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Agriculture and Bhishma’s Tips for Rulers


Tips for all rulers (Central and State govt(s) ) ignoring Agriculture, cows and local small scale industries.

Bhishma – Yudhisthir Conversation from शान्ति पर्व

Tips for Rulers
Tips for Rulers


कृषिगॊरक्ष्य वाणिज्यं लॊकानाम इह जीवनम |
कृषि, गौरक्षा & वाणिज्य ही प्रजाका जीवन है|
Remember Yudhisthir! Agriculture, cow-protection and business (small scale industries) only are lifelines of the society.

कच चित कृषिकरा राष्ट्रं न जहत्य अति पीडिताः
ये वहन्ति धुरं राज्ञां संभरन्तीतरान अपि
इतॊ दत्तेन जीवन्ति देवा पितृगणास तथा
मनुष्यॊरगरक्षांसि वयांसि पशवस तथा

कही कृषिकार तुम्हारे असह्य आहरणसे पीड़ित हो राष्ट्र छोड़कर तो नहीं जा रहे न? निश्चिंत कृषिकारही राज्यका भरण-पोषण करते है| उनके दिए अन्नसे ही देवता, पितर, मनुष्य, गंधर्व, राक्षस, पशु, पक्षी – सब जीवन धारण करते है|

Are farmers frustrated by your authority and doing mass migration/exodus? Remember again, only farmers sustain the Nation. From deities to humans to beasts to animals to birds – they all have life thanks to farmers!

By ignoring agriculture, cow-protection and small scale industries, we are inviting self-destruction. And like all previous govt(s), this govt too will be known as reason of collapse.


Will PMO India take a note and act on following issues?

1) Complete ban on cow-slaughter
2) Stop fertilizer and pesticides subsidy as a first step of total STOP on their usage
3) Remove middle tier corruptions in food chain
4) Promote decentralization and local food instead food processing industries

Research : Bacteria Communicates Like Neurons


Some interesting discoveries are happening in main stream science. This was our primary concept of Ayurveda. 72000 (नाड़ी) energy flow going on to keep the human body alive.

Imagine the havoc we create by bombarding chemicals in form of food, medicines and luxury items.

These under-currents giving us life also give life to other forms. Respect them.

Damn, it is all interplay of energy! Who are we? Nothing but inter-play of energies!Virus, bacteria, neuron – all are respecting interplay of Prana! 🙂

Bacteria communicate like neurons, study finds

“All of our senses, behavior and intelligence emerge from electrical communications among neurons in the brain mediated by ion channels. Now we find that bacteria use similar ion channels to communicate and resolve metabolic stress. Our discovery suggests that neurological disorders that are triggered by metabolic stress may have ancient bacterial origins, and could thus provide a new perspective on how to treat such conditions.”


Ion channels enable electrical communication in bacterial communities


The study of bacterial ion channels has provided fundamental insights into the structural basis of neuronal signalling; however, the native role of ion channels in bacteria has remained elusive. Here we show that ion channels conduct long-range electrical signals within bacterial biofilm communities through spatially propagating waves of potassium. These waves result from a positive feedback loop, in which a metabolic trigger induces release of intracellular potassium, which in turn depolarizes neighbouring cells. Propagating through the biofilm, this wave of depolarization coordinates metabolic states among cells in the interior and periphery of the biofilm. Deletion of the potassium channel abolishes this response. As predicted by a mathematical model, we further show that spatial propagation can be hindered by specific genetic perturbations to potassium channel gating. Together, these results demonstrate a function for ion channels in bacterial biofilms, and provide a prokaryotic paradigm for active, long-range electrical signalling in cellular communities.

Deepawali Churning: Who is getting consumed?

Burnout syndrome

Getting Consumed
Getting Consumed


Life span is limited. Ideally, one can stretch it up to 100 years. With our present life style, it is shrunk to 60s or 70s. Keeping this limited life in mind, every year, Diwali presents us two options related to light/fire.

Be a oil lamp that consumes life’s impurities and spreads the light of knowledge – a life spent in search of self by different ways – research, reading, meditation, running, exercise, work, family etc.

Or be a burnt out matchstick – a state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by one’s professional life and its chronic stresses. Dead and gone in 60 seconds.

