Therapeutic Radiation and Hormone Deficiencies


Modern medicine apologist don’t wish to accept that it is double edged sword. It may give you a feel that the target is eliminated but in reality, it is also cutting your own fingers!

There are several radiations encircle us in चक्रव्यूह. Some are so pervasive that we accept them as normal i.e. mobile tower and mobile device radiation. They too act on body’s अग्नि (hormones). Effect is random due to varied state of human bodies around.

Take care. Don’t be obsessed with medical technology so much that you go for CT Scan or X-ray casually. Avoid as much as possible.



Study Details Effect of Radiation Exposure on Hormone Deficiencies

The hypothalamus is a region of the forebrain that coordinates the activity of the pituitary gland, and together, they regulate many of the hormones in the body that control growth, metabolism, adrenal function and gonadal function.
“There isn’t much data defining the dose response of radiation therapy to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in pediatric and young adult patients with brain tumors,” says Ralph Vatner, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology and lead author on this study. “We examined the correlation between radiation therapy dosage to these brain structures and development of endocrine dysfunction in this population.”
Vatner says dosimetric data—measurement, calculation and assessment of the ionizing radiation dose absorbed by the human body—and clinical information was collected from 222 children and young adults (younger than 26 years old) with brain tumors treated with proton radiotherapy on three prospective studies (2003 to 2016) coordinated by Massachusetts General Hospital.
Proton radiotherapy is a form of radiation treatment used for certain types of cancers and lymphomas. A major advantage over traditional forms of radiotherapy is its ability to deliver radiation to a tumor with remarkable precision, sparing healthy tissues. The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/UC Health Proton Therapy Center is the only facility of its kind locally and only one of about 28 in the country.
Deficiencies of various hormones, including growth hormone, thyroid hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone and gonadotropins, were determined using serum collected from patients along with their clinical symptoms, and radiation dose was calculated using the treatment plans for these patients. Statistical models were developed using these data to estimate the effect of radiation dose and age on the development of hormone deficiency.

Being deserted vs being barren


Sharing old note on diseases.

Being deserted vs being barren




adjective: deserted
(of a place) empty of people.
“deserted beaches of soft sand”


abandon (a person, cause, or organization) in a way considered disloyal or treacherous.

Deserted place is an opportunity for mother nature to perform clean up job.

Your body is in Deserted state when you continously ignore it and one fine day, you detect the flu or ulcer or cancer!

Instead of deserted, let it be desert for non-self (Viruses or bacteria.

H1N1,Dengue, HIV are powerful, let they be.

Howsoever potent the germ may be, they will not be able to produce disease in human body unless the tissues of the body are fertile (vitiated) enough to accept them (germs) and help in their growth and multiplication. Killing these germs by administering medicine would solve problem temporarily, no permanently. It may give instant relief but for time being. We cannot live in an absolutely germ-free environment even though we get such germ-free feeling by our attempts to minimize germs. The only thing that can be done safely is to keep the body tissues barren and unsympathetic towards these germs, as long as possible. And if there is attack, fight by self instead seeking solace in medicines! If medicines are required, take for tissue conditioning and not for killing invading army.


Scriptures : Objective for study?


What is your objective of studying scriptures?

Our objective of studying the scripture should not be primarily a scholastic or academical scrutiny of its thought, nor to place its philosophy in the history of metaphysical speculation, nor shall we deal with it in the manner of the analytical dialectician. We must approach it for help and light and our aim must be to distinguish its essential and living message, that in it on which humanity has to seize for its perfection and its highest spiritual welfare. Rest, in exclusive manner, is mere intellectual exercise.


DDT links to Autism : Rampant use in India



Autism rate is increasing across the globe is fact. DDT is banned chemical but is used in third world countries like India by govt orders. [1]

50% and more milk sold in India is synthetic. Factory made white chemical cocktail. They too have DDT residue. And branded milk are sold safe and complete food!

