Meditation or self-realization becomes easy if you contemplate on massive work going on in your body to sustain your life! All cells working selflessly to sustain you! Just for the sheer love for you!! And a wish that you will do something good for the world!! Ultimate positive outlook is in your body cells! 🙂

Yes! Once you realize this, it is natural to live more sensitive life.

There are trillions of cells that make up your body. For the moment I want you to think about just one. That one cell is incredibly busy. In just the last second there were over 100,000 chemical reactions that occurred in this cell. Now, step back and consider your body as a whole. The sheer volume of activity happening inside you at any given moment is almost incomprehensible. With so much information being processed all at once, it’s fair to ask how it all works.

Think about it! Love your life. Love the most precious gift i.e. Body. Wish we don’t succumb to our whims and fancies, obsessions, addictions, passions and take life as it comes with balanced and more humane ways!