Bhakti is essential for achievement of Karma(Yajna, selfless devotion for Nation and Culture) mentioned in Gita. Not so long ago, this land had witnessed many examples proving this point. In fact, they are the only examples where native culture could survive against foreign oppression.


( a) Tukarama and Purandaradasa devoted their entire life to the spiritual upliftment of humanity.
( b) Ramanuja and Ekanatha gave themselves over to social reform.
(c) Political achievement redounded to the credit of two great devotees of God, Nanaka and Ramadasa.
( d ) Finally, Jnanesvara and Kabira spent their life in utilizing their devotional temperament for the mystical upliftment of the world.

Yet again, we are in great need of rashtr-bhakt army guided by torchbearers like mentioned above.
Karma without Bhakti – not effective.
Bhakti without Karma – Not effective.
What is Bhakti anyway?

Human = Cognition + Feeling + Will
Human = Knowledge + Devotion + Action
Human = ज्ञान+ उपासना + कर्म

Devotion gives powerful hint about Bhakti. Devotion towards God. Devotion towards self. Devotion towards all living and non-living beings. Devotion for own karma. Devotion to Society. Devotion to dharma-sustenance. Devotion to Nation. For example, we call राष्ट्र-भक्ति which means Devotion towards Nation (and there is well known राष्ट्र-सूक्त in Rigveda).

यो न हृष्यति न द्वेष्टि न शोचति न काड्क्षति ।
शुभाशुभपरित्यागी भक्तिमान्य: स मे प्रिय: ।।Gita 12.17।।

जो न कभी हर्षित होता है, न द्वेष करता है, न शोक करता है, न कामना करता है तथा जो शुभ और अशुभ सम्पूर्ण कर्मों का त्यागी है- वह भक्ति युक्त पुरुष मुझको प्रिय है ।।12.17।।

He who neither rejoices nor hates, nor grieves, nor desires and who renounces both good and evil actions and is full of devotion, is dear to me. (12.17)

Path of Bhakti where you believe in some Deity or God or Nature or something, and try to act with the inherent belief that whatever, good or bad happens to you, is but a gift of that Supreme being. You trust that implicitly and slowly work on improving your devotion to it. As devotion increases, purity in mind comes. Purity is nothing but higher level of focus/concentration – the ability to hold one idea while excluding everything else. In Rigveda, following verses give glimpse of Bhakti/Devotion.

The Vedic peoples were ever-devoted to Ishwara ( The Supreme), in his many forms.Many verses in Rig Veda show Bhakti or devotion.The whole Rig and Sama Vedas are hymns of praise to Ishwara, that invoke him with ‘Twam’ (Thou), showing Devotion or Bhakti. The Veda can thus be called as ‘Bhakti Kanda’ as Brahmanas are Karma Kanda and Upanishad is Jnana Kanda. All three are very much essential for personal as well as National growth. Now, re-check above equation :

Human = Cognition + Feeling + Will
Human = Knowledge + Devotion + Action
Human = ज्ञान+ उपासना + कर्म
Human = Upanishad + Veda + Brahmana

Some examples of devotional hymns from Rigveda:

“We bow to the great god with reverence, we extol the brilliant name of ‘Rudra’.
With strong limbs, and having many forms, Ugra, the tawny adorns himself with decorations of shimmering Gold. ” – Rig Veda.II.36.8-9

“You, O Saviour, must be known as our Deliverer, Mother and Father of mortals, forever.”
– Rig Veda.VI.1.5

“For he who knows all births, we offer the ambrosia, may he consume the wealth of our enemies. May the Divine Fire carry us through all of our obstacles, through distress, as a Ship across the Ocean”.
– Rig Veda.I.99.1

एतां विभूतिं योगं च मम यो वेत्ति तत्त्वत: ।
सोऽवकिम्पेन योगेन युज्यते नात्र संशय: ।।Gita 10.7।।

He who knows in reality this supreme divine glory and supernatural power of Mine gets established in Me through unfaltering devotion; of this there is not doubt. (7)

Unfaltering devotion!

If Devotion is necessity of right brain, study and implementation of धर्म(in modern parlance – law drafts for people friendly laws and their execution) is necessity of left brain. Harmonious working of both is life.Sheer will force and devotion are powerful dual core weapons. Study Shivaji for magical execution of these weapon duo.