Pervasive chemicals like DDT not only act on you or your immediate generation but also carry effect to several generations.

One has to read the groundbreaking book, Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson, an environmentalist, who told the world the broader story of the disastrous consequences of the overuse of insecticides and raised enough concern from her testimony before the U.S. Congress. When DDT has been banned in the West, why is it still being used in India?

Essential, DDT and chemical like it, turn human body types in Vata. Severe Vata disorder. Hence, mental disorders, including Autism.


Association of Maternal Insecticide Levels With Autism in Offspring From a National Birth Cohort


Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder with a largely unknown etiology. To date, few studies have investigated prenatal exposure to toxins and risk of autism by using maternal biomarkers of exposure. Persistent organic pollutants are lipophilic halogenated organic compounds and include the insecticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), as well as its metabolite p,p′-dichlorodiphenyl dichloroethylene (p,p′-DDE), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The objective of this study was to test whether elevated maternal levels of persistent organic pollutants are associated with autism among offspring.


The investigation was derived from the Finnish Prenatal Study of Autism, a national birth cohort study based on a nested case-control design. Cases of autism among children born between 1987 and 2005 were ascertained by national registry linkages. In cases of childhood autism and matched control subjects (778 matched case-control pairs), maternal serum specimens from early pregnancy were assayed for levels of p,p′-DDE and total levels of PCBs.


The odds of autism among offspring were significantly increased with maternal p,p′-DDE levels that were in the highest 75th percentile, with adjustment for maternal age, parity, and history of psychiatric disorders (odds ratio=1.32, 95% CI=1.02, 1.71). The odds of autism with intellectual disability were increased by greater than twofold with maternal p,p′-DDE levels above this threshold (odds ratio=2.21, 95% CI=1.32, 3.69). There was no association between total levels of maternal PCBs and autism.


These findings provide the first biomarker-based evidence that maternal exposure to insecticides is associated with autism among offspring. Although further research is necessary to replicate this finding, this study has implications for the prevention of autism and may provide a better understanding of its pathogenesis.



During our recent travel to Arunachal Pradesh, we came across a shocking truth. While walking in the town of Zero (elevation 5,577 feet), we came across house after house painted with black letter signs: “DDT, 7/14/15”. Enquiries with our local guide confirmed what I had suspected — that DDT was sprayed here on July 14, 2015. He said every house is sprayed by the government twice a year across large parts of Arunachal Pradesh. A few days later, in Darjeeling, another sign made me alarmed. I asked our guide the same question and his reply was similar.: DDT is sprayed twice a year in every house in West Bengal.

Independence Day? Vested interests and Science Slaves


Are we really free? Independent?


This chapter of the book Precaution, Environmental Science, and Preventive Public Policy edited by Joel Tickner, very well explains ban on Maggi but no attention to equally and more dangerous killers and by that fooling mass.


The main objective of a scientific exercise to determine the potential threats of harm from chemicals is to protect health and the environment.Yet this fundamental objective is often forgotten or ignored in the appraisal of risks inherent in the production, distribution, and use of potentially harmful chemical products. Dominant forces in the scientific community and regulatory agencies impose an evaluation system that relies heavily on numerical data and on the “smoking gun” type of evidence of harm that presumes the chemical to be innocuous until proven otherwise.

This supposedly “science-based” risk assessment methodology has proven to be more effective in protecting vested interests rather than protecting health and the environment. In fact, risk assessment is not the decisive factor in determining the regulatory status of a toxic chemical. The reality is that economic interests and political expediency are generally the dominant considerations influencing regulatory decisions pertaining to toxic chemicals, especially in southern countries where financial, technical, human, and other resources are sorely lacking and where sociopolitical circumstances are particularly conducive for powerful chemical companies to exert influence and manipulate public policy (Quijano 2000).


Independence Day? 😀 


Book reference:


Criminal Parents



A child with criminal and jailed parents (one or both) is unfortunate.

