Ever seen a circus elephant anchored to the ground? A small chain fastens to a metal collar tied around the elephant’s leg. And the chain is attached to a small wooden peg driven into the ground. 15,000 pound elephant could yank that wooden peg right out of the ground or break that little chain in two. But he won’t do that. As a baby elephant, trainer used same method and gave terrible scars to prevent him breaking away. As an adult, he lives life with that mental restraint.

Most of us don’t realize it, but we suffer in life with this same terrible condition. We live our lives and pursue our careers restrained by our imprisoning mental beliefs of life’s limitations. We think many things are impossible—things we once thought possible. And we laugh at how foolish and immature our beliefs once were.

There is a chain. Invisible. Created by one or another failure. Break it. Move on. Be free, be fearless.