Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach


“Where nature is, there is health; where *Civilization is there is diseases.”
– E E Printon

Civilization here is a outcome of human arrogance which does not see nature as Mother but tries to control Nature by exploring it.

Reason why I insist संस्कृति and not civilization.

Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach

Ultimate objective of mother nature behind all her actions, is not to punish her children or teach a lesson but to firmly ingrain in their minds the importance of staying within the limits of dharma. So like our mothers, she is always caring and loving towards her children but whose love sometimes takes the form of anger and even punishment.

My culture teaches me – Instead of studying diseases, finding root causes behind them with reductionist attitude ( X event occurred because Y happened in past type conclusions of modern medicine, without considering whole set of complex events that happen in environment and our peers’ lives) , learn preventive care, contemplate on this observations about prevention, and try to live life as per dharma based regime.

And if you fail to prevent disease despite all preventive cares, accept the condition with smile and surrender to mother nature. She has all remedies for her beloved. She had given your body, she knows the remedy too.

Ayurveda teaches concept of स्वभावोपरम principle. Body will tend to restore self to own स्वभाव, own birth prakriti. We as a caretaker of body, only need to provide conductive environment by controlling food, sleep and actions.

Kitchen, School, Sanskar and Season


Kitchen is no different than school for Indian homes. School is where (ideally) kids get संस्कार while Kitchen (पाकशाला) is where food gets संस्कार (a mental and physical transformation that makes food digestible for all family members).

From शरद ऋतु to शिशिर ऋतु, slowly our body’s digestive fire is increased. And to support this fire, our festivals indicate to eat sweets. So that Pitta and Kapha remain balanced.

On the other hand, we prepare sweets from Mawa. Mawa is prepared by intense heating of milk. (अग्नि संस्कार). Due to this, it becomes hard to digest. Not so hard for young in family. But if you have low digestive dire (despite favorable season for intense bodily fire, due to sickness or old age), there is solution for it. The prepared sweet is coated by supporting material.

Ayurvedic documents consider silver as an antimicrobial astringent, while gold is claimed to be an aphrodisiac. So even if you eat sweets with मंद जठराग्नि, the coating material will take care of toxins generated due to inefficient digestion of mawa sweets.

Gold and silver are no more affordable so now it is foolish to expect real silver coating on sweets. 🙂

Day by day, purpose was forfeited and the coating became decoration.

And now toxic decoration. Beware and avoid.

Even milk is scarce resource so it is foolish to expect real mawa based sweets/

But we cannot / must not stop eating sweets during these three seasons (शरद,हेमन्त,शिशिर) to balance pitta of the body.


Replacing mawa sweets with chocolates from Cadbury or Amul is the worse solution! 🙂 Avoid!

Get milk from genuine gaushala. Prepare mawa sweets at home. Use different ways to increase digestive fire i.e. Ajwain water in the morning. Sunth (सौंठ) before meals etc. before eating sweets with meal.

Avoid mawa/milk sweets at public functions like marriage. They are for sure not worth toxins!

Mediocrity is side effect in booming generation


“Much of the real world is controlled as much by the ‘tails’ of distributions as by means or averages: by the exceptional, not the mean; by the catastrophe, not the steady drip; by the very rich, not the ‘middle class.’ We need to free ourselves from ‘average’ thinking.”

-Philip Anderson, Nobel Prize Recipient, Physics

Mediocrity is side effect of booming generation. Real life incident:

“Why did you leave your lucrative and thriving construction consultancy at this juncture when industry is observing boom? Don’t you want to become successful?”

🙂 Earning more is not in my success definition. Since it is boom, mediocrity has increased in workmanship. My efficient team is no more with me as they all wanted to earn more so they started their own shops. I am left with no quality shoulders to support my vision. New breed doesn’t want to learn things as time is flying rapidly for them and they can’t wait to master the skill. I cannot spoil my work-life balance by spending more time with mediocre workers. I had no choice but to shutdown until sun rises again”

“Hmm…good decision.”

Education by Itihas



How many of us want to realize difference between History and Itihas?

Itihas (Mahabharata and Ramayana) are essential for growing children.

Unfortunately, our history books are designed as a part of Indian Education Scam, to glorify Lords of British regime with little or no analysis of real इतिहास.