A child with criminal and always engaged with laptop/phone parents (one of both) is doubly unfortunate.

Both children suffer lack of parenting. Both children grow with stress of being ignored.

It’s not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.

If you bring children of both criminals in jail and over-zealot techno-crazy parents to the psychiatrist, you will same psychological stress. Try it.

Take care. Stop nonsense device usage as soon as your kid demand attention. ZERO TOLERANCE.


For The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

It’s not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.

Dr. Jenny Radesky is a pediatrician specializing in child development. When she worked at a clinic in a high-tech savvy Seattle neighborhood, Radesky started noticing how often parents ignored their kids in favor of a mobile device. She remembers a mother placing her phone in the stroller between herself and the baby. “The baby was making faces and smiling at the mom,” Radesky says, “and the mom wasn’t picking up any of it; she was just watching a YouTube video.”

When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter

Study found many caregivers focused on devices instead of children


When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter

Study found many caregivers focused on devices instead of children

Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work. Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician or other health care professional.


MONDAY, March 10, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Mealtime is supposed to be family time, but a new study suggests that ever-present smartphones are impeding parent-child communication at the table.

Researchers who observed more than 50 family-type groups eating out found a significant number of adults were preoccupied with their smartphones.

“We know from decades of research that face-to-face interactions are important for cognitive, language and emotional development. Before mobile devices existed, mealtime would’ve been a time where we would’ve seen those interactions,” said study author Dr. Jenny Radesky, a fellow in developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Boston Medical Center.

It’s unclear how much of an impact parents’ smartphone use will ultimately have on a child’s development, and whether that effect will have a negative, positive or neutral impact, said the researchers.

One basic thing that may be affected is child vocabulary, said Dr. Rahil Briggs, director of pediatric behavioral health services at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. “The single most powerful predictor of a child’s vocabulary is conversations with the child. Dinnertime is an important time for those conversations, and if you’re absorbed with your phone, that’s a lost opportunity.”

Briggs added that social, emotional and conversational skills might also be affected if parents spend too much time looking at their phones and other media.

“What really concerned me was those children who appeared to accept this lack of engagement. It seemed like they’d given up,” noted Briggs, who wasn’t involved with the research.

Cartoonized Scriptural characters : Alienate mass further, away from dharma



Fundamental fact we establish by Bhim or Krishna as cartoon is: they were imaginary character and we cannot emerge like them. Limiting possibilities of children. Restrict imagination of self.

when we read them real Bhim from Mahabharat, their alert minds start imaging Bhim character and you never know…they may transform their strengths into real Bhim or real Arjun…cartoons are waste of time.

What do you expect from a society who is fed their roots (Ramayana, Mahabhrata, Gita) by shallow and trivial representation of Television serials?

Shallow character and mediocre morals. Unfortunate that many kids know Mahabharat by shallow TV cartoons.

Mahabharata was not written for triviality. Purpose can best served if you get chance to listen it from your parents, well wishers and Guru. Rare happening in family now. Cartoons can produce at the best mockery of the character.


Playing with kids without self-interest


How can someone play with kids for self interest? It just happens to be natural thing to any organism?

On surface, it may not look like a selfish act but when you see deeper, this is how it is supported:

Most of us play with kids for own self-interest. Short term self interest is to get relief from career stress. Long term self-interest is the expectation of kid taking care of you in old age.

Selfish acts does not serve the benefits well.

Try selfless play. Play is very critical for child growth.

Societies and tribes whom you consider barbaric, know the child development much better than us! Learn from them! I loved this pic very much! Showing the selfless play!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child

Read more:

Child Development is an essential social forestry (सामाजिक वनीकरण)

Cow Dung, Soil moisture and Rain


Agriculture in India is panchang(पञ्चांग) driven. We plan agriculture activities based on specific tithis. Take for example: Monsoon crop preparation starts very early summer.


