Childish Irresponsible Citizens : Overexposure to one-way entertainment medium


Overexposure to one-way entertainment medium (passive entertainment, where your involvement is just to clap), decelerates adult mind that behave like a child. The word for such adults is neoteny, the state resulting when juvenile characteristics are retained by the adults of a species.

That is what Indian youth is. Childish. For them, their personal entertainment matters most. Doesn’t matter is someone dies in neighborhood. They will continue with their DJ party.

The worse is yet to come. You and me will have to hire rented crowd for our own cremation. Days are not far.

Don’t take this personally or wrong but trust me and think about it. This is societal epidemic. Try to do introspection. I did and I found myself utterly stupid, wasting precious life behind toxic life-degenerative gossiping promoted by one-way entertainment mediums.

Another word for such group of adults is ; Adult-infantile.

Body age : (20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65)
Mental age: 15. Period. Full stop.

Same old teen age gossip. Who is good actor and who is better at long drive. Who made how much run in xyz team in abc format of game in home ground under flood lights! 🙁

Many of my friends are super intelligent.They are super successful in career and life otherwise. Superior in mental and physical strength. I can sense their hidden talents. But alas. 🙁 Life being wasted behind silly teen age gossips. If they realize this, our nation would get so many mighty adults.

Our motherland demands such wonderful youth in abundance. What is the use of demographic dividend ( Largest young population of the world) when majority of them are wasting life?

I hope you will not take this personally and think about my pledge. (Last time when I wrote like this, I lost some good friends 🙂 )

स्वाहा & Valence electrons


कुलस्यार्थे त्यजेदेकम् ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलम् त्यजेत् ।
ग्रामम् जनपदस्यार्थे आत्मार्थे पृथिवीम् त्यजेत्॥

For the sake of the family, we may have to sacrifice one person. Sacrifice a family to save a village. Sacrifice a village to save a state. But to save one-self, sacrifice the entire world.

स्व (अपना) + हा (समर्पण)
आत्म-सर्वस्व -समर्पण
Veda(s) inspire to become powerful and power to use by self-sacrifice, not for self, selflessly.

The day when you utter ‘स्वाहा’ like parrot pandits, without actually living selfless life, you insult Vedic culture more than anyone who doesn’t understand Veda(s). Krishna in Gita calls it ‘Hypocrisy’ or ‘Self-annihilation’.


‘स्वाहा’ का उपयोग यज्ञ आदि में प्रयोग होता है.यज्ञका एक स्वरुप अग्निहोत्र है, जिसमे ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका उपयोग आहुति देनेमें होता है. पर जब हम यज्ञ शब्दका वैश्विक अर्थ समज्नेका प्रयत्न करते है तो ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका अर्थ विशेषसह व्यक्तिकी मानसिक स्थितिके लिए समजा आता है.

वेदोंमें ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका उल्लेख कई बार हुआ है. सभी बार , व्यक्तिगत बल/शक्ति के त्याग्की बात की है. सामाजिक विपत्तिओ को हटानेका सटीक उपाय ‘स्वाहा’ से दर्शाया गया है. ‘स्वाहा’का मतलब ‘मेरी मिलकियत त्याग देता हूँ ‘ तक सिमित नहीं है बल्कि मेरी सभी शक्तिओका दूसरोंकी भलाई एवं उन्नतिके लिए सम्पूर्ण समर्पणकी बात वेदोंमें की गयी है. वेदोंमें व्यक्तिगत शक्तिओका जनता/देशकी भलाईके लिए समर्पणका भाव है. वैयक्तिक क्या और राष्ट्रिय क्या, जो भी उन्नति होने है वोह समर्पण एवं त्यागकी भावनासे हो ऐसा वेदोका मानना है.