True history is written by, not historians funded by power custodians but by those millions and billions who love glorious past, have faith in land and her culture and sing history by living life on lessons learnt from history.

History is not mere recording events in chronological order . It is not gaga sung by language experts for power custodians. It is song of life, guiding principals, showing dark as well as bright consequences of human actions. Learn from it and act righteously in present to present beautiful future to coming generation.

I feel, only insensitive and selfish or ignorant(पशु) can ignore true history of the land. Sensitive humans go beyond books and act.
“He who knows the four Vedas with all the Angas and Upanishads, but does not know this history (Bharata), cannot be regarded as wise. Vyasa of immeasurable intelligence, has spoken of the Mahabharata as a treatise on Artha, on Dharma, and on Kama. Those who have listened to his history can never bear to listen to others, as, indeed, they who have listened to the sweet voice of the male Kokila can never hear the dissonance of the crow’s cawing. ” – Mahabharat

इतिहास पुराणाभ्यां वेदं समुपबृंहयेत
बिभेत्य अल्पश्रुताद वेदॊ माम अयं परतरिष्यति – आदिपर्व , महाभारत

GUT health is real controller of cure success

The root is in Hanuman and Ganesh. Who work together to protect the Prana sit. The GUT. If gut is not healthy, no medicine will work.
Many of my co-workers take B12 injections. I warn them that, this is not the solution. Your GUT is sick and modern medicine has no answer for it! Unless you resolve the GUT sickness, no medicine will work! You will keep taking medicines and damage healthy prana in other organs, including Kidney.
So, focus on GUT health. And I suggest one proven set of solutions.
1) Hanuman Worship and Ganesh worship as integral part of daily routine (I know, your educated rational mind will resist accepting this! 😉 )
2) Daily minimum two rounds surya namaskars
3) Seasonal Qigong
While your GUT is sick, avoid experimental food. Stick to local traditional home cooked food. Best if it is self cooked!
Avoid aimless travelling. Avoid RO water. Avoid excessive and untimely sex. Avoid suppressing nature’s calls. Drink enough water. Avoid acidic filthy pale food. Have rich fermented food (must be fermented at home where you live!).
Why do orally-administered drugs for diabetes work for some people but not others?
According to researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine, bacteria that make up the gut microbiome may be the culprit.

Teen Bulling: Feeding Toxins to brain since birth

Worried about more and more psychopath news delivered with morning tea? From suicides to pedophiles. Devil is in the detail of toxic pollutants all around. Chemicals in wall paint, chemicals in food, vehicular fumes, Industrial waste, modern pharma (especially vaccines and supplements!) and modern agriculture!!

We are responsible for it. We demanded and accepted mindless pollution-heavy economy, didn’t we? The sudden rise in mental disorder is due to depleted Prana in our environment due to toxic pollution. And yes, remember, pollution doesn’t only mean the black smog your eyes can see or suffocate! More pervasive and silent pollution is present in our food and water! And medicines!


Badly behaved teens? Air pollution could be to blame

Tiny, toxic particles creep into developing brains, cause inflammation and may damage brain pathways responsible for emotion and decisions, USC researcher finds

Tiny pollution particles called particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) — 30 times smaller than a strand of hair — are extremely harmful to your health, according to Diana Younan, lead author of the study.

“These tiny, toxic particles creep into your body, affecting your lungs and your heart,” said Younan, a preventive medicine research associate at the Keck School of Medicine. “Studies are beginning to show exposure to various air pollutants also causes inflammation in the brain. PM2.5 is particularly harmful to developing brains because it can damage brain structure and neural networks and, as our study suggests, influence adolescent behaviors.”

The study, published Dec. 13 in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, suggests that ambient air pollution may increase delinquent behavior among 9- to 18-year-olds in urban neighborhoods in Greater Los Angeles. The insidious effects are compounded by poor parent-child relationships and parental mental and social distress, researchers said.

“Previous studies by others have shown that early exposure to lead disrupts brain development and increases aggressive behavior and juvenile delinquency,” Younan said. “It’s possible that growing up in places with unhealthy levels of small particles outdoors may have similar negative behavioral outcomes, though more research is needed to confirm this. Both lead and PM2.5 are environmental factors that we can clean up through a concerted intervention effort and policy change.”