Work-life balance. An internal flame to improve self, to live pious life, to live life for self-realization, to live selfless life, to live healthy and happy life. Think about it. How do we want to live life?


Herbert Freudenberger, a New York psychoanalyst, coined the term “burnout syndrome” in the early 1970s to describe a state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by one’s professional life and its chronic stresses. In response to mounting task loads, the wretch piles on the hours at work, pulling late nights at the office, ignoring exercise, and skipping meals or eating unhealthful fast food on the run cancel personal commitments to family and friends. Sooner or later the work efficiency declines, with poor concentration, fewer creative ideas, self-dissatisfaction, and lagging self-esteem and anxiety about failure, and depression. Some may seek solace in alcohol or pills. Some even attempt suicide.

Herbert Freudenberger used this term to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals experienced by people working in “helping” professions. Doctors and nurses, for example, who sacrifice themselves for others, would often end up being “burned out” – exhausted, listless, and unable to cope. Nowadays, the term is not only used for these helping professions, or for the dark side of self-sacrifice. Anybody seems to be at risk: stressed-out careerists and celebrities, over-worked employees, or homemakers. “Burnout” has become a popular term.

Save yourself from being “burned out”. Happy Diwali.

Navaratri Manthan : The Beast Within And Seasonal Spikes

The Beast
The Beast


We ,more or less, all are beasts in human form. Two qualities that restricts us becoming human are Anger and Lust. No worship, no meditation, no sadhana will bear fruits unless these two beasts are alive in you. Sacrifice them.

कामः क्रोधौ द्वौ पशु इमामेव मनसा बलि समर्पयेत।
क्रोधौ विघ्नकृतो बलि दत्वा जपं चरेत्॥

– महानिर्वाणतंत्र

काम & क्रोध – दोनों विध्नकारी पशुओका बलिदान करके उपासना करनी चाहिए|

’इन्द्रियाणि पशूनहत्वा’-

इन्द्रिय रूप पशु का वध करें ।

And we ignorant actually sacrifice animals 🙁

Although anger and lust can become active any time of the year, during monsoon, changes in our environment are such (mainly lack of Sun exposure) that they intensify these two beastly qualities. Observe around – why there are so many revolutions/agitations in the month of August. 🙂Why monsoon is deemed as season of lust by Bollywood? 🙂

It is स्वभाव or nature of this season (seasons when दक्षिणायन of the sun happen) to spur आसुरी शक्ति of human mind during this time.

And नवरात्रि is the time when we can worship eternal form of Energy to suppress beasts within.

In fact, there are 5 Navratri(s) in one year but we hardly pay attention to celebrate even two major Navratri(s) Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri.

Since परम्परा of identifying beasts like काम & क्रोध् and scarifying them for the greater good of the society does not happen, we have living beasts around. Pervert pedophiles to rapists to murderers to suicide attempters.

राम (ह्रदय सम्राट – अयोध्या निवासी – The one that rules our heart) – सीता ( शक्ति trapped in Muladhara chakra but freed by राम , हनुमान & वानरसेना ) , हनुमान & वानरसेना ( महाप्राण & मरुतगण i.e. micro organisms living in body) – they all together can control beasts of mind.

Happy Vijaya Dashmi! 🙂 Celebration of success of killing beasts within!

Science Against Fake Feminism : Heart Ages Differently in Women than in Men

Ultra-militant Feminism
Ultra-militant Feminism

PS: Mind you – this post is no way to ridicule genuine women right activists. This is for mindless ultra-militant feminists seeking even equality in the way men urinate! 😀

😀 What can we say? Let Science speaks! There is a difference which you cannot ignore!

Feminism seeking equality is a mental disorder. Male and female – both are differently designed. Their duties, their work, their roles – differ!

Aging differs as this research suggests. One more difference. Respect the uniqueness instead forcing abnormal equality.

One more probable reason why we (Hindus) seek bride-groom where groom is elder in age. It must be to synchronize aging differences and support most healthy life for the newly wedded couple (Another sign for age difference is : Female retires from active sex life earlier than Male. )

MRI Shows Heart Ages Differently in Women than in Men

As patients age, the left ventricular (LV) responds differently in its mass and volume between men and women, although both men and women experience increased concentric LV remodeling with age. In men, the opposition of longitudinal and cross-sectional changes in LV mass highlights the importance of longitudinal study.

