Machine View of Body



Like their counterparts, medical science of our age is in form of reductionism; cornering one gene causing disease, generalizing symptoms, and finding solutions in chemicals.

All organisms are spatial units in which the various parts interact to form an integrated whole. Our ability to breath depends on the interplay between our nervous system, muscles, skeleton, and lungs. The function of our lungs depends on the composition of the mucus that lines its walls. The composition of the mucus depends on the proteins that transport negatively charged chloride ions. Changes in just one element of this integrated system can have disastrous consequences. Least we talk about other layers of consciousness (We talked about it several times).

So, when you treat one symptom with same standard operating procedure, chances are that you will fail more often. If you succeed, you never can foresee future consequences of actions taken with limited worldview.

True science can treat patients on individual basis. My root cause of viral fever is different from yours. Mr. XYZ’s cancer is his exclusive life journey. We must not generalize, instead we should use general pathways to find exact root cause. Imagine, if root is in mental plane and you treat it at physical level. Diseases will resurface, again and again.

And to diagnose patient individually is not mere science. It is art. It is nature’s blessing. It is specialized skill. Without Sadhana, it is difficult to get blessed.

Travel For Dharma : Ramayana Express, वनवास – Preparation for sustainable revolution


Indian Railway’s new initiative reminded me old note on importance of वनवास.

Other day, I visited one resort in tribal area. One startling thing I observed was, all modern life machines were painted traditional tribal art. Like car, train, plane. There were no cows, horses, tigers. Urbanization by tribal eyes.

Urban psyche overpowering native. DTH to AC – everything is now available in this remote village, thanks to luxurious resort for urabnites getaway. Early symptoms of potential loss of locals digested in globalization race. Time for Tirth Yatra, like Rama.

One way I interpret exile episodes and Mahabharata and Ramayana is: When Ravana’s/Kamsa’s/Duryodhan’s urban influence was polluting and corrupting local culture, Rama had to go on nationwide tour (वनवास) to make locals realize importance of living life locally. It is time again and we need someone to do the job.

Modern Habits, Fundamentally Anti-Health



Do you know which modern habit tops the list of most fundamental error against the health? And most easy to correct too!

Sharing attention meal deserve with some non-important activity.

1) Checking mobile while eating food.
2) Reading book/newspaper in
3) Watching TV and eating together
4) Eating when you had less sleep last night
5) Eating late night
6) Eating while thinking about some negative emotions

It is insult to the food. It diverts your attention. When food is ignored, it is poison, even if it is best organic food. Chaotic mind means low digestive fire. Low digestive fore means more and more toxins in blood.

Most terrible one is shown in picture. When mother shares her child’s attention focus with something else.

PS: Don’t take it personally. It is bitter truth. Even it is applicable to me too.Correction is cure. We must strive for correcting basic things instead focusing too much on mediclaims.

There is no safe dosage of poison : Avoid Sugary Food


We reported this sometime back:

Increasing Eye diseases? High fat-High Sugar diet and Microbes

So, few parent readers responded : “Once in a while, it is ok!”

“Everything in limit is fine? You must occasionally allow kids to eat chocolates. And if you are not doing so, your parenting style is against the growth of kids in modern times!”

Let us count few obvious occasions.

1) 40 peers @ school – 40 chocolates days
2) Add 20 neighborhood friends. 60 chocolate days per year.
3) Add 20 family and friends birthdays. 80 chocolate days per year.
4) Add 50 casual offering by parents, grandparents, relatives.

130 chocolate days per year. Is this limit? 35% is good limit?

Btw, as per this news, over 40% Irish parents give their children sweets daily.


Over 40% of Irish parents give their children sweets daily

More than 40 per cent of Irish parents are giving their children unhealthy treats like chocolate, crisps and sweets more than once a day.

The new research from Safefood, the food safety promotion board, published on Monday showed the majority of parents (73 per cent) did not consider these types of foods as treats.

Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, director of human health and nutrition at Safefood, said an over consumption of these treats was a “serious threat” to children’s health.

“As parents, we need to break the bad habits of giving these every day as it’s now become the norm and not really a ‘treat’ anymore,” she said.

“ Parents are really finding this difficult and these products are simply empty calories.”

Children aged five and under were the age group given the most daily “treats” at 50 per cent.

अक्षय नवमी : आमला व्रत : Finest Season Driven Festivals of India



With this new season (हेमंत ऋतू), mother nature demands change in diet. If you don’t know what to eat, ask grand mother. She will explain with reference to festival.

Festivals track change in seasons and its reflection on our habits.

