अपान and ब्रह्मचर्य

Apana and Brahmcharya
Apana and Brahmcharya

Excretion of waste is very important in any system. Our प्राण, named अपान, takes care of our Body’s material needs and at the same time maintains all outward forces i.e. excretions. It works selflessly, tirelessly 24×7 for your Body’s sustenance, dividing tasks among excretion of मल(Stool), मूत्र(Urine) ,शुक्र(Sperm/Ovum), गर्भ(Fetus) और आर्तव(Menstrual waste).

During delivery of a child, अपान gives total focus on most critical task on hand i.e. contraction of Uterus, movement of pelvic, vaginal opening etc. Due to this over-focus on one task, rest of the tasks find little attention from अपान and hence there is a chance of hampered functioning of Excretion of stool and urine. And this is evident as it is observed by irregular bowel movements during Postpartum period.

Following pregnancy and childbirth, some women experience the following symptoms:
• Bowel urgency: Strong urges to defecate, with a feeling of an immediate need to get to a toilet.
• Passive fecal incontinence: Stool leaks out without one knowing.
• Urge fecal incontinence: Awareness of urge to defecate, but stool leaks out before one is safely on a toilet.
• Post-defecation leakage: Stool leaks out after a bowel movement. This is the rarest of all fecal incontinence symptoms.

Modern doctors prescribe activated charcoal to balance imbalanced अपान (Read more here on WebMD link In our village, we give Cowdung ashes prepared by Agnihotra. (Manusmriti is not lunatic when it considers Cowdung Ashes as most sacred and asking to keep it away from stool and urine infections.) Read more about अपान and Cow dung connection here:

Above normal scenario is mentioned to explain importance of ब्रह्मचर्य. If ब्रह्मचर्य is not followed, and sex is performed without any control, अपान will work tirelessly for your mindless lust and so other functions are severely impacted. When you are student, you cannot focus on learning when your stool and urine are not in harmony. Irregular stool and urine means indigestion. Indigestion means malnutrition. With mal-nourished brain, student cannot reach their highest possible realization state. Indigestion also mean toxicity. Toxicity – > Rapid ageing. I see many in 20s looking elder than me. Needless to mention reason.

This is just one aspect why ब्रह्मचर्य is important. There are other aspects too like excessive neural activities, reduction of शुक्र ओजस (Not sperm!), mental chaos etc.