उदारहरणके लिए, अथर्ववेद कांड २, सूक्त १८ में १२ बल/शक्तिओ का आह्वान ‘स्वाहा’ के साथ किया गया है. यह एक आत्मयज्ञ है. युद्धका ब्राह्मस्वरुप है जिसमे आत्मसमर्पणसे दुस्रोके शत्रु पर विजय प्राप्त करो ऐसा बताया गया है. स्वाहाविधि इस तरह हर एक यज्ञका मुख्य अंग है.’स्वाहा’ से प्रचंड मानसिकबल तैयार होता है.समाजमें जो शक्तिशाली है, उनमे अगर आत्मसमर्पणका भाव जागृत नहीं किया तो शक्तिका स्वारथके लिए उपयोग हो सकता है जो की देश/समाज/व्यक्ति का पतन ला शकता है. इसलिए यह सूक्तमें जितनी भी शक्तिओकी बात की है, उन सबका ‘स्वाहा’ अनिवार्य है!

Valence electrons are important in determining how the atom reacts chemically with other atoms. Atoms with a complete (closed) shell of valence electrons (corresponding to an electron configuration s2p6) tend to be chemically inert. Atoms with one or two valence electrons more than a closed shell are highly reactive because the extra electrons are easily removed to form positive ions. Atoms with one or two valence electrons fewer than a closed shell are also highly reactive because of a tendency either to gain the missing electrons and form negative ions, or to share electrons and form covalent bonds.

Valence electrons have the ability, like electrons in inner shells, to absorb or release energy in the form of photons. This gain or loss of energy can trigger an electron to move (jump) to another shell or even break free from the atom and its valence shell. When an electron absorbs energy in the form of one or more photons, then it moves to a more outer shell depending on the amount of energy gained. (See also : electrons in an excited state). When an electron loses energy (photons), then it moves to a more inner shell.

In a single covalent bond both atoms contribute one valence electron to form a shared pair. If they don’t contribute their ‘electron power’, creation was not possible. .


Role of Shraddha in Patient Care



श्रद्धा is the essential missing key in modern ways of medical treatment.

Patient has money and a delusive feat of pride of having money which can buy anything.

Doctors are businesspersons with a simpleton goal to exploit patient’s money status.

The care of a patient begin with the development of a personal relationship between the patient and the physician. The belief (श्रद्धा ) on the part of the patient that the physician is competent in his work and that he has superior knowledge about the illness and its treatment, and that the treatment he is giving is going to benefit the receiver, is one of the primary and critical factor affecting positive outcomes of any Ayurvedic treatment.

In the absence of this critical ingredient (श्रद्धा ), the effectiveness of treatment reduces.
For any success in cure, three things play critical role
1) Patient-Doctor relation (Either friendly or parentally)
2) Patient’s faith in doctor’s ability to cure
3) Doctor’s faith in God
All three are almost extinct.

अरण्य Magic : Environmental diversity and wound-healing



Ultimately, it is game of Prana! Wound-healing is mother nature’s love for you! And it works best when you are with her!

Try it. If you are aging prematurely, take a break of 15 days and spend time in jungle, near flowing river and I bet, you will start feeling younger, skin will glow and wrinkles will go away!

Modern medical science has yet to understand the word प्राण & प्राण विद्या

Mother Nature + Social community living = 100 years of healthy living for most (barring exceptions of karmic influence)

Living in a stimulating environment has a wide range of health benefits in humans and has even been shown to fight cancer in mice, but the underlying mechanisms have been unclear. A study now reveals that cognitive stimulation, social interactions, and physical activity increase lifespan in mice with colon cancer by triggering the body’s wound repair response.

“The bottom line is that there are many benefits with minimal risks to reducing stress through mind-body interventions,” says senior author Melinda Angus-Hill of the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah. “However, more research is essential to define whether mind-body interventions drive a wound repair response in colon tumorigenesis in humans.”