More than just a lung and heart concern

The study followed 682 children in Greater Los Angeles for nine years starting when they were 9. Parents completed a child-behavior checklist every few years and noted if their child had engaged in 13 rule-breaking behaviors, including lying and cheating, truancy, stealing, vandalism, arson or substance abuse. Up to four assessments were recorded per participant.

Researchers used 25 air quality monitors to measure daily air pollution in Southern California from 2000 to 2014. They computed each participant’s residential address and used mathematical modeling to estimate the ambient PM2.5 levels outside each home. About 75 percent of the participants breathed ambient air pollution that exceeded the federal recommended levels of 12 micrograms per cubic meter. Some areas had nearly double the recommended amount of these particles.

“It is widely recognized that ambient air pollution is detrimental to the respiratory and cardiovascular health of young and old alike. But in recent years, scientists have come to acknowledge the negative impact of air pollution on human brains and behaviors,” said Jiu-Chiuan Chen, an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine and senior author of the study.

Depression increases brain aging


Our modern habits, technology and dead food are consuming life in two ways. They not only make us dumb driven cattle but also accelerate aging. Even in ripe middle age, many start living like in 70s!

Slow down. Focus more on daily habits. Be sensitive about food. Exercise regularly. Play at least one sport!


Depression speeds up brain ageing, find psychologists

Psychologists at the University of Sussex have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages. Although scientists have previously reported that people with depression or anxiety have an increased risk of dementia in later life, this is the first study that provides comprehensive evidence for the effect of depression on decline in overall cognitive function (also referred to as cognitive state), in a general population.

For the study, published today, Thursday 24 May 2018, in the journal Psychological Medicine, researchers conducted a robust systematic review of 34 longitudinal studies, with the focus on the link between depression or anxiety and decline in cognitive function over time. Evidence from more than 71,000 participants was combined and reviewed. Including people who presented with symptoms of depression as well as those that were diagnosed as clinically depressed, the study looked at the rate of decline of overall cognitive state – encompassing memory loss, executive function (such as decision making) and information processing speed – in older adults.

Importantly, any studies of participants who were diagnosed with dementia at the start of study were excluded from the analysis. This was done in order to assess more broadly the impact of depression on cognitive ageing in the general population. The study found that people with depression experienced a greater decline in cognitive state in older adulthood than those without depression. As there is a long pre-clinical period of several decades before dementia may be diagnosed, the findings are important for early interventions as currently there is no cure for the disease.

Lead authors of the paper, Dr Darya Gaysina and Amber John from the EDGE (Environment, Development, Genetics and Epigenetics in Psychology and Psychiatry) Lab at the University of Sussex, are calling for greater awareness of the importance of supporting mental health to protect brain health in later life.

Dr Gaysina, a Lecturer in Psychology and EDGE Lab Lead, comments: “This study is of great importance – our populations are ageing at a rapid rate and the number of people living with decreasing cognitive abilities and dementia is expected to grow substantially over the next thirty years.

“Our findings should give the government even more reason to take mental health issues seriously and to ensure that health provisions are properly resourced. We need to protect the mental wellbeing of our older adults and to provide robust support services to those experiencing depression and anxiety in order to safeguard brain function in later life.”

Time lapse, State of Mind and Mahabharata



Time lapse is really state of mind. When Drona was killed, Duryodhana and his brothers could not sleep entire night while thinking about their torture to Draupadi.

1 night becomes 100 years when mind is focused. 10 years run away when mind is not focused. This is how most of us spend life now, with wavering mind. It is all relative.

Key for any progress in spiritual path is “Focus” or “Concentration”

Beautiful excerpt showing lapse of time.

