Mass level brainwash
Mass level brainwash

Our immune system is like our brain – we have to exercise it and expose it to a healthy environment (germs and all) so that it matures properly. Meanwhile, antibacterial products like cleaners, soaps, toothbrushes, dishwashing detergents, and hand lotions keep multiplying and we buy them believing that they’ll protect our families from dangerous germs (dangerous? Ha ha). These MNCs have recently invaded Indian village space by learning filthy bottom of the pyramid theories [Picture is evidence. Ad on food in Mahakumbh]. Usage of these so called modern cleaners will increase and infectious disease epidemic will increase too over the period of time.

You are forced to believe and use cleaners while American Medical Association prescribes to their citizens that : “If your family is generally healthy, then according to the American Medical Association, regular washing of hands with soap and water is all that is required to get rid of germs.”

Living in company of too many antibacterial @ Home means to sensitise immune system to any irritant that comes in our way. More allergies, more diseases.Using cleaners containing antimicrobial chemicals would actually kill the germs in your house, and although this sounds like a better idea, studies show that there is no demonstrated health advantage to using these types of cleaners.

Go Back to Basics. The surfactants in cow dung ash, mitti, old traditional soaps help lift the dirt off surfaces, while a little scrubbing and good rinsing will carry the dirt (and any microbes) away. And mitti will keep your immune system wise and mature forever 🙂.