Environmental Enrichment Induces Pericyte and IgA-Dependent Wound Repair and Lifespan Extension in a Colon Tumor Model


  • Environmental enrichment (EE) enhances the lifespan of colon-tumor-bearing mice

  • EE activates nuclear hormone receptor signaling commonly involved in wound repair

  • EE resolves the wound repair process in tumors through IgA and pericyte activities

  • EE normalizes gut microbiota and improves microbe biodiversity


Environmental enrichment (EE) replicates mind-body therapy by providing complex housing to laboratory animals to improve their activity levels, behavior, and social interactions. Using a Tcf4Het/+ ApcMin/+-mediated model of colon tumorigenesis, we found that EE vastly improved the survival of tumor-bearing animals, with differential effect on tumor load in male compared to female animals. Analysis of Tcf4Het/+ ApcMin/+ males showed drastically reduced expression of circulating inflammatory cytokines and induced nuclear hormone receptor (NHR) signaling, both of which are common in the wound repair process. Interestingly, EE provoked tumor wound repair resolution through revascularization, plasma cell recruitment and IgA secretion, replacement of glandular tumor structures with pericytes in a process reminiscent of scarring, and normalization of microbiota. These EE-dependent changes likely underlie the profound improvement in survival of colon-tumor-bearing Tcf4Het/+ ApcMin/+ males. Our studies highlight the exciting promise of EE in the design of future therapeutic strategies for colon cancer patients.

Pregnancy and Parenting



गर्भे षष्ठे मासे बुध्धि |
Ideally, the intellect comes at 6th month of gestation. When all ideal conditions are provided to mother.

When child comes to the world, it expects same womb like feeling. Instead of giving it all comforts it has in mother’s womb, we bombard selfie camera flash, noise and unnecessary touch!

Maintain sacredness between child and mother. Leave them alone for first 3-4 months. No relatives, no noise, no touching! Womb-like! Mother-child!

Story does not end when the child is delivered. We just switch the womb. In not so ideal conditions, like most of us are in, बुध्धि comes much later in life. This world,the macro-womb, helps us to gain level-headedness essential for self-realization.

Unfortunately, we lack द्रष्टि to realize mother’s womb. And fail to learn from all her vital hints. Instead, we perform suicidal acts and invite premature death. And the cycle goes on forever…the birth and death cycle…

There is nothing called ‘wasted life’. Just a wasted cycle.

We all are in the womb. Nurturing lives. Here and thereafter.

Seat of the Prana: Heart Attack and Gut Microbes: Part 1



A recent study point out that Microbial communities play significant role in make or break of heart by causing or avoiding heart attack.

Read the research abstract summary first[1]

The gut is a major reservoir of T cells and diverse resident microbes, microbiota, which can influence immune responses in sites distant from the mucosal surfaces. Complete sterilization of the gut has proven to be beneficial in some experimental models of T cell mediated diseases, whereas partial recolonization post sterilization leads to microbial perturbations, a process called dysbiosis, and, worsens the outcome. Gut dysbiosis is thus recently becoming associated with the pathogenesis of several diseases, in part, by mechanisms in which certain bacteria promote T cell activation and enhance disease progression in a vicious cycle. The complex syndrome of heart failure (HF), a leading cause of morbidity and mortality affecting more than 24 million people worldwide, is recently becoming associated with gut dysbiosis and T cell mediated systemic inflammation in patients, but the mechanisms regulating this emerging gut-heart axis, and whether T cell activation and heart infiltration play a role remains unclear. We have previously reported that T cells infiltrate the heart in patients with non-ischemic HF, and using the transverse aortic constriction (TAC) mouse model of HF, demonstrated that T cells are critical regulators of adverse cardiac remodeling and HF. We hypothesized that sterilization of the gut by microbiota depletion prevents adverse cardiac remodeling and HF in a T cell dependent manner. C57/BL6 mice were orally treated with a well-established cocktail of antibiotics and antifungal (ABX) and subjected to TAC or Sham surgery. ABX treatment started 1 week before TAC surgery and was terminated 4 weeks after TAC. In vivo transthoracic echocardiography and hemodynamics showed a preserved ejection fraction and fractional shortening in mice treated with ABX as compared to untreated mice. Furthermore, gut microbiota depletion with ABX resulted in decreased left ventricular interstitial and perivascular fibrosis, and decreased cardiac hypertrophy in response to TAC, as compared to non-ABX treated TAC mice. These changes correlated with significant reduction of CD4 T cell activation in the mediastinal lymph nodes (mLNs) draining the heart, determined by FACS, as well as in the number of CD4 T cells infiltrated in the heart in ABX treated mice. Our findings indicate that ABX treatment results in distal effects in T cell activation occurring during TAC and protects from adverse cardiac remodeling, supporting the potential importance of gut microbiota in pressure overload induced HF. Future studies will determine whether dysbiosis post ABX treatment contributes to pathological cardiac remodeling and the mechanisms regulating the gut-heart axis in non-ischemic HF.

