Pre-requisites for गौ-रक्षक

You may take steps to protect cows as per your varna and proclivity.

But you must resist, fight and protect cows as per your innate prakriti at any cost (Intellectual writing against cow slaughter, Kshtriya stopping cows going to slaughter house, Vaishya not getting engaged in filthy dairy business and farmer using cow prasad for agriculture)

However there are pre-requisties. Strive for them!

However, there are certain primary things that must be achieved or strive for.

यो विद्यात् सप्त प्रवतः सप्त विद्यात् परावतः |
शिरो यज्ञस्य यो विद्यात् स वशां प्रति गृह्णीयात् ||अथर्ववेदः-10|10|2||
The one who possesses knowledge of 7 flows of life, 7 distances of life, has understood primary purpose of यज्ञ (Life), possesses आत्मविद्या, ब्रह्मविद्या, can only receive and possess cows.

‘ब्राह्मणा भगवन्तो यो वो ब्रह्मिष्ठः स एता गा उदजतामिति’
– Bruhadãranyaka Upanishad: 3/1/2

Janak challenged, ‘O respected Brahmins, whichever one of you knows brahmavidya can take these cows’. The challenge left the Brahmins speechless. Since they had not attained brahmavidya, they were unable to take the cows.

Aatma runs 7 flows in terms of senses 1) बुद्धि २) मन ३) वाणी ४) नेत्र ५) कर्ण ६) नासिका ७) चर्म
But What are 7 distances? What is head of यज्ञ (शिरो यज्ञस्य)? Help please.

If this pre-requisite is missing, it is difficult to serve mother cows.

Pre-requisite = ब्रह्मविद्या + आत्मविद्या