In an article published online in Radiology, John Eng, M.D., of the Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and colleagues used MR imaging to identify longitudinal changes in LV structure and function in 2,935 participants who underwent baseline and follow-up cardiac MR imaging in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Participants were aged 54–94 years at follow-up, and 53 percent of the participants were women. Median time between baseline and follow-up cardiac MR imaging was 9.4 years.

Over this period, LV mass increased in men and decreased slightly in women (8.0 and -1.6 g per decade, respectively; P < .001). In both men and women, LV end-diastolic volume decreased (-9.8 and -13.3 mL per decade, respectively; P < .001), stroke volume decreased (-8.8 and -8.6 mL per decade, respectively; P < .001), and mass-to-volume ratio increased (0.14 and 0.11 g/mL per decade, respectively; P < .001). Change in LV mass was positively associated with systolic blood pressure and body mass index and negatively associated with treated hypertension and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level. In men, the longitudinal LV mass increase was in contrast to a cross-sectional pattern of LV mass decrease.

The changes combined to produce significant increases in adverse remodeling of the LV, as shown by increasing mass-to-volume ratios in both men and women.

“The LV mass in men implies an underlying cohort effect that operates in a direction opposite of the age effect,” the authors write. “These results highlight the importance of longitudinal study and suggest sex-specific differences in age-related cardiac remodeling.”

Side note on ultra-feminism

“For the feminist sect women are not the inspiration, they are prime matter in the worst sense of the term. They are convenient objects useful for the purpose of inflaming hatred against the Christian religion, hatred against men, hatred against the beauty of women, hatred against the equilibrium of families. That’s what feminism is, and I can guarantee it is like that because I was on the inside!”

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES,” writes Giromin. “I saw the feminist movement PERSECUTE WOMEN … I am a witness to the fact that today in the feminist movement women are not of any importance but serve as fuel for the fires of hatred that the feminist sect cannot allow to die.”

Giromin says that she felt pressured by the feminist movement to declare herself “bisexual” so that she could receive maximum respect. “Lesbian and bisexual women have much more voice and respect within the movement, so in the search for recognition of my struggle, with each day that passed, I deconstructed my heterosexuality and was substituting it with an artificial bisexuality.” Upon leaving feminism, Giromin ceased to regard herself as a “bisexual” and has also rejected gender ideology, a sine qua non of social acceptance in the feminist movement.

In her new book “Bitch, no! Seven times I was betrayed by Feminism” (Vadia não! Sete vezes que fui traída pelo feminismo), Giromin writes that she was repeatedly pushed to do drugs, to engage in sex with strangers, and was even molested by a lesbian, all at the hands of feminists who claimed to be fighting for women’s equality. She also recounts that when she once confided in a feminist academic that she was involved in prostitution while still a teen, she was devastated to find that the woman affirmed her behavior and did nothing to offer her a way out. She notes that one of the few times she received affection, kindness, and understanding from a female friend, it was from an older, conservative “anti-feminist,” who treated her like a daughter.

Giromin is donating a percentage of her book earnings to pro-life causes, and is now beginning to give talks against feminism, gender ideology and cultural Marxism, teaming up with Christian psychologist Marisa Lobo.

“I left that movement of which for four years I was one of the principal symbols in Brazil, and no one can say the contrary!” writes Giromin. “The result? Today I’m much happier and I’m able to help women more.”

The Facebook page of “Sara Winter” (Sara Fernanda Giromin):

Related coverage:


Whom to Follow in Kaliyuga? Media, Medium or Traditions?

Media against Hindus
Media against Hindus

Most of us, we the Sanatani(s), believers of Bharat Bhumi, are under the garb of toxic delusion. Often confused. Often surrendered to brainwashing techniques. Often raising stupid questions. Often raising trivial issues in own rituals.

What is the prescription for such chaos?

अथ यदि ते कर्मविचिकित्सा वा वृत्तविचिकित्सा वा स्यात् ये तत्र ब्राह्मणा: सम्मर्शिनो युक्ता आयुक्ता अलूक्षा धर्मकामा स्युर्यथा ते तत्र वर्तेरन् तथा तत्र वर्तेथा:|
– Taittireeya Upanishad

“In case you have a doubt as to how you should perform a particular action or as to how you should conduct in a particular situation] then the conduct/behavior of the noble minded living in that place/time will be your guide.”