Let us first understand few terms and entities.

What is Gut dysbiosis?

Gut dysbiosis, sometimes called bacterial dysbiosis, means you have a lack of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

There are approximately over 400 species of bacteria in your system that make up your gut microbiome. You actually have more bacteria in your gut than you do cells in your body! These bacteria help you digest food, synthesize vitamins, and fight off harmful pathogens. In short, gut bacteria are a fundamental part of your health, and without them you wouldn’t be able to survive.


What are T-cells (T-Lymphocytes (T-Cells))?

A type of white blood cell. T-lymphocytes are part of the immune system and develop from stem cells in the bone marrow. They help protect the body from infection and may help fight cancer. Also called T cell and thymocyte.

When our body lacks life-enriching Prana, naturally, it is being captured by life-consuming prana. Life-consuming prana or Prana doing job of destruction, flows from GUt to heart and disturbs its working.

Inflammed GUT due to idiotic eating habits, will generate flood of T-cells. When these T-cells travel to Heart, they are responsible for heart failure as per research.

My understanding

Body is made up of srota or channels. Channel that transports Prana, is known as Pranavaha Srotas. It’s root is in heart (left chamber). Seat is in heart. It receives Prana from two places. Lungs and gastrointestinal tract. It is also connected to GUT/Colon. Clogged colon or inflamed GUT , not only disturbs Prana transport but also affect breathing, and vice a versa. If breathing is not proper, GUT/Colon will be disturbed.
Heart attack is easy to detect very early by person’s eating habits. Irregular meals, obsession for exotic food against age, gender, season and time of the day, obsession for specific rasa (sweet teeth) – all of them play role in destroying GUT and in turn disturbing Prana transportation by polluting heart the root of the Pranavaha channel.

More in next part…




DNA Structure: twisted knot instead of a double helix

2 days back, to show the importance of epigenetics in our evolution, I noted a point that, what we known as DNA is nothing but a well-groomed dogma. Double helix model is just another illusion. That was my hypothesis.
Lo! What do I read Today?


In human cells, scientists find DNA that looks like a twisted knot instead of a double helix

It’s DNA, but not as we know it. In a world first, Australian researchers have identified a new DNA structure—called the i-motif—inside cells. A twisted ‘knot’ of DNA, the i-motif has never before been directly seen inside living cells.

Read more at:

Modern Reductionist Herbal Obsession Harm



In Ayurveda or in Sanatana Dharma in broader sense, संस्कार (purification) is mandatory for anyone whose participation in Yagna is required. There are 16 purification rites for each newborn.

Like us, Herbs participate in भूतयज्ञ (Our digestion process). They also need संस्कार!

Modern pharma (even modern Ayurvedic pharma) is greed driven. They have assembly lines of production. To maximize the profits is the sole goal. So they are least bothered about individual attention and care for each herb item. Forget about purification.

Herb magic is in synergy. Magic is in preparation. Deluded souls seek magic from material 🙂. Then face the consequences.


Liver Injury Caused by Herbals, Dietary Supplements Rises in Study Population

New research shows that liver injury caused by herbals and dietary supplements increased from 7% to 20% in a U.S. study group over a ten-year period. According to the study published in Hepatology, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, liver injury caused by non-bodybuilding supplements is most severe, occurring more often in middle-aged women and more frequently resulting in death or the need for transplantation than liver injury from bodybuilding supplements or conventional medications.

Nearly half of all adult Americans consume herbal and dietary supplements with prior reports suggesting that is on the rise. Medical evidence shows that supplements are used more often by women, non-Hispanic whites, those over 40 years of age and those with more advanced education. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III indicate that multivitamins, minerals, calcium and fish oils are the most commonly used supplements.

