You try hard and hate Varna system but society will still segregate self. It may not be the perfect (as it is not based on Shashtra) but it is necessity and need of the universe.

Truck driver association. All India Banking Staff association and so on..

Unfortunately, modern associations are built to protect self-interest. They should actually go beyond and identify duties too!

Not before 100 years, Indian society used to be more answerable to mother nature than we are.

Societal caste system was boon for nature. Each caste had taken responsibility of certain natural resources. They nurture them, protect them and use them prudently.

Now since, we are being taught that caste system is taboo and bad bad bad….we did not only forget caste but also duties and responsibilities associated with the caste.

Homogeneous population , all with urban mindset, no religion, no caste, no discrimination is very dangerous for nature. Such population live selfish consumer animal. They don’t believe in duties towards nature and nation.

So, what is solution? Should we reinvent caste?

Yes, based on our current occupations.

For example, IT engineers – a new caste. They should adopt Tulsi and grow jungles of Tulsi. IT companies can dedicate their CSR budget for it.
Tulsi can help IT enginners sustain in dire working environment. Centrally air conditioned offices are worst place to work and Tulsi can help maintaining health.

Similarly, all occupations should take care of nature.

Remember, without performing societal duties, there is no scope for change. We must stop living life of a selfish parasite and start participating in symbiotic relation with the universe.