There is one thing that is not in farmer’s hand is inflorescence (The time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms) . It is not predictable event. Time, quantity and quality – nothing can be predicted.

To ensure blessed blossoms, it is important to performs processes that are in our hands. Farmer takes care of processes that are in his hand meticulously.

What do farmers do (or should do)?

Seed Treatment by cow dung
Seed Treatment by cow dung

“The seeds should be taken up in palms, greased with ghee and submerged in milk with greased fingers and mass separated into single seeds! This process is to be repeated on 10 successive days.

Then the seeds are to be rubbed with cow dung.

And such prepared seeds to be sprinkled with noble thoughts and love.”

Above method is described by a farmer friend.

In short, farming processes mentioned in various scriptures (Kautilya arthshahstra, Atharva Veda, Varahamihir to name few) demands certain things from a farmer

1) Individual care of each seed.
2) Extensive usage of Gau-substances
3) Patience

In our time of mass communication, we miss this attention to individuals; attention to individual seed? Impossible.
Patience? Impossible. Protecting gau? Difficult.

Should we expect real satvik food when we ignore all of this?