जन-जन रावण, घर-घर लंका, इतने राम कहाँ से लाऊँ?



घर घर राम is only possible when there will be Yoga Vashishtha & Ramayana @ every home. Not decorating shelves but carefully read, understood and imbibed by the youth of the home.

Try to read and ponder upon below text by breaking all myopic sectarian boundaries.

नित्यम्_sन्तर्-विचारस्य पश्यतश्_चञ्चलम् जगत् ।
जनकस्य_इव कालेन स्वयम्_आत्मा प्रसीदति ॥७॥

If one engages oneself in constant self-enquiry and sees the ever-changing nature of the world, in due time, one will attain self-knowledge like janaka.

विवेकम् परम्_आश्रित्य विलोक्य आत्मानम्_आत्मना ।
धिया विराग-उद्धरया संसार-जलधिम् तरेत् ॥१०॥

This ocean of world-appearance can be crossed only when you are firmly established in supreme wisdom, when you see the self with the self alone and when your intelligence is not diverted or coloured by sense-perceptions.

– From Yoga Vashishtha

शुभ रात्रि