If you share this video ( or this video ( with Indian parents of this age, 99.999999 % will reply it as disgusting harassment and extreme torture of innocent kids and will never engage their kid in such warrior making process.

But in reality, that is how the warriors were made in Sparta. Or here, in Gokul or Dwarka or Ayodhya.

Bulls are like kids for farmers. And bulls also realize it over the period of their lifetime. And only farmers can realize it as they are their life partners and sevak(s). What we see as torture, is not really the torture when you compare it with bulls sent to slaughter-house for their non-utility in milk-centric breeding of cows by artificial insemination.

But as I said, what you & me see as ritual-impurity in some modern forms of Jallikattu, must be corrected. Ban is not the solution. Ban will increase the slaughter. Ban will decimate the mighty breeds. While we worry about Bull’s rights, we actually impose societal adharma based karma. Suicidal in the long run.

Farmer’s Dharma, like all other forms of dharma, is very complex phenomenon. And difficult to understand until we put ourselves in farmer’s shoes.

If you would have shown me Jallikattu videos in 2005, I would have reacted in the same way as many of us in urban set up do. Even I would have supported the controversial ban. But things have changed lately for me as I myself experienced being farmer.