous,
and he enjoys what is sweet and what is bitter with equal relish, without making an arbitrary distinction ‘This is enjoyable’ and ‘This is not’.

He is a महात्यागी (great renouncer)

who has banished from his mind concepts like
dharma and adharma,
pain and pleasure,
birth and death,
all desires, all doubts, all convictions,
who sees the falsity in the experience of pain by his body, mind, etc., who has realised ‘I have no body, no birth, no right and no wrong’,
who has completely abandoned from his heart the notion of world-appearance.

Thus did lord Siva instruct bhRGgIza who then became enlightened. Adopt this attitude, O Râma, and transcend sorrow.

Sharing and Swapping : How civilized?


Is it civilized practice to swap clothes,ornaments,shoes,water-vessel,garlands?
When you swap, you not only swap material but also exchange thoughts,energy and germs associated with the item. No? Is there any machine that can sterilize thoughts?

Not only sharing clothes, modern teens now also share meals from same dish.

How unhygienic our modern living is!

285224_219005431557706_897265655_n Kurutob_eating_with_hands


Worship : Vyakta (व्यक्त) vs Vyakti (व्यक्ति)



व्यक्त is an adjective. It means ‘perceptible by the senses’. That which you can perceive by sense. That which you can embellished with your best imagination. That which has boundaries identified by the senses.
On the other hand, व्यक्ति is an individual. It is live manifestation. It is traceable individual.

पूजा व्यक्तकी है व्यक्तिकी नहीं|

Without सगुण उपासना, it is difficult to go to the next step. It is step 1 of self-realization. In Patanjali Yogasutra, it is said that “देश बन्ध: चित्तस्य धारणा |”. Without धारणा, चित्त won’t remain stable. Dhyan is possible when you become master in धारणा. धारणा is not possible without object. When धारणा is compulsory for mind’s progress, why not focus on सर्वगुणसंपन्न? With weapons, vehicles and supporting environment? They all help mind to acquire गुण. Mind needs to be localized at minimum possible thought clouds. देश बन्ध. To do that, we need a boundary. Giving boundary (व्यक्त स्वरुप) to your beloved God is not an issue but when we instead of almighty, worship individual, it comes with विकार(s).

व्यक्त स्वरुप => व्यक्ति स्वरुप : Limitations, Faults and fanatics.

This is the reason, God’s व्यक्त स्वरुप may have 1000 heads and 8 hands and numerous weapons and all that. व्यक्ति स्वरुप cannot.
Without nurturing mind and intellect, spiritual progress is impossible. मूर्ति पूजा is a potent tool for this beginning. Just take care that you do not succumb to limited idea of व्यक्ति पूजा.


Like व्यक्ति पूजा is faulty way and a kind of delusion, claiming Dhyan, meditation, concentration, samadhi without मूर्ति पूजा as net-practice is more or less delusion we all experience. Momentarily peace thanks to mind’s स्वभाव to give you good feeling at rest. There is no self-realization here.

All above is my limited understanding.

Idol Worship : Reflection of the Universe



Any art form, is not perfect for consumption by senses governed by life form striving spiritual uplift (a quantum leap from current state of consciousness to higher one), until the art form can express the Universe within and outside without adding human intellectual touch (which actually can limit the spiritual journey of the seeker focusing on Idol).

Thus, in Idol worship, perfection of reflection of universe in art is critically important. For this to happen, it is important for artist to cultivate pious nature, surrendered to mother nature and her different plays. And to connect with Maa, it is important to recite her glory daily.

There is interesting conversation between King Vajra and Sage Markendya in Vishnudharmottara Purana about it.

King Vajra wants to learn art of Idol making.

He seeks guidance from Sage Markendya.

And Sage prescribes him to learn following art in sequence to become master of Idol creator.

Vocal music (Reciting Vedas) => Instrumental Music => Natya Shashtra => Chitra Kala (Painting in 2D) => Becoming sculptor

In short, it is important to realize cosmos, to express it so potently so that seekers can connect with God by concentrating on divine play captured in Idol.

May Maa bless more potent artists to the world.

Realize Rudra This Shiva Ratri – Part 1


What is world made up of?

अग्निसोमात्मकं जगत्
रयि – प्राण
सोम – अग्नि

As per Veda, there are different forms of Prana. Consider them as different layers of         Pranamaya kosh of the body and the universe.

These prana are : ऋषि प्राण, पितृ प्राण, देव प्राण, असुर प्राण

”ऋषिभ्य: पितरो जाता: पितृभ्यो देवमानवा:। देवेभ्यस्तु जगत्सर्वं चरं स्थाण्वनुपूर्वश:।।(मनस्मृति 3.201)

Manifestation of all animate and inanimate entities happen due to interplay of  ऋषि प्राण , पितृ प्राण, देव प्राण, असुर प्राण.

As per Veda, all these forms of Prana are known as देवता & प्राणरूप देवता(s) are also known as अग्नि. अग्नि is also known as रूद्र.

— End of Part 1


Who could produce Shivaji?SHREE SAMARTH RAMDAS



Who could produce Shivaji? We need SHREE SAMARTH RAMDAS along with mata jija bai.

Here is the description of Shivaji’s Guru.

  • Shree Samarth had a very fair colored skin and  was a moderately built man. 
  • He used to exercise regularly and had a  very fit body. 1200 Surya Namaskar daily.
  • He had sparkling eyes and a pointed nose.His whole body had an inherent inner glow.
  • As he liked solitude and as he was a brisk walker and climber he most of the times preferred to stay in the forests surrounding Sajjangad or in the crevasses of the mountains. 
  • He was a very good swimmer, horse rider and was proficient in warfare as he could use all the weapons used at that time. 
  • Yet he was humility personified. He never spoke with a raised tone to anyone. If someone asked, how the things were going he would just say, “As per Lord Ram’s wishes”. 
  • He won the hearts of thousands with his charming speech and total selflessness. 
  • He was very fond of kids and used to play with them. 
  • He liked to read and write. 
  • His memory was very sharp. 
  • He liked poetry and music and even was a nice singer. 
  • Despite his stern looks he was a very kind hearted person.
  • Having toured all over India he knew the customs in various parts and could speak many languages, prominent amongst them being Hindi, Marathi, Urdu and of course Sanskrit! 
  • His observation was very minute and analytical. Himself being very kind and a workaholic he naturally liked people having these qualities. He totally disliked idle people and literally abhorred them. 
  • He always said that you shouldn’t harp on imaginary things; rather you should do whatever is worth doing and then tell others about it. 
  • He was a very kind hearted man and therefore couldn’t see anyone in grief. These qualities attracted thousands of people around him. 
  • He had an uncanny knack of quickly assessing the capacity of a person and used to assign a particular job accordingly. 
  • Most people used to be awed with this power of his


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