It is an almost universal belief with the equated people of modern times that the-world was created only a few thousand years ago, and the oldest civilization cannot date farther back than, say, 25000 or 100000 years before Holy Christ. You have been taught to see World timeline based on Christ, confined to few millenniums before and after.

Thanks this absurd assumption, now established firmly on Hindu minds, they live more catholic life than Dharmik life. For them, anything before Christ was barbaric and primitive and so IGNORE.

The idea of the absolute creation of the Universe out of nothing, at a particular point of time, is more than an ordinary human being was forced to conceive, in as much as it involves an attribution to God of such human characteristics as desire, want and striving for the attainment of an wished object, and thus reduces him to the level of an imperfect and human being. We are, therefore, justified in assuming, without entering upon a तत्वज्ञान discussion of the subject that the world is eternal with God, and creation means nothing more than the re-construction and re- moulding of matter, which, to a certain extent, takes place every moment! Pay the price for not including and teaching true तत्वज्ञान to all citizens in their childhood! Pay very high price in terms of confused, weak citizens, lacking faith in सनातन धर्म!

Unless and until we break this lunatic assumption, we would not be able to see धर्म संस्थापना ever established in our society. Without धर्म संस्थापन, do not expect strong, matured, equal society/Nation with eternally prevailing peace.

Work hard to to break this false limited world vision from mass. As soon as possible.