अक्षय तृतीया – The day when we start new crop season. It is the day when farmer begins new food cycle for us. Day when farmer community requires our support. It is not just about food, essential rain cycle depends upon how for next 1-2 months we maintain soil moisture. Once the land is ploughed, it is kept open for cows grazing. Free flow of cow urine and dung keep the soil moisture intact.

Keeping land open to the sun for 1-2 months before monsoon along with cow dung and urine based moisture play role in bringing rain to the land as per latest research hints.

Moisture, such as from soil, is one of three ingredients necessary to create rain. Also needed are an upward motion of air from the earth’s surface into cooler parts of the upper atmosphere, which drier soils are good at facilitating, and a source of water vapor.

Maintaining soil moisture with the help of cow dung is not only important for soil fertility but also to attract monsoon rain and future ground-water storage.

Here is the research supporting this timeless methods followed by Indian farmers.



Does Rain Follow the Plow?

There are many factors that play a role in whether or not it rains, and research from the University of Arizona shows that human activity such as cultivating agricultural fields may be one of them.
here are three ingredients necessary to create rain, Zeng said, and moisture – from atmospheric humidity, plants, bodies of water or soil – is one of them. Also needed are an upward motion of air from the earth’s surface into cooler parts of the upper atmosphere, which drier soils are good at facilitating, and a source of water vapor.

Welty and Zeng found that morning soil moisture can affect afternoon rain accumulations over the Southern Great Plains during the warm season and the impact differs based on atmospheric conditions. On days when the wind brings limited moisture to the region, drier soils enhance afternoon rain. But when the wind brings greater moisture to the region, wetter soils increase afternoon rain.

“The dry soils that enhance afternoon rain are acting like conveyor belts for warm air that’s being sent into the upper atmosphere,” Zeng said. “Combine that upward motion with moisture and a water vapor source, and the result is afternoon rain.”

Conversely, when atmospheric conditions are bringing moisture to the region, it acts as a source of water vapor, which, when added to the upward motion of air, produces rain.

Their findings suggest that land surface changes in response to both climate and human activity could be significant.

Zeng, whose research specialties include climate modeling, land-atmosphere-ocean interface processes and hydrometeorology, noted the ideas developed during the study could be further used for “global analysis based on NASA satellite measurements and climate models.”

Off-hours email anxiety : Bad for self, worse for family


Some of us, working in global companies, even check emails at 3 AM at night without realizing how detrimental it is to the health. We not only read just another email but also activate brain and mind to process this eventful information at odd-hours. This not only hampers body’s recovery cycles but also produces toxins by slowing down digestive fire.


The competing demands of work and nonwork lives present a dilemma for employees, which triggers feelings of anxiety and adversely affects health. (Photo illustration)

Sometimes, it is self-imposed habit to remain in race and other times, it is enforced by employer in name of setting the stretched expectations.


Some friends argue: But it is my passion!

That is only one aspect of life. Life’s other aspect is balance. If passion can’t allow balance, it is not good.


Employer expectations on off-hours email: new study shows adverse health effects on workers and families


Employer expectations of work email monitoring during nonwork hours are detrimental to the health and well-being of not only employees but their family members as well.

William Becker, a Virginia Tech associate professor of management in the Pamplin College of Business, co-authored a new study, “Killing me softly: electronic communications monitoring and employee and significant-other well-being,” showing that such expectations result in anxiety, which adversely affects the health of employees and their families.

“The competing demands of work and nonwork lives present a dilemma for employees,” Becker said, “which triggers feelings of anxiety and endangers work and personal lives.”

Other studies have shown that the stress of increased job demands leads to strain and conflict in family relationships when the employee is unable to fulfill nonwork roles at home — “such as when someone brings work home to finish up.”

As for employees, they could consider practicing mindfulness, which has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety, Becker said. Mindfulness may help employees “be present” in family interactions, which could help reduce conflict and improve relationship satisfaction. And, he added, mindfulness is within the employee’s control when email expectations are not.

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