1 [व]
ततॊ दरॊणे हते राजन दुर्यॊधनमुखा नृपाः
भृशम उद्विग्नमनसॊ दरॊणपुत्रम उपागमन
2 ते दरॊणम उपशॊचन्तः कश्मलाभिहतौजसः
पर्युपासन्त शॊकार्तास ततः शारद्वती सुतम
3 मुहूर्तं ते समाश्वास्य हेतुभिः शास्त्रसंमितैः
रात्र्यागमे महीपालाः सवानि वेश्मानि भेजिरे
4 विशेषतः सूतपुत्रॊ राजा चैव सुयॊधनः
दुःशासनॊ ऽथ शकुनिर न निद्राम उपलेभिरे
5 ते वेश्मस्व अपि कौरव्य पृथ्वीशा नाप्नुवन सुखम
चिन्तयन्तः कषयं तीव्रं निद्रां नैवॊपलेभिरे
6 सहितास ते निशायां तु दुर्यॊधन निवेशने
अतिप्रचण्डाद विद्वेषात पाण्डवानां महात्मनाम
7 यत तद दयूतपरिक्लिष्टां कृष्णाम आनिन्यिरे सभाम
तत समरन्तॊ ऽनवतप्यन्त भृशम उद्विग्नचेतसः
8 चिन्तयन्तश च पार्थानां तान कलेशान दयूतकारितान
कृच्छ्रेण कषणदां राजन निन्युर अब्द शतॊपमाम

“Thinking of that immense slaughter, they could not also sleep. The Suta’s son (Karna), and king Suyodhana and Duhshasana and Shakuni, in special, could not compose themselves to sleep. Those four passed that night together in Duryodhana’s tent, reflecting upon the woes they had inflicted upon the high-souled Pandavas. Formerly they had brought Draupadi, plunged into woe on account of the match at dice, into the assembly. Recollecting it they experienced great regret, their hearts being filled with anxiety. Thinking of those sufferings inflicted (upon the Pandavas) in consequence of the gambling match they passed that night in sorrow, O king, as if it were really a hundred years. ”

– Mahabharat, Book 8 (Karna Parva) , Ch 1

Hygeine Obsession turns modern homes into concentration camps


concentration camp (or internment camp) is a place where a government forces people to live without trial. Usually, those people belong to groups the government does not like. The term means to confine (keep in a secure manner) “enemy citizens in wartime or terrorism suspects”.

We are exactly acting like such govt for our family when we are suffering from obsessive compulsion disorder of hygiene. Cleanliness is indeed necessary for overall health but when it becomes over-kill, it can act negatively against our existence.


Thanks to faulty education and bombardment by media, fear of viruses and bacteria is so high that we over-kill hygiene of our homes. Too many cleaning agents. On top of it, heavy duty industrial standard vacuum cleaners! We are killing necessary microbes in our air.

In our culture, broom is also considered slaughter. We don’t consider dust as dead. This modern research says the same. And hence, we don’t put moderate efforts in cleaning chores. We don’t go to micro level as modern technology does.

Daily Prayachchit for Five Slaughterhouses At Home


Stop sterilizing your dust

Antimicrobial chemical tied to antibiotic resistance genes in dust

Most people have heard about antibiotic-resistant germs. But how about antibiotic-resistant dust?

A new Northwestern University study has found that an antimicrobial chemical called triclosan is abundant in dust — and linked to changes in its genetic makeup. The result is dust with organisms that could cause an antibiotic-resistant infection.

“There is this conventional wisdom that says everything that’s in dust is dead, but that’s not actually the case. There are things living in there,” said Northwestern’s Erica Hartmann, who led the study. “Dust is the final resting place of everything that’s been circulating in the air, so it can give us information about air quality.”

Hartmann believes we could ease the problem of antibiotic-resistant bugs by letting go of antimicrobial products.

“The vast majority of microbes around us aren’t bad and may even be good,” she said. “Wipe down gym equipment with a towel. Wash your hands with plain soap and water. There is absolutely no reason to use antibacterial cleansers and hand soaps.”

Love your life, love your trillion cells



Meditation or self-realization becomes easy if you contemplate on massive work going on in your body to sustain your life! All cells working selflessly to sustain you! Just for the sheer love for you!! And a wish that you will do something good for the world!! Ultimate positive outlook is in your body cells! 🙂

Yes! Once you realize this, it is natural to live more sensitive life.

There are trillions of cells that make up your body. For the moment I want you to think about just one. That one cell is incredibly busy. In just the last second there were over 100,000 chemical reactions that occurred in this cell. Now, step back and consider your body as a whole. The sheer volume of activity happening inside you at any given moment is almost incomprehensible. With so much information being processed all at once, it’s fair to ask how it all works.

Think about it! Love your life. Love the most precious gift i.e. Body. Wish we don’t succumb to our whims and fancies, obsessions, addictions, passions and take life as it comes with balanced and more humane ways!


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