“if there is in you any doubt regarding rites and any doubt regarding conduct, you should conduct yourself in those cases in such a way in which those Brahmanas who may be living there, who are competent to judge, dedicated (to good deeds), not led by others, not cruel and are lovers of virtue, conduct themselves in these cases.”

Seek shelter in the company of pious selfless performers. Follow their actions and you will be good.

Following living as per ancestors’ prescriptions is not supersition or ritual but sublime form of desh-bhakti. When you follow their instructions for living, you are connected with Maa, mother nature, Bharat bhumi. You will be taken care by Maa, without any doubt.

Celebrate Diwali / Navratri / Beej / Teej as your father demonstrated..,as your grand father taught you…as you society/Jati/ Varna used to celebrate…simple solution to combat all secular menace in your path

Food, Taste and Dosha : Chart

Diet and Dosha
Diet and Dosha

If you can detect predominant Prakriti (Pitta, Kapha, Vayu) of your body and doshic symptoms of specific day (based on breathing examination, stool exam, urine exam), you can design your daily routine food accordingly. You can become architect of your own life in true sense. You can heal your body by acting like a wise doctor.

Art and science of Cooking in Ayurveda is governed by 6 tastes. Depending upon the need, of increasing or decreasing specific dosha, you can prepare food for self and family members by carefully examining them daily morning during Sandhya time (Prayer time when entire family sit together).

This chart can help you.


Deepawali, Crackers and Earthen Lamps


Wish you all healthy, wealthy and fun-filled Diwali preparation :).

I do not support high decibel noisy crackers but I certainly suggest sulphur rich crackers + castor oil lamps to purify environment harmlessly. Must if you are living in village growing monsoon crops.

It is much better pest control and epidemic control than toxic pesticides and antibiotics needed to cure humans in post-Autumn time.

Please read below note by Dhongi Baba :
Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner.

We live in the Kalyuga and every Yuga brings with itself its own parvartri, it’s own inherent nature, it is but natural that in Kalyuga we have the rise of Tamsik parvarti (the demonic attitude) and we discard traditions which are for the betterment of the society, the environment and the health and well being of the people.

The Rishis (holy men) of Sanatana Dharma were not just run of the mill holy men, they were individuals who had carried out a lot of in depth and exhaustive research on various topics, it would be futile for this mad man to go on about Algebra, Trigonometry etc which and many more were gifts of these Rishis to us.

Diwali is not just a festival of lights to just mark the return of Lord Ram from his exile. It is also a festival which marks the autumn month in India.

Every change of season brings with it a lot of climatic and other environmental changes which are then countered by the diet and changes in lifestyle. This was very well known to the great Rishis of Sanatana Dharma.

India is an agrarian society and the main food crop is rice; apart from the Northern states of Punjab and Haryana where rice is not the staple diet, the rest of the country has rice as its staple diet, as in rice is used daily.

Now during the autumn months in India because of the change in weather there is abundance of an insect called the ‘tiny leafhopper’ of the cicadellidae family. These insects feed on plant sap and can transmit plant-infecting viruses and bacteria. They are also a serious threat to the standing rice crop (paddy) This family of insects if not controlled and let to multiply causes serious damage to the paddy crop and then as a further result then give rise to another types of insects which then cause various diseases and flus to humans and also harm cattle and the plants.

So what can be used to control these insects? Sulphur, Yes Gandhak (In Hindi/Sanskrit) So how do we then get this sulphur in the environment? Spray it on the plants as if do not have enough chemical sprayed on the plants already, spend millions if not billions by hiring choppers to spray these chemicals all over the country? And when this spraying will be done it will still be sporadic as how do you cover each and every nook and corner of the country’s land? The effort and cost required would be astronomical. Hence the fire crackers are used, they all have sulphur and there was hardly any corner in the country where people did not use crackers on Diwali days and lit small oil lamps.

Why diyas (oil lamps)? Because the vapours from the oil lamps then go and mix with the environment and get rid of the excess sulphur in the environment, very well planned I would say, wouldn’t you?

The sulphur fumes are light, they rise fast, they rise and mix with the natural gases in the environment and envelop the lower strata of atmosphere thereby eradicating most of these insects, however the oil lamps vapours are heavier and stay lot lower and by the time harmful residue of the sulphur fumes settle down they then are controlled by the oil vapours. A win-win situation?

