Do we really respect शक्ति / माँ that runs our life?

Nava Ratri
Nava Ratri

While we are celebrating festival of infinite energy forms who like a mother takes care of us unconditionally, it is important for us realize what she really seek from us i.e. married young energetic couples i.e. गृहस्थ

For many in present young generation, marriage is a license for fun and freedom. Nothing less and nothing more. So they also delay motherhood. They outsource parenting. So that they can have fun!

First fun, then son!

That is so limited and selfish purpose of most critical duty one can perform for the sustenance of the universe. There is no negation of fun! Life must be enjoyed. But not like thief who will steal everything but never pay for anything.

Imagine the consequences of broken links by we not performing our duties. So many marriages but so little performance of duties!

Here is the शंकर-पार्वती संवाद from Mahabharata about fundamentals of married life.

यथा मातरमाश्रित्य सर्वे जीवन्ति जन्तवः।
तथा गृहाश्रमं प्राप्य सर्वे जीवन्ति चाश्रमाः।।

जैसे सभी जीव माँके आश्रयसे जीवन निर्वाह करते है, वैसे ही सभी आश्रम गृहस्थआश्रम के आश्रयसे ही निर्वाह करते है|

(What do we do? We build old age homes. Day care centers.)

राजानः सर्वपाषण्डाः सर्वे रङ्गोपजीविनः।
व्यालग्रहाश्च डम्याश्च चोरा राजभटास्तथा।।

सविद्याः सर्वजीवज्ञाः सर्वे वै विचिकित्सकाः।
दूराध्वानं प्रपन्नाश्च क्षीणपथ्योदना नराः।
एते चान्ये च बहवस्तर्कयन्ति गृहाश्रमम्।।

राजा, पाखंडी, सपेरे, ठग, चोर, राजपुरुष, विद्रान, विचारक, शीलवान , पथिक – यह सब गृहस्थपर ही आशा रखते है|

(What do we do? We hardly act as a citizen. We vote and forget. We find a way to steal taxes. We hardly observe what exactly happen to our money. No one really fund intellectuals and researchers.)

मार्जारा मूषिकाः श्वानः सूकराश्च शुकास्तथा।
कपोतका कावटकाः सरीसृपनिषेवणाः।
अरण्यवासिनश्चान्ये सङ्घा ये मृगपक्षिणाम्।।

एवं बहुविधा देवि लोकेऽस्मिन्सचराचराः।
गृहे क्षेत्रे बिले चैव शतशोऽथ सहस्रशः।।

गृहस्थेन कृतं कर्म सर्वैस्तैरिह भुज्यते।
उपयुक्तं च यत्तेषां मतिमान्नानुशोचति।।

देवी उमा! मार्जार, मूषक, श्वान जैसे ग्राम्य जीव, विभिन्न सरीसृप, पक्षी समुदाय, घर, बिल & खेतमें रहने वाले असंख्य जीव – यह सब भी गृहस्थके कर्मो से अर्जित भोग्यका ही उपभोग करते है|

(What do we do? We snatch cattle grazing land then cry for cattle menace on the road! We silently poison street dogs. We use fertilizers and pesticides so all micro organisms are killed regularly on farms and gardens)


Such are the duties of married couple. As described, world is actually run by us. Actually, should be run by us. But we don’t pay attention to it! 🙂

But instead, our married life is exclusively for own fun sake. Work hard, party harder! World can go to hell! And when accidentally child appears by family compulsion or by mistake…outsource duties to schools and all. 🙂

Think about it. Do we perform our duties towards society, nation and the universe honestly? Then we have no rights to expect seasonal rain, good food, peaceful neighborhood and all.

Happy Navratri (Y)