“While many Americans believe supplements to be safe, government regulations (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) require less safety evidence to market products than what is required for conventional pharmaceuticals” explains lead author Dr. Victor Navarro, from Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. “With less stringent oversight for herbals and dietary supplements, there is greater potential for harmful consequences including life-threatening conditions.”

In response to the need for research in this area, the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) supported the establishment of the Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN) in 2003 to track cases of liver injury caused by medications (excluding acetaminophen (Tylenol®)), herbals, and dietary supplements. Herbals and dietary supplements were identified as the second most common cause of liver injury in the first DILIN report.

The present study examines hepatotoxicity due to supplements compared to medications, enrolling 839 patients with liver injury from 8 U.S. DILIN referral centers between 2004 and 2013. Liver injury cases included 45 caused by bodybuilding supplements, 85 attributed to non-bodybuilding supplements, and 709 due to medications.

Demonstrate, forget. Never impose


Each one of us is in own journey. Own matrix. Wherever exchange of karma was necessary, relations took birth. Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son etc. So it is common situation where everyone is living in different frame of mind and different spiritual plane.

Different societal setups (family, community, village etc) help each other in own self-realization path. We can only demonstrate the way forward but cannot force it on someone else.

So, I never force my family for anything. I demonstrate. Sometimes they pick it up, sometimes they don’t. It is perfectly okay. For all ideas which my family could not decipher, I have friends here and in real world, who are passionate for experimenting. And I do not consider them aliens. It is always feeling of satisfaction when friends pick it up and start living. That is how ideas pervade in society in different corners, helping each other in ultimate goal of life i.e. self-realization.

Again: Never force/impose your ideas on family! Demonstrate in your capacity and let them carve their own path.

भूमि वर्ण (Soil Varna) and Cancer : A study links soil metals with cancer mortality



I have written in past, with reference to Nighantu that , we can’t escape from Varna system. Whether you accept or not, we are groomed and shaped by our local environment. Our environment also has varna and its geochemical composition, prana movement (wind directions) do make difference in our life.

The geochemical composition of the soil, especially its metals, could be influencing the spatial distribution and mortality patterns of cancer

When you grow up and migrate to distant land, there are chances that your birth-nature (Mula Prakriti) may observe changes. Sometimes, these changes are stressful (if you fail to cope up with sudden changes). Cancer is end-result.




Old notes:

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

GEOGRAPHY and Cognitive Development link

Now, let us come to one more interesting study. This study talks about correlation between soil type, heavy metals found in it and type of cancer cases in that region.

Spanish epidemiologists and geologists have found associations between soil and cancer.

Type of Cancer Metal heavy in Soil
 esophageal  lead
 lung  copper
 brain  arsenic
 bladder  cadmium

These statistical links do not indicate that there is a cause-effect relationship between soil type and cancer, but they suggest that the influence of metals from the earth’s surface on the geographical distribution of tumors should be analyzed.

Go back to old notes shared about and contemplate on Soil Varna system.

All these heavy metals find their way to our body via food and water. That is where importance of affordable clean drinking water and cow-based agriculture play significant role. When we eat chemically grown food , there are high chances that we will accumulate heavy metals in body, which may lead to cancer.

Sometimes, it is not even actual metal consumption but pranic footprint of it, passed via food and water as transport , work against body’s prana, consumes and invite diabetes to cancer. To counter negative prana, we need life-enriching prana. There is only one source in food : All food prepared by  churning. Ghee takes the lead, followed by fermented food as per region. Microbes know how to digest metals. They won’t allow heavy metals to pass into blood stream. They are Ganapati. They remove digestive difficulties. Think about it.


A study links soil metals with cancer mortality

“We have also detected that the highest of cadmium, lead, zinc, manganese and copper concentrations in the soil are statistically associated with a higher mortality due to cancers of the digestive system in men,” explains Pablo Fernández, ISCIII researcher and co-author of the paper, “and in the case of women, a higher mortality from brain cancer in those areas with more cadmium content”.

“This research suggests that the geochemical composition of the soil, especially its metals, could be influencing the spatial distribution and mortality patterns of cancer in Spain, regardless of the socio-demographic context,” says Fernández, who highlights “the great contribution of this work to environmental epidemiology and public health in general”.

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