Glorious Bharatiya Agriculture Part 2 : Fallowing process
As observed by British officers.
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The Greed based farming has no concept of fallowing. A process in which Land left unseeded during a growing season. Yes! deliberate yield break!

This was key method by which the Sun was harvested time to time. When you keep the land fallow without unseeded, mother Earth with the help of local soil microbes and other birds and insects, will cover the land with grass. Call it weeds in your technical language. This helps Mother Earth to replenish herself with enough energy which is used extensively during planned crops.

Research hint: Fallowing = Restoring प्राण for Soil. Not following fallowing means, producing humans every year from your wife. Can you imagine her health? She will die prematurely. At least 4 years gap is suggested between two children. Maximum 4 children as per economic and health capacity. Same gap is needed for Mother Earth too.

In our times, this is not possible without community support. Majority farmers have small piece of land. So for them to help mother Earth, community must support them. That is possible at village level .That is possible only when urbans support them.

Here are the observations by British scientists about benefits reaped by Bombay presidency farmers by this method.