Moreover the clay oil lamps (diyas) are bio-degradable, they are not like the harmful plastic flashing lamps which are harmful in every which way for the environment.

Also thousands of people and mostly not very affluent people depend upon the fireworks industry and the oil lamps for a living, do not harm their living which is the most environmentally friendly occupation.

Please do not discard and get rid of your customs and traditions just because a certain business lobby says it is harmful for the environment, please do not dilute the culture which is a result of thousands of years of wisdom!

You want to know what is bad for the planet? Cattle farming, yes rearing animals for food is the biggest cause of pollution and food scarcity on this planet! The billions of watts of energy spent on fancy lights that are lit on Diwali for a couple of days in India and then lit for more than a month if not two in all of Europe and the western world for the commercial festival of Christmas, to mark Christmas shopping and sales to boost the retail revenues every year cause a lot more pollution, the slaughtering of thousands if not millions of animals for various religious festivals, let it for Id or for the Hindu festivals is bad for the environment, the unmarked increase in the usage of pesticides to control the insects cause pollution, the marking of new year by most of the western countries by having fire work displays of huge magnitude in every city and town cause pollution. The cultivation and cutting and transportation of so called Christmas trees world over cause a lot more pollution. The artificial rearing and slaughter of hundreds of millions if not billions of turkeys over the Christmas period causes a lot of pollution. The list is endless.

Please do not get rid of your customs and traditions, they are not born of some commercial tactics, they have a lot of meaning which is good for this planet.

One last thing before this mad man ends his rant, I hope and pray to all the ladies, Please do observe Karwa Chauth festival, do not call it Karwa Chauth if you do not want to, do not do it for your men if you do not want to, call it something else, but please do observe the fast, it is very good for your health and is related to your menstrual cycles and your hormonal well being. I wish and pray that may we all be granted wisdom to analyse the benefits and ill effects of our actions. May we all be steady on the path of Karma.

ॐ श्री महालछ्मयै च विदमहे विष्णु पत्न्यै च धीमहि
तन्नो लछ्मी प्रचोदयात् ॐ ||

“Om Shree Mahaalachhmyai Ch Vidamahe Visshnnu Pat`n`yai Ch Dheemahi tan`no Lachhmee Prachodayaat` Om”

Om Prem Shaanti

Stressed Fathers Before Child Planning: Children’s brain development affected

Father passes stress impact to newborn
Father passes stress impact to newborn

I wrote one post two days back about how not only gene legacy but habit legacy help/jeopardize future generations.

Helpful legacy is fine but what about controlling unwanted legacy? Like life-degenerating addictions? Sometimes your ancestors passed through natural calamities with altered habits which you really don’t need now. Your parents were under great stress to fight against the poverty but now you want to get rid of that stress impact on your body.

So what is the solution if we receive unwanted legacy from ancestors?

If legacy stress is so intense that you get physical anomaly, physical anomaly is difficult to cure but we can certainly cure mental anomalies.

There is a way prescribed by our culture and forefathers : We do श्राध्ध & पितृ तर्पण. तर्पण is psychologically so potent ritual that you will hardly notice transformation it will do by subduing unwanted mental legacy. It is our fate if we prefer to live under the control of delusional rational mind with complete negation of mind’s requirements like Tarpana. 🙂 (Y) Ignore this post as superstitious rant 🙂

You can learn Pitru Tarpana from Shri Narasimha Rao‘s compilation here:

As I said, only way to help future is to prepare future for them by living ideal life now! 🙂 If you have chosen to be married couple, be ready to sacrifice all your anti-life fun and addiction while you plan for kids.

All would-be parents can take care by:

1) No stress at work. No family quarrels.
2) Healthy food and sound sleep
3) Always remain cheerful and positive about life
4) Pranayam, Asana, Concentration, Meditation

If you claim being scientific, you must accept process where legacy you transfer to your kids. And once you realize it, you must act. knowing and not acting is a greatest state of laziness. 🙂

We seek better world in future but we don’t participate when our turn comes🙂 . Child planning is a great duty towards society! Perform and participate! It is not mere fun-sex!!


