Sattvik person – Think before act. First think about action’s impact on भूतसमुदाय (Body, senses, intellect and mind) and then Act.

Rajasik person – First act and then think about adverse effects. Most of them are of repenting nature.

Tamasik person – He does not even think about effects of actions.

By this understanding, more or less, we all are under great influence of Tamas of Kaliyug.

Reduce your tamas, rajas and increase Satva.
सात्विक सत्संग (Living with सात्विक group of people),सात्विक श्रवण (Listening/watching/reading सात्विक life enriching),सात्विक(Enough is explained here) आहार,सात्विक साधना

Only God’s will can alter already grown up tamasik or Rajasik. So, stop imposing your good habits on family. Just suggest good and let mother nature work. Yes, NO COMPROMISE in CHILD DEVELOPMENT.

Since, it is difficult to maintain both NO COMPROMISE in CHILD DEVELOPMENT and imposing good habits on Family, there is a option called = Gurukul. Real sattvik environment where one can work on Child development and correct any parenting mistakes.

So in summary, we , as a society, are in urgent need of 1) 100s of selfless teachers and 2) gurukul institutions.

Roots of all our present issues, be them of social nature or national, roots lie in systematic destruction of Vedic Education system.

First, it is not food that decides your nature but it is your nature that selects food and maintains your particular nature.

Food maintains your nature. Food kills probabilities of change in स्वभाव.

If we want to change anyone’s nature, we will first have to work on their nature i.e. स्वभाव. No easy task to alter human nature. This process starts very early in life. Before birth. This is the reason I emphasis more often on two institution most 1) Marriage 2) Parenting – Child development. Future depends on these two social norms. We must protect them. When they are of sattvik nature, we can pray mother nature to gift Sattvik generations. It is difficult to mold, already molded clay pot (Tamasik nature of grown up adults). And if you try, very hard, you may break the equilibrium. If you really are interested in building healthy future, work on children. Prepare Sattvik nature in them. Nurture them accordingly.