I was studying sequence of our festivals. One sequence was very interesting. Very very interesting. High respect for social scientists who designed it. Bow to societies who followed it.

वसंत पंचमी followed by भीष्म-अष्टमी.

This is just one example. Go study panchang, you will find amazing social designs. No modern sociology department can come near to this design. Study, follow and demonstrate high standard of living. Nation seeks examples to follow and replicate.

Hint: शास्त्रोक्त काम i.e. Regulated Kama, ब्रह्मचर्ययुक्त काम is to be used for progeny generation. भीष्म is epitome of ब्रह्मचर्य. वसंत is a season of procreation. भीष्म-अष्टमी & भीष्म-एकादशी in माघ is not mere coincidence. Perform regulated Kama!
गंगापुत्र भीष्म – Son of Maa Ganga.
Ganga means त्रिदोष समता. Balance of Kapha, Pitta, Vayu. That nectar which causes balance Prkriti.
भीष्म is possible when there is समता.
Brahmcharya is natural when there is समता. Or in other words, समता causes Brahmcharya.
Those who wants to observe Brahmcharya for spiritual Sadhana, must strive for त्रिदोष समता along with mental practices and Pranic practices.

Worship Maa Ganga daily!

The eighth day (Ashtami Thithi) of Shukla Paksham of Magh month , Bheeshma chose to get rid of his earthly body and liberate his soul. This day is observed as Bheeshmashtami and tharpanam for Bheeshma Pitamahar is done with Kush (Dharbha Grass) and Til (Ellu). Since Bheeshma Pitamahar was a naishtika brahmachari and has no one to perform his shradha , all persons , including those with living father, can do the tharpan to get rid of all papam (sins). It is believed that that those who do not have a child due to Putradosha are relieved of that dosha by performing this tharpan on Bheeshmashtami.

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अतीव  बलहीनं  हि  लङ्घनं  नैव  कारयेत्  |
ये गुणा: लङ्घने प्रोक्तास्ते गुणा: लघुभोजने.||

अर्थ –      अत्यन्त दुर्बल व्यक्तियों को उपवास कभी नहीं करना चाहिये  |  उपवास में जो गुण हैं वे सभी गुण कम और सुपाच्य भोजन करने में भी होते हैं |

(आयुर्वेद का एक सिद्धान्त है कि – ‘लङ्घनं परमौषधम् ‘  अर्थात उपवास करना एक प्रभावशाली औषधि के सेवन के समान है और उपवास करने  से कई प्रकार के रोग नष्ट हो जाते हैं | परन्तु इस सुभाषित के अनुसार अत्यन्त दुर्बल व्यक्तियों के लिये उपवास करना निषिद्ध है | वैसा  ही लाभ वे थोडा और सुपाच्य भोजन कर के भी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं )

(In  Ayurveda (the Indian system of medicine) it is said that fasting acts like a very potent medicine in many diseases.  However through the above Subhashita the author has advised  very weak and aged persons no to do any fasting., because they can get all the benefits of fasting by having a light  and easily digestible meal.)