*International of Journal of Cancer : Early meal will save your from cancer*

Your teen boy and girl is brainwashed by popular media and peer pressure. For them, eating at 1 AM is cool thing! Movies and serials paint it as essential for strong friendship bond! *A bond that will invite cancer in adult life?* Reason why as a parent, we must ensure that popular media is not ruling habits of our kids!

In our culture, last meal is prescribed just around sunset. Not even 9 PM as this study suggests! Even disrespecting bodily timing is cancerous/carcinogen! Don’t act like an animal!
At prachodayat, we have discussed ample times, importance of not only food but meal timing! If you or your family member has habit or eating late in night. Sleeping immediately after meal, this warning !

There is relation found between meal timing and cancer possibilities. Basically, you don’t consider your body or meal anything. You don’t respect body and meal. Just eat by own whims and fancies. Such disrespect invite intense stress for body. Cancer is obvious one of the possibilities. If not cancer, definitely something else. Optimum health is impossible.

Remember, we are not animals. Period. Respect body and its timings. Animals are driven by natural instincts. Mother nature takes care of them. We are gifted free-will. Use it wisely or perish!

Read Research and old notes on same topic:


Effect of mistimed eating patterns on breast and prostate cancer risk (MCC‐Spain Study)

Modern life involves mistimed sleeping and eating patterns that in experimental studies are associated with adverse health effects. We assessed whether timing of meals is associated with breast and prostate cancer risk taking into account lifestyle and chronotype, a characteristic correlating with preference for morning or evening activity. We conducted a population‐based case‐control study in Spain, 2008–2013. In this analysis we included 621 cases of prostate and 1,205 of breast cancer and 872 male and 1,321 female population controls who had never worked night shift. Subjects were interviewed on timing of meals, sleep and chronotype and completed a Food Frequency Questionaire. Adherence to the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute of Cancer Research recommendations for cancer prevention was examined. Compared with subjects sleeping immediately after supper, those sleeping two or more hours after supper had a 20% reduction in cancer risk for breast and prostate cancer combined (adjusted Odds Ratio [OR] = 0.80, 95%CI 0.67–0.96) and in each cancer individually (prostate cancer OR = 0.74, 0.55–0.99; breast cancer OR = 0.84, 0.67–1.06). A similar protection was observed in subjects having supper before 9 pm compared with supper after 10 pm. The effect of longer supper‐sleep interval was more pronounced among subjects adhering to cancer prevention recommendations (OR both cancers= 0.65, 0.44–0.97) and in morning types (OR both cancers = 0.66, 0.49–0.90). Adherence to diurnal eating patterns and specifically a long interval between last meal and sleep are associated with a lower cancer risk, stressing the importance of evaluating timing in studies on diet and cancer.

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