4 days from Today is Akshya Navami (Nov 20, Friday).

As per legends, on this day Satya yuga was started.

In my understanding, this is the day to transform your own personal universe, your body into Satya Yuga for 1 more year.

On this day, two fruits have significance associated.

Pumpkin and Amla.

Health benefits of Amla are well known. Start eating Amla.

कद्दू or કોળું or pumpkin is another one. It increases vital energy of the body. It is वीर्यवर्धक,वातनाशक,पित्तशामक.It can clear issue of indigestion. Good for your digestive system. Great for your eyes. Improves immunity. Lowers your risk of heart disease.Good food for diabetics. Helps prevent breast cancer. Regularize mensuration cycles.Lowers fatigue. Keeps you hydrated.

As name of the उत्सव suggests, अक्षय. Fruits, vegetables, rituals, vrats, festivals of this season stops your aging (क्षय).

Parenting Next : I am least-bothered about my son


I am least-bothered about my son.He is product of present societal setup. I simply cannot impose anything on him. Many friends who read my post assume that I claim being best parent! ha ha. It is next to impossible to grow a child by being a best parent. Not enough. For optimum child-development, not just parents but environment play critical role.

I can do two things that are under my control.

1) I can demonstrate values I wish my son to adopt
2) I can work in sustaining healthy environment for him. To sustain the environment on both physical plane and mental plane. For physical plane, I must offer him quality food, air and water. I consider it as my utmost duty. And that is not limited to buying best organic food from superstore but actually correcting the food chain. I also need to work on correcting mental sphere around my son. And for that, I read, listen, share and re-share life-enriching ideas, here and in real life.

Being a theoretical ideal parent is not enough. It takes a village to groom a best next generation. My son will be outcome of parenting, schooling and present societal norms.

I wish my friend understand this and get rid of preconceived idea of ideal parenting. Strive for ideal culturally rooted society if you wish best next generation.


2018-11-16 07_56_05-Memories

2018-11-16 07_54_54-Memories

Impact of Energy fields : Magnet to repair DNA mutations


We Indians believe in प्राण, supra form of energy. We don’t believe in reductionist view of modern science where body’s energy fields have no value in curing patient and maintaining good health.

At Prachodayat, we have discussed many times about being barefoot or being at Gau shala regularly or being in jungle as frequently as possible. All these activities expose your body to soil’s powerful bio-electro-magnetic fields. And they do correct our energy fields, and in turn tasks like eliminating pathogens or reducing blood toxins or doing DNA repair.

Even Chinese healing system relies on soil’s energy for healing.

Not only health, energy fields around us, based on their exposure and intensity, can also make us sick. Mobile and wifi radiations are examples.



Experimental Rice U. therapy could repair mutations that cause genetic diseases

A new technology that relies on a moth-infecting virus and nanomagnets could be used to edit defective genes that give rise to diseases like sickle cell, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis.

Rice University bioengineer Gang Bao has combined magnetic nanoparticles with a viral container drawn from a particular species of moth to deliver CRISPR/Cas9 payloads that modify genes in a specific tissue or organ with spatial control.

Because magnetic fields are simple to manipulate and, unlike light, pass easily through tissue, Bao and his colleagues want to use them to control the expression of viral payloads in target tissues by activating the virus that is otherwise inactivated in blood.

Old notes

Soil, Answer to TB(क्षय) (and other modern inflammations) Cure

Walking barefoot daily: One life habit you cannot ignore

Being Barefoot : Natural, Beneficial and Anti-aging

What is your being grounded quotient (BGQ)?

You can’t bring nature from supermarket


This is the irony of our society. We strive for moving back to roots but the way we select is nothing but same alternative in same system! Marketers are smart. They know very well that consumers are now fed up with their fake products loaded with chemicals.

But they must sell so that targets are achieved. So what to do? Use what consumers strive for!

आयुर्वेद! वेद ! प्राकृतिक ! Organic! Natural!!

Don’t fool yourself. Mother nature can’t come in packets from mall. If you really wish to bring change, go back to roots. Don’t be so lazy to rely on market to feed you. Find your food and utilities by self. Promote and invest time and money in local home based businesses whom you can trust and are nature friendly.



New study: Parents put nature in the shopping basket

“It actually happens. Children bite into their seats when they’ve been sitting for a while. That’s why I read whatever I can online. It’s where I’m most likely to discover whether or not a particular child seat is stuffed with chemicals,” says Anne, one of the mothers interviewed in a recent study on the consumer behaviour of parents conducted at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Food and Resource Economics.

The researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 17 parents about considerations governing consumer choice in a world bursting with products, experts, social media and self-declared health gurus. One consideration stood out – naturalness, understood in the sense of organic foods or chemical additive free products.

“Parents need to make good decisions amidst this complexity of possibilities and information. They use naturalness as a way to mitigate the complexity and protect their children from that which they deem to be dangerous, with danger being defined as ‘unnatural’,” explains the study’s main author, sociologist and Postdoc Sidse Schoubye Andersen.

Mother nature is not dangerous
Today, many people value their children being exposed to mud and dirt, and in getting dirty. According to Schoubye Andersen, nature used to be seen as something to protect ourselves from – for the sake of hygiene, for example. Today, parents see exposure to ‘natural’ filth and grime as important, contrary to having their child come into contact with chemical substances in various products.

“In this naturalness logic, products can do more harm than good, because they risk creating an imbalance in what is natural. Parents consider their toddlers to be perfect pieces of nature. By exposing them to large quantities of unnatural products, they run the risk of interfering negatively with nature,” says the researcher.

While researchers allowed parents the option of who would be interviewed, mom or dad, the majority of respondents were mothers. Of the fathers interviewed, they often admitted to being influenced by their partners’ attitudes towards what was in the child’s best interest.

“When fathers described household decision making, they often referred to leaning towards the mother’s views. So even though there are fathers who participate actively in decisions about what is in their children’s best interests, it is abundantly clear that the mother has the final say,” says Sidse Schoubye Andersen.



Why teaching Panchang first to kids? All Infectious Diseases Are Seasonal


“Teach पञ्चांग to kids.”

“Why?My kids know enough of days, months & season.”

“That is तिथि, वार.What about नक्षत्र, योग और करण?”

“Who cares?”

“Your body cares! Despite your numbness and arrogance, your body cares about तिथि, वार, नक्षत्र, योग और करण as it follows the natural cycles! Biological clocks prefer your intervention to tune it to the change! To the level of नक्षत्र, योग and करण! We need it because we don’t live in jungle! Sheer artificial setup we live in, disturb body’s cycles. Knowledge, understanding and sense of तिथि, वार, नक्षत्र, योग और करण , make life easy for adjustments to the season’s minor change!”

“What if I don’t care!”

“We better have term insurance 😉 To me, more chaotic life we have, minute seasonal changes knowledge we should have! 🙂

This was my conversation with a good friend. Here is an additional info why we must train our kids in आकाश दर्शन and reading panchang!

Below research says, all infectious diseases are seasonal. When your kid is sharp enough to understand the changes around, which are now more abrupt and random ever in history of mankind, they can alter life routine (food, sleep, exercise) effortlessly.


Mark Your Calendar: All Infectious Diseases Are Seasonal

She found seasonality occurs not just in acute infectious diseases like flu but also chronic infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, which depending on geography, flares up with greater regularity certain times of the year. Preliminary work has shown that even HIV-AIDS has a seasonal element, thought to be driven by seasonal changes in malnutrition in agricultural settings.

The paper describes four main drivers of seasonality in infectious diseases. Environmental factors like temperature and humidity regulate seasonal flu; in vector-borne diseases like Zika too, the environment plays a role in the proliferation of mosquitos. Host behaviors such as children coming into close proximity with each other during the school year are a factor in measles. Ecological factors such as algae play a role the outbreak of cholera. Seasonal biological rhythms, similar to those that govern migration and hibernation in animals, may also be a factor in diseases like polio, although more research is needed.

“Seasonality is a powerful and universal feature of infectious diseases, although the scientific community has largely ignored it for the majority of infections,” says Martinez, an assistant professor of Environmental Health Sciences. “Much work is needed to understand the forces driving disease seasonality and understand how we can leverage seasonality to design interventions to prevent outbreaks and treat chronic infections.”

Who is your role model as writer?



My role model is कवि गणेश!

न स शब्दो न तद्वाच्यं न स न्यायो न सा कला ।
जायते यन्न काव्याङ्गं अहो भारो महान्कवेः ।। ५.४ ।।

भाषा कोईभी हो, कविकी रचनामें सभी कलाका ज्ञान छलकता है| कवि कविहै तो सब विद्या & कला जानताही है| किसीभी चुन्नू मुन्नूको कवि कहके संबोधित मत करो! यह महाकवि गणेशकी insult होगी|

Not only Sanskrit Maha Kavya(s), you will find references to Ayurveda, Purana, politics, weapons etc. in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali , Tamil Kavya(s) too! Provided they are written by THE KAVI!

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