For historically challenged generation, Shivaji = Maharastra and that’s it. This is so narrow minded, half-baked view of Shivaji and his influence on National psyche pre-1947. After 1947, deliberate efforts reduced his importance from People’s minds.

It is understandable to find reference for Shivaji in Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali literature but when you read reference about, Atul Chandra Hazarika (Assamese: অতুল চন্দ্ৰ হাজৰিকা), (1903–1986) a prominent Assamese litterateur from Assam, penning successful play on life of Shivaji, it becomes easy to confer that Shivaji played important role in kindling National spirit through out Bharat.

The play was written with Nationalist intentions; therefore, it is full of nationalist ideals. Almost all utterances of Shivaji had a direct bearing on social and political problems of 1920s. Shivaji advocated removal of caste barriers. He held the intrinsic value of political liberty in highest esteem and asked his trusted friends to sacrifice their lives at the altar of freedom. In short, Atul Chandra found Shivaji as best epitome of freedom, secularism and unity.

I wanted to note this reference so that it can be utilized against all narrow minded pseudo secular barking dogs.

More to come as I research this mighty hero of the Land. Long live Shivaji!