One of the important themes of my writing is to save childhood. Both from mental and physically accelerated aging.
Food and water, loaded with all hormone mimicking chemicals is new normal now. This is terrible for body’s endocrine system.
On top of it, irresponsible parenting & zombie society, exposes kids to adult content very early in life. This also participate in triggering early puberty. Add silent but significant effect of electromagnetic radiation emitted by our devices.
And we are clueless about the remedies!
Read it. Realize it. Take corrective measures. At least, no junk/fast/processed food for kids. No chocolate and maggi obsession. No adult content, as much as possible. Help our kids realize the danger.

The risks of earlier puberty

Children who hit puberty before their peers are more likely to have mental health problems, research finds. Enhancing their coping skills may help.

When Age-Based Guidance Is Not Enough: The Problem of Early Puberty

Ellen Selkie
DOI: 10.1542/peds.2017-3460
A girl who gets her first menstrual period early in life—possibly as young as 7—has a greater risk for developing depression and antisocial behaviors that last at least into her 20s, a new study suggests.

“Girls who go through puberty earlier than peers tend to be more psychologically vulnerable during adolescence,” said study lead author Jane Mendle, a clinical psychologist and associate professor of human development at Cornell University.

It hadn’t been clear, though, whether that vulnerability extends past the teen years. That’s where the current study comes in. Mendle and her colleagues followed a group of almost 8,000 young women into their late 20s.

“Girls who went through earlier puberty are still showing higher rates of depressive symptoms and  than their peers well over a decade past adolescence,” Mendle said.

An early first period is a sign of early puberty.