If study about literal and thoughtless implementation of non-violence at individual, social and national level and its impact on individual, society and nation, is focused on India and her Independence custodians then it is often seen that discussion turns into violent affair. So, I thought to take neighbor’s example as case study.


त्रिविष्टप = त्रि + विष्टप -> विश् धातु – To enter : Country or Land where one can enter from three ways(directions).


त्रिविष्टप : In वेद ,पुराण, महाभारत and every book on true भारतीय इतिहास has reference for this land. If we study references from भागवत and महाभारत,we will get to know that त्रिविष्टप is present day Tibbat or Tibet.



त्रिविष्टप  – योग और साध्ना की वैदिक परंपराओं का गढ़



What is त्रिविष्टप known for? –


*    Land where Pandavas were born and brought up by Kunti ( महाभारत – आदि पर्व)

*   Land where Arjun was born and where he learnt शस्त्र एवं शास्त्र from राज इन्द्र।  (महाभारत – आदि पर्व, वन पर्व)

*    Land where King Indra fought war against Asurs and King Dashrath went there to help him ( World War 1 of Satya Yug?) (रामायण अयोध्या सर्ग १२ श्लोक 18-19)

*    Land where humans of देव जाति were living. (People from भारत were known as आर्य )


In short, त्रिविष्टप was known for generating and training warriors and wise men.


Once a land of mighty warriors and wise men, laboratory of Vedic experiments, misunderstood Buddh’s teachings, adopted pseudo-non-violence, fought against mighty China and surrendered finally.


जब महाभारत काल में चीन के राजा धौत मूलक अपने साम्राज्य के विस्तार में दमन चक्र चला रहे थे तब तिब्बत ने अपनी शान्ति प्रियता, स्वतंत्रता और संस्कृति को सँजोकर रखा था।

What is now?

तिब्बत – चीनका गुलाम

How it happen? By embracing non-violent form of Buddhism? Need more research on it.

What happened with them, can very well happen with us with same mindset.

Non-violence? Sure. It always come in combo pack.

शारीरिक एवं मानसिक दुर्बलता + अहिंसा


दृढ़िष्ठ+बलिष्ठ+आशिष्ठ+अहिंसा  ?

What is your choice?

युवास्यात साधु युवाध्यायक : आशिष्ठ: , दृढिष्ठ : बलिष्ठ :।

एक युवा शरीर, जिसका अंग-अंग सुदृढ़ है (दृढ़िष्ठ), बल सम्पन्न है (बलिष्ठ), जो स्वाध्यायी है, संयमी है (आशिष्ठ), जो चरित्रवान है (साधु)

I wish one day, they rise and re-claim glorious past.

Note: I am not Tibet expert. These are some old observations. Welcome any corrections.