By not protecting Gau – Govt is inviting slavery.

No cow -> No food -> Food dependency -> Slavery

Cow slaughter

Everyone is fed up with chemical farming. Mindless rape of soil is reaping results across the globe. There are hardly any vital nutrients left in mother’s breast (soil). The outer 3 cm layer of farm land, critical for any crop, is either vanished or polluted, full of toxins. Cancer for farmers and thousand different versions of sickness for food consumers.

At this juncture, only Gau mata (गौ माँ) can help धरती माँ. Her gobar, urine, milk, ghee – only medicine for cure.

This is not rocket science. Go and experiment in farm (or in terrace garden). I am doing it for last 5 years now. I not only get highest yield (above national avg) for any crop planted but also full of nutrition. Both quality and quantity. One south Indian friend’s family stopped eating rice because it was causing Vayu. Can you imagine? Someone stopping lifeline food? For last couple of years, they consume our rice. No Vayu effects felt in last 2 years. In fact, his 85 years old mother now eat the rice ( Vayu is predominant in old age). That is the impact of गौ माँ in just 5 years of experiments. Mind you – We don’t use even a single spray of chemical fertilizer or pesticide.

Also, it is cow based Zero budget farming that can save farmers from debt and not the Govt loans and waivers which ultimate make Monsanto like monster’s fat profit.

Cow-slaughter is not just mere about sentiments of Hindus. It is more than that. Entire agriculture in cow-belt (which is largest geographical region of Bharat) depends upon mother’s existence. So if we say Govt is not doing anything because it is Hindutva agenda, you are missing vital link.

No cows -> no agriculture -> no food -> food dependency -> Slavery

Be ready for it as State is sleeping and people are busy in their own zombie living.