श्रद्धा is the essential missing key in modern ways of medical treatment.

Patient has money and a delusive feat of pride of having money which can buy anything.

Doctors are businesspersons with a simpleton goal to exploit patient’s money status.

The care of a patient begin with the development of a personal relationship between the patient and the physician. The belief (श्रद्धा ) on the part of the patient that the physician is competent in his work and that he has superior knowledge about the illness and its treatment, and that the treatment he is giving is going to benefit the receiver, is one of the primary and critical factor affecting positive outcomes of any Ayurvedic treatment.

In the absence of this critical ingredient (श्रद्धा ), the effectiveness of treatment reduces.
For any success in cure, three things play critical role
1) Patient-Doctor relation (Either friendly or parentally)
2) Patient’s faith in doctor’s ability to cure
3) Doctor’s faith in God
All three are almost extinct.