Old note written on Deepawali 2009
Wealth & National Spirit



People say that concept of Nation in South Asia is pretty new, not older than 400 to 500 years. Before that it was area divided in small Kingdoms maintained by Kings and fighting with neighbors to expand their kingdom.

And countries like INDIA? It is just 60 years old country! They have long way to go before they are called developed Nation.

I certainly defer to this point after reading Shri Suktam’s shlok number 7. It is right that Modern concept of India as republic Nation came into existence for last 60 years but ONE NATION FOR ONE CULTURE is thousands of years old thought process in this culture. Of course, Shri Suktam is not the only evident which certify, that concept of one Nation is not new to my Countrymen. It is special thought sung since thousands of years. There are numerous such verses in Atharva Ved, which explains one Nation theory and benefits of it but due to our inability to decipher message written in Sanskrit, we accept what is taught to us by history written by colonial influenced historians.

In context of wealth, life and Economics, Sages when utter “Give me wealth because I am born on this great land” has significance in terms of progress provided by this land to her citizens. It explains connection between National Spirit and wealth management. I can be very sure for asking something when I have full faith. Here, Author has full faith in motherland and her strengths to make his life happy. It shows importance of National Spirit.

76 years ago, when United States of America was shaken by great economic depression, then president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took his campaign for the presidency by putting this words in speech: “Faith in America, faith in our tradition of personal responsibility, faith in our institutions, and faith in ourselves demands that we all recognize the new terms of the old social contract.” And 75 years later, president elect , Barack Obama called for the same Faith! Faith in Nation, Faith in Values! Both the presidents in bad economic conditions, asked for re-appraisal of values. (USA is a strong nation in current time and I want to show that even Strong Nation in Bad condition calls for basic value system reforms)

Shri Suktam in this shlok suggests the same appraisal of values and faith in them. I am born on this great land which has all possibilities and I must gain wealth for pride of the nation. Since last 2000 to 5000 years, we have seen a dangerous erosion of the rules and principles that have allowed our market to work and our economy to thrive (And management like Satyam to fraud). Instead of thinking about what’s good for INDIA or what’s good for business, a mentality has crept into certain corners of New Delhi (or Mumbai or any corporate house) and the business world that says, “What’s good for me is good enough.” And there where Economy fails to sustain after certain level of growth. (American president Obama has already made this point in his speech many times.)

Remember one thing here, you are not the only living entity on this planet and one cannot survive without healthy environment – be it virus or human. Self-centered earnings at one point become poison and falls like a card castle.

Sadly, even after 60+ years of reestablished as a nation, we lack National Spirit. Not only in our day to day life but also in our greatest dream, there is no trace of National Spirit. And with such spirit, it is not only difficult but is impossible to become developed nation. You and I will die living for 50 years but our coming generation will surely curse us for demolition of value systems.


Devasakha is used for Kuber( Friend of God Shiva). Kuber is known for his unlimited wealth. So that means, Shri Suktam asks for making wealthy friends! No, not at all. By word ‘Devsakha’, author wants to become friend of God. Friendship is a relation between souls having common characteristics. You cannot be my true friend if we don’t have common purpose, common way of living and enjoying life so when author asks God’s friendship, he suggests acquiring God like characteristics so that eternal relation with God can establish. If you want to be friend of Kuber, earn like him, manage wealth like him and give like him.


National spirit drives the Economy and not individual-centric efforts.
Friendship is the relation having common purpose and selfless love. To become friend of the best in Society, I need to become the best.
One Nation – One Planet; No wars – No Conflict.