Read this paper:

Penn: Stressed Dads Affect Offspring Brain Development Through Sperm MicroRNA

“More and more, scientists have realized that DNA is not the only way that a parent can pass on traits to their offspring. Events experienced by a parent over a lifetime can also have an impact.”

“It’s remarkable to me that seemingly mild stress to a male mouse would trigger this massive change in microRNA response and that that would get wired into the course of his offspring’s development,” Bale said.

When subjected to a mild stress, in this case, being restrained briefly, the offspring that arose from the zygotes that received the multi-miR injections had lower cortisone levels compared to offspring in the control groups. The mice in the multi-miR injection group also had significant changes in the expression of hundreds of genes in the paraventricular nucleus, a brain region involved in directing stress regulation, suggesting wide-spread changes in early neurodevelopment.

Finally, the researchers aimed to determine how the miRs were carrying out this effect after fertilization. Because miRs are known to target and degrade mRNA, the team looked at the stored maternal mRNA, a genetic bundle that is contained in the egg when it is fused with the sperm and exists for only a brief window of time to direct early zygotic development.

“People used to think that because that stored maternal mRNA gets translated during that initial two-cell and four-cell development, the mom gets a lot of say in those early stages and the dad gets no say,” Bale said. “But we thought maybe these sperm miRs could be attacking that maternal mRNA and directing which mRNAs get translated.”

The researchers again injected miRs into zygotes and performed control injections, but this time they incubated the zygotes for eight hours and then amplified the RNA in each single cell to look for gene expression levels. They found that, indeed, the multi-miR injection appeared to be attacking the maternal mRNA, resulting in a reduction in those mRNA levels compared to control injections. Specifically affected were genes involved in chromatin remodeling.

Bale suspects that when a male experiences stress it may trigger the release of miRs contained in exosomes from the epithelial cells that line the epididymis, the storage and maturation site for sperm between the testes and the vas deferens. These miRs may be incorporated into the maturing sperm and influence development at fertilization.

Principle of Yukta and Long, Peaceful, Healthy Life

Principle of Yukta
Principle of Yukta

युक्ताहारविहारस्य युक्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु।
युक्तस्वप्नावबोधस्य योगो भवति दु:खहा।। Bhagwad gita – 6.17

This verse on meditation is important key for all spiritual strivers. By following it, one can effortlessly walk towards attributes of Yogi described in Gita.

1) Moderate in diet and recreation (=Sports, Exercise where active involvement is necessary. TV is not recreation. Movie is not recreation.)
2) Moderate in action
3) Moderate in sleep
4) Moderate in wakefulness.

24/4 = 6 hrs for each activity where moderation is prescribed.

Do we spend enough time eating?
Do we spend enough time in sleep?

Most of our time goes into earning livelihood. Average 10 hrs for earning livelihood. 8 hrs goes in sleep. So what remains is not enough for other important activities of sustaining life successfully.

Being YOGI does not mean you leave your home, go to jungle and sit in meditation. That is not what life demand from Grihasthi (those who have started married life).

Food should be earned by honest means, it should be pure, easily digestible, light and a bit less than demand of body.

All actions should be performed as one’s nature, caste, creed, country, condition, for the welfare of the others!

Sleep well – enough not excessive.

Do concentration and meditation daily. Spend time with mother nature daily.

Beauty of word ‘Yukta’ is that there is no hardwired rule (like I tried to divide 6 hrs). At the end, you decide what is YUKT or moderate for you. See the outcome. If it generated healthy state of mind, body and environment, it is moderate. If not, alter!

What is our life – Yoga or Bhoga?

भोगा न भुक्ता वयमेव भुक्ताः, तपो न तप्तं वयमेव तप्ताः ।
कालो न यातो वयमेव याताः तृष्णा न जीर्णा वयमेव जीर्णाः ॥

bhogaa na bhuktaa vayameva bhuktaah, tapo na taptam vayameva taptaah |
kaalo na yaato vayameva yaataah, truShNaa na jeerNaa vayameva jeerNaah ||

Pleasures weren’t consumed, only we were; penance weren’t ‘done’; only we were ‘done’;
time didn’t pass, only we passed; thirst was not ‘over’, only we got ‘over’.

Think about it. If we don’t think now about all of this, life will force us to think in early 50s 🙂 and we will repent for lost time. Better to take care now